4 Tips for Keeping Your Heavy Duty Flagpole Stable and Secured

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Are you looking to show off your patriotism to the entire neighborhood? Do you want to show the pride you have for your favorite sports team? If so, then you’ll need a secured heavy-duty flagpole to support it.

Not securing your flagpole sufficiently enough can lead to it being damaged or tipping over during high winds.

Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to ensure your flagpole is secured. It is very possible to keep your flagpole secured and ready for whatever the weather might throw at it.

See below for several different tips you can use to keep your residential flagpoles flying high.

1. Invest in the Right FlagPole

The most important factor of securing your flagpole is investing in the right type of flagpole, to begin with. Before the installation, before flying the flag, before anything else, you need to buy a flagpole from a reputable flagpole company.

Be sure to consider purchasing a Titan telescoping flagpole kit to get things started. They are all built with 6105/T5 aluminum with an anodized finish.  You can choose from three different colors (silver, bronze/black, or light bronze) and choose a preferred height as well (15’, 20’, or 25’). 

The telescoping technology helps create a sturdier foundation for the pole. Because the pole is wider at the bottom, it offers more support during high winds.

If you invest in a cheaper flagpole made from weaker materials and of lower quality, your pole may be more susceptible to snapping into two pieces during a bad storm.

2. Find the Right Location

The location in which you choose to place your flagpole is of vital importance. You want to find a spot where you can proudly fly the flag to your neighbors. However, the location will also play a factor in the flagpole’s security.

First, you want to make sure that there aren’t any utilities or powerlines that are below the place you’re wanting to dig. In most areas, you can find a free service that will perform an analysis as to whether any utility lines are under the spot you want to put your flagpole. There are some things to consider when someone is performing a landscaping analysis for this purpose.

Once that’s cleared up, be sure to install the flagpole in a spot that you can safely dig a deep enough hole.

The hole should be around 28-inches deep and 14-inches wide to ensure maximum security. This will give you a wide and deep enough hole to pour about 240 pounds of concrete into.

Before you decide on one spot, try circling a few different areas that you might want to install the flagpole. You will also want to consider things like the distance from your house, wind circulation, tree coverage, water lines, and so on.

3. Store Your FlagPole During Bad Weather

The best part of the telescopic flagpole is that it can be removed at any time. In order to make your flagpole last longer, you can remove it and store it in your garage whenever a storm comes through.

That way, you can prevent your flagpole from becoming warped or bent from taking a beating from high winds and debris. 

Once the storm has moved on, you can set the flagpole back up within minutes. While you don’t have to do this every time a storm occurs, it’s nice to have the option.

With a heavy-duty Titan Telescoping Flagpole, taking down your flagpole during bad weather is often not necessary, as the poles are good in 95 mph winds.  However, it’s simple to bring down and store if you need the peace of mind.  Further, it’s really best to do so to preserve your flags, which won’t fare as well as the flagpole in such a strong storm.

4. Purchase the Proper Tools

Every Titan Telescoping Flagpole kit comes with everything needed in order to install the flagpole. The flagpoles are sturdy and can withstand high winds and heavy rain or snow. 

However, because the Titan Telescoping Flagpole is so easy to remove, some buyers may worry about theft. 

Adding a sleeve clamp can protect from theft with minimal work! This device is recommended to secure the pole to the ground sleeve and helps deter theft. 

This item isn’t costly but could end up saving you a lot of money had someone decided to steal your flagpole. All you need to install the sleeve clamp is the proper size wrench. Just put this product over the ground sleeve, install your flagpole into the ground sleeve and tighten the clamp! 

Keep Your Heavy-Duty Flagpole Secured With These Tips

Now that you’ve seen several different tips on how to keep your flagpole secured during high winds and storms, it’s time to fly your American Pride in stride.

Are you installing your flagpole for the first time? If so, be sure to read this article for tips on how to install the pole yourself.

For more inquiries, please feel free to contact us at any time by phone at 208-895-0463 or by email at info@flagpolefarm.com, we’re readily accessible by either!

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