Searching For a Flag Pole For Sale? 10 Features to Look For

Flag pole for sale

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According to recent research, more than half of Americans have an American flag at home. Have you been considering investing in one? If so, your flag doesn’t have to collect dust in the garage, waiting until Memorial Day or July 4th to make its debut. A high-quality flag should sit atop a beautifully crafted flagpole all year round, flying proudly as a beautiful and lasting sign of your family’s patriotism. To make sure your setup can withstand years of wear and tear, you need the very best flagpole on the market. If you’re searching for a flag pole for sale, you’ve come to the right spot. Today, we’re sharing 10 important features to look for when it’s time to purchase a new flagpole for your home. We’ll also detail how Flagpole Farms meets and exceeds all of these criteria, so you can start your search right at the top.

  1. Durable, Strong Materials

When you’re looking for an in-ground flagpole, you naturally want one that will hold up against the outdoor elements. From the beating sun and heavy precipitation to damaging wind gusts, your flagpole will take the brunt of the impact when adverse weather hits. 

That’s why it’s so important to choose one that’s crafted of durable, sturdy materials that are built to last. You also want one that’s made right in the United States.

Enter, our Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kit.

We offer 20-foot and 25-foot heavy-duty poles that can hold their own against winds blowing up to 95 miles per hour. This feature is especially important if you live in an area of the country that is known to be very windy.

If you need a slightly lightweight option, we also offer 15-foot and 20-foot light-duty (LT) models that are capable of sustaining winds up to 75 miles per hour. 

Our 20-foot and 25-foot heavy-duty flagpoles feature a 3-inch diameter base and 12-gauge wall thickness. The 15-foot and 20-foot LT models feature a 2.5-inch diameter base and 14-gauge wall thickness. 

These anodized aluminum tubes will not fall victim to rust, as a painted or powder-coated pole might. In addition, they are also protected against scratching and chipping. 

  1. Premium Flag Included

Of course, any premium flagpole kit should also include the most important part of the design: a great American flag!

While we agree that all American flags are beautiful, it only takes one trip to the discount store to realize that not all of them are created to the same quality specifications. 

While some lighter-weight ones might be suitable for flying on short-term occasions or displaying in your home, you need an ultra-durable one to attach to your in-ground flagpole. 

Our Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kit includes a premium nylon U.S. flag with sewn stars, as well as reinforced box stitching on the fly end. It also includes convenient ring clips that allow it to fly freely 360 degrees around the flagpole to reduce any wrapping or tangling. 

You can choose between a 3-foot by 5-foot flag or a 4-foot by 6-foot one. 

Every Titan Telescoping Flagpole is equipped with the capacity to fly up to two flags. This makes it easy to show your love for your country as well as your favorite state, hobby, or sports team.

If you’d like to change your flag from nylon material to polyester, we make it easy to upgrade. 

  1. Customizable Options

No two properties are the same. 

Keeping this in mind, we believe that you shouldn’t be required to choose a single, standard color for your flagpole. You should be free to select the tone that best compliments and accents the features of your exterior. 

That’s why we offer three different colors for our products. When you’re ready to buy a Titan Telescoping Flagpole, you can choose from:

  • Bronze/black
  • Light bronze
  • Silver

If you have a modern property with sleek, black window frames and gutters, then a dark bronze or black flagpole will look right at home. On the other hand, light bronze or silver flagpoles correspond beautifully with warm-colored brick or siding. 

Note that the shades offered by experience slight variation from what you see on the checkout screen. This is because the poles are made out of a special type of aluminum, and the anodizing finishing process can affect the final finish. While we cannot guarantee exact color matches, we can assure you that any minor variances will still be within the industry-recognized standard for each color. 

As mentioned, you can also choose different heights for your flagpole. We currently offer:

  • 15-foot
  • 20-foot
  • 20-foot LT
  • 25-foot

Take the time to stand outside of your property and envision how tall you’d like your flagpole to be. In your quest to find the very best one, you’ll soon discover that most manufacturers sell their poles in 5-foot increments. 

Our heavy-duty flagpoles retain their full height once they’re put into the ground. This means the 20-foot pole you receive in the mail will extend to a full 20 feet in the air. 

However, keep in mind that our light-duty flagpoles will be a little lower than their labeled height. For instance, a 20-foot LT pole will reach an installed height of 18.5 feet, once it’s firmly installed in the ground. Determining how tall yours needs to be can help you narrow down your options and create a shortlist of viable solutions.

With so many selections, you’re free to design your very own kit that is as unique and one-of-a-kind as you!

  1. Telescoping Capabilities

When we refer to a “telescoping” flagpole, what exactly do we mean? More importantly, why is this feature important?

In short, a telescoping pole is one that you can easily adapt and adjust to meet your immediate needs. 

Our Titan Telescoping Flagpoles feature a patented interlocking sleeve mechanism that makes extending and retracting the pole easier than ever before. Both the sleeve mechanism and the included swivel rings are made of a durable Lexan plastic material. 

A reliable polycarbonate resin thermoplastic, Lexan is extremely strong and is capable of withstanding even the most extreme temperature variations. 

The system also provides excellent joint stability, helping your pole last for a very long time. Other competitors that sell telescoping flagpoles will use a screw-in or push-button mechanism at each joint, which can wear down and damage the pole over time. Those poles are also bound to become less reliable over the years, as the mechanisms are exposed to adverse weather or long-term use.

The Benefits of Telescoping Design

With a telescoping design, you’re free to change out your flag or flag accessories quickly. You’re no longer limited to a laborious and time-consuming pulley system that takes a ton of muscle and skill to perfect. Plus, you can access the entirety of your pole more quickly, which also makes repairs and maintenance easier to accomplish.

If you can recall past models of radio antennas, you can get a fairly clear vision of how a telescoping flagpole works. These include multiple segments that stack into and extend out of one another, locking securely in place once all segments are fully extended. 

If you need to bring your flag down for any reason, simply twist the pole. This will unlock each section one at a time, allowing it to fall down onto the section below it. This way, it’s easy to change out the flag, clean the pole, or simply break it down for storage. 

With other, non-telescoping flagpoles, even the simplest tasks can change into huge efforts.

If you want to swap out your flags, change the topper, or just clean the pole, doing so becomes a major task. There are also more safety risks involved. 

With the Titan pole, you’ll bring the sections down, take care of the work, and extend everything back up in a matter of minutes. The pole even comes pre-assembled, so all you need to do when it arrives is extend it and enjoy it!

It’s also a cinch to move your flag!

With our unique installation process, the ground sleeve is the only part of your flagpole that is permanently attached to the ground. If you ever move and want to take your flag with you (which you should!), then you can do so quickly. 

You can also load up the flag and flagpole and take your kit with you for an epic tailgating party or camping trip. If you go this route, be sure to check out our accessories section to find the special mounting brackets that you’ll need!

One more benefit? This handy design also makes it super easy to fly your flag at half staff for any occasion. To do so, you’ll just move the flag from the top position on your flagpole to the lower position. Then, extend the flagpole to its full height.  

  1. High-Quality Topper

You might not think too much about the decoration that sits at the very top of your flagpole. However, this is one small, special touch that can make a major difference. 

When you purchase a flagpole kit from Flagpole Farms, you’ll receive a Gold Ball Topper as a complementary part of the set. The 3-inch ball is made of anodized aluminum and makes a beautiful accent to your flagpole design.

Of course, this isn’t your only option!

We also sell many different flagpole accessories in our online shop, including various toppers such as this Natural Eagle model. Made of rugged cast aluminum, the 12-inch eagle is proudly made right here in the United States! It also features a long stem that includes plenty of room to mount a solar light, too.

If you’re looking to get a little more glam, we also offer a Gold Eagle in the same specifications. This model is made of cast aluminum and features a gold/bronze finish.  

  1. Solar Light Option

The best flagpole for sale doesn’t go dark when the sun goes down.

There are few things more beautiful than a gorgeous flagpole at night, lit up and gorgeously illuminated. However, many homeowners skip this step and miss out on the experience of showcasing their flag against the night sky! 

Not only is this a major bummer, but it actually goes against the US Flag Code. 

If you wish to display your patriotism 24 hours a day, federal law requires you to properly illuminate it. According to 4 U.S. Code § 6, it’s the universal custom to only fly your flag from sunrise to sunset. However, you may display it around the clock as long as you have the right light on it during hours of darkness. 

For more information, you can access the U.S. Flag Code in its entirety. This document is lengthy, but it includes everything you need to know about how to fly, store, and maintain your U.S. flag at home or at work.

We wanted to make it easier than ever for you to take care of the illumination step. That’s why we’re proud to offer the Titan Solar Light.

It only takes about one minute to add the Titan Solar Light to your flagpole, but it’s an addition that you’ll enjoy and appreciate for years to come. The universal ½-inch fitting works with a majority of other flagpoles, so if you’re just looking to buy a light right now, this one does the trick!

The light is topped with aluminum and includes Powerfilm-protected solar panels, equipped with six bright LED lights. The automatic on/off switch runs on its own from dusk until dawn, so you never have to worry about manually adjusting it. You also don’t need to worry about running electricity to your flagpole, as solar energy takes care of everything!

You can choose from a silver or bronze finish to make sure your light blends seamlessly and beautifully with your new flagpole! 

Just as you’ve come to expect with our flagpole kits and accessories, we also strive to ship any solar light you purchase within two days! Now, you can fly your flag confidently at any hour of day or night, and know that you’re fully complying with all legal requirements. 

  1. Reliable Results

When you purchase a new flagpole, you want to make sure that you’re teaming up with a manufacturer you can trust. While many offer high-quality products, it’s unfortunately all too easy for unscrupulous suppliers to slip through the cracks.

At Flagpole Farms, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned. 

Located in Meridian, Idaho, and Paynesville, Minnesota, we’re dedicated to excellent customer service and go to great lengths to deliver the very best flagpole kits and accessories on the market. This includes our trademark “Titan” product line, which features the Titan Telescoping Flagpoles and the Titan Solar Light. 

As you browse our collection, you can read what others are saying about each product, thanks to built-in reviews that display in the product descriptions. However, we encourage you not to simply take their word for it.

Why not take a look at our online photo gallery? Here, you’ll get the chance to view our operations up close and personal. We’ll show you how and where we make the products, as well as where our satisfied clients display them!

From private residences and RVs to commercial and government buildings, our flags and flagpoles travel far and wide and look great every time. 

  1. Options For House Mounting

Any reputable flagpole manufacturer should offer you a variety of options when you’re searching for a way to display your U.S. flag at home.

In addition to our in-ground Titan Telescoping Flagpole, we also offer house-mounted poles for those who wish to keep theirs a little closer to home. 

Our Titan Outrigger Kit features a 6-foot long by 1.7-inch diameter silver anodized aluminum pole that’s designed to attach to your home or business via a sturdy, aluminum mounting plate. 

As with the telescoping flag, you’ll also get the 3-inch Gold Ball Topper! It also comes with two rotating swivel attachment rings to accommodate one flag.

Other house-mounted flagpoles in our collection include our 6-foot Spinning Pole Set, made of beautiful, long-lasting silver or white aluminum. 

  1. Expedited Shipping

Thanks in large part to the quick pace of the Digital Era, you’re no longer required to wait a few weeks for your new flagpole to arrive! If the manufacturer you’re considering has an eye-raising delivery time, consider that a red flag and continue your search for a supplier that can offer you the quick turnaround you need. 

When you shop with Flagpole Farms, we’ll always make sure your order ships as quickly as possible. Currently, we are shipping all colors and sizes of our Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kit within 24 to 48 hours. 

  1. Unbeatable Price Point and Warranty

You want a great-quality telescoping flagpole that will last a lifetime. However, you don’t want to break the bank on the way there. 

We understand this, and we’re proud to offer premium, long-lasting products you can trust at a realistic price point you can afford. Due to their design and materials, telescoping flagpoles are often less expensive than their solid pole counterparts. 

In addition, you’ll find that we often run specials and flash sales on our website, helping to make your new investment even more affordable. We also offer convenient checkout options, including PayPal and PayPal Credit.

Couple this feature with the fact that our flagpoles are also more mobile and easier to use, and you have a win-win setup that will work perfectly on your property! 

Our flagpoles feature a limited lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that they’re built to last. This doesn’t just include the actual flagpole itself. The warranty also extends to every accessory that’s included in your Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kit, including the powder-coated mounting plate and stainless steel attachment screws. 

These products are built to last and made here in the U.S. You can trust that they’ll look great, work well, and stand proud for years to come. 

Want to Find a Flag Pole For Sale? Start With Us

You don’t have to spin your wheels, drain your dollars and waste your time looking elsewhere for the best flagpole for sale. 

Our Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kits include everything you need for a premium, long-lasting setup. The retractable, telescoping feature makes them surprisingly easy to install and access. Plus, their sturdy materials and excellent craftsmanship help them hold up against even the windiest and most adverse weather conditions. 

Our team at Flagpole Farms is excited and honored to offer Titan products in our online shop. Shop the complete kit, or buy individual parts and accessories to complete your at-home setup. 

In addition to U.S. flags, we also sell a variety of state, international, military, sports, and religious flags, along with many others. In short, we have everything you need to showcase the things that mean the most to you.

Feel free to take a look at all of our different collections today. If you have any questions, we’re here and happy to help. Feel free to contact us today and let us help you find the perfect product!

*Blog Disclaimer: Flagpole Farm and Titan Telescoping Flagpoles are businesses solely focused on the production and sale of flagpoles and similar accessories. This blog is not to be used as a factual reference, rather as an opinion-based forum in which the information within is not official statements made on behalf of or by Flagpole Farm or Titan Telescoping Flagpoles. Information provided on this blog is accurate and true to the best of the writers’ knowledge, however, there may be omissions, errors, or mistakes. The writers of these blogs are not professionals in the Flagpole industry and the information included within this blog should not be viewed as written by such. At any point, Flagpole Farm reserves the right to change the focus and/or content of this blog.

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