10 Things You Don’t Know about Titan Flagpole

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There are plenty of flagpoles to choose from to show your patriotism. But not all of them have the same quality, durability, and accessories that the Titan Flagpole offers. 

These are the ten things that you need to know about the Titan Flagpole before you rush out to buy a flagpole for your home. 

1. Variety of Options

The type of flagpole you choose depends on where you plan to display it. For outdoor installations, the Titan Telescoping Flagpoles allow you to fly your flag up to 25 feet high. The Titan Outrigger kit allows you to mount your flag to the outside of your house or structure.

We also offer indoor flagpoles with simple assembly. On top of the type of flagpole, you may also need additional accessories to follow proper flag etiquette. This includes a solar light and quality hardware to make sure your flag won’t get tangled.

Titan Flagpoles have everything you need to display your flag with pride and know that it is safe and securely in place.

2. Telescoping Flagpoles

The Titan Telescoping Flagpoles are a great option if you want to showcase your flag from 15 to 25 feet in height. The height of your flag should depend on the size of your home. We think the taller your flagpole is the more attention it demands.

It’s important to avoid installing your flagpole next to tall trees or shrubbery that could be an obstruction. This includes street lamps and telephone poles.

The best part is the Titan Telescoping flagpole arrives pre-assembled and ready to extend making it easy to install. Plus our poles have a patented interlocking sleeve mechanism for joint stability. You won’t have to worry about them bending or breaking at the joints. 

3. Outrigger Kit

The Titan Outrigger kit lets you mount your flagpole to the outside of your house or building. This includes a six-foot-long pole made out of sturdy anodized aluminum. 

Included in our kit is a 3’x5′ nylon U.S. flag. Plus a three-inch shiny gold topper. There are also two rotating swivel rings to attach your flag included in this kit. Our kit has a mounting plate with a bracket so you can attach your flagpole at 55 degrees. 

Every aspect of this kit from the powder-coated mounting plate to the stainless steel attachment screws comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Titan Flagpoles are built to last and made in the USA.

4. Solar Light

Every American flag owner should know that it’s against flag code to fly your flag at night unless it’s properly lit. The Titan Solar Light is the perfect addition to your flagpole. These lights secure to the top of the pole and make sure your flag is lit every night.

They’re easy to install and run on solar energy. So you can set it and forget it without the hassle of running electricity to your flag pole. You can purchase your solar light in silver or bronze/black to match your flagpole.

5. Easy to Raise & Lower

Single piece flagpoles are some of the most common flagpoles. These include a halyard system that raises and lowers the flag. This is the rope pulley system that runs to the top of the pole.

These types of flagpoles aren’t for everyone. They are known to be noisy when the wind causes the swivel snaps to hit against the flagpole and clang and they require more maintenance. Luckily, the Titan Telescoping Flagpoles don’t require a halyard system.

Instead, you can easily raise and lower the flag by telescoping the flagpole up and down. They also don’t make any clanging noises because the flag is attached by swivel rings.

6. Strong Aluminum Tubes

The Titan Flagpoles don’t skimp when it comes to material quality. These flagpoles are made of anodized aluminum that is not only durable but also is aesthetically pleasing. 

This material is also lightweight making it easier to set up and move. So you can rely on your flagpole to remain secure or to be taken down if needed. Our tubes will not rust, scratch or chip like painted or powder coated poles. 

Plus, our telescoping flagpoles aren’t like ones you’ve seen before. These offer an interlocking sleeve mechanism that won’t succumb to windy conditions or become faulty over time. They offer reliable stability at each joint once they are locked into place.

7. 360 Degrees

The Titan Flagpoles come with swivel ring clips. The Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kit includes enough hardware to fly any two flags of your choice. 

These swivel rings ensure that your flag can fly freely at 360 degrees around the pole. This design keeps your flag from wrapping around the pole, halyard, or other flags. No matter what direction the wind takes, your flag(s) are on full display.

8. Range of Heights & Sizes

No matter what height or size flagpole you choose, Titan ensures quality and durability. You can choose from a range of 15 to 25 feet with the telescoping flagpole to a six-foot-long Titan Outrigger Kit that attaches to your home.

The 20-foot flagpoles have a base of 3.0 inches in diameter and a 12-gauge wall thickness. The 20-foot LT is 18.5 feet when installed and has a base of 2.5 inches in diameter and a 14-gauge wall thickness. 

Plus, Titan also offers easy to install indoor flag sets. These poles take minutes to set up and have both seven and eight-foot options. You can also select from gold, silver, or plastic floor stands and a variety of other accessories.

9. Withstands High Wind Speed 

The wind speed rating of your flagpole is an important factor that Titan takes into consideration. This ensures your flagpole remains safe during high winds. If you live near the shore or on open plains then you’re going to need a flagpole that is extra tough.

The Titan Flagpole is rated to be able to handle most weather conditions across the United States. The Titan 20 and 25-foot flagpoles can handle wind speeds of up to 95mph. While the 15 and 20-foot poles are good in winds up to 75mph. This is due to its sturdy construction, interlocking sleeves, and aluminum material.

10. Easy Mobility

Another great feature that you probably didn’t know about Titan, is that these flagpoles can easily be removed. Maybe you’re leaving on a camping trip or having a tailgate party, you can take your flag with you. 

Flying your flag at half-mast is also simple. You only need to move the flag from the top position to the lower position on your flagpole. Then extend the pole to its full height.

It’s also great if you are moving to a new location or if extreme weather is passing through. The ground sleeve is the only part of the installation process that gets permanently installed in the ground.

Nothing Beats a Titan Flagpole

There are so many reasons that Titan Flagpoles top the list for quality, versatility, and variety. We offer a wide range of flagpoles and well-made flags to suit your needs. 

If you’re ready to fly your flag with pride then check out the many options available to you on our site.

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