5 Reasons To Buy a Residential Flagpole Kit For Your Home

residential flagpole kit

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Are you looking for a way to revamp your front yard? Want to add a special touch to your backyard patio or garden? 

A residential flagpole kit is a great way to enhance your property, adding beauty, meaning, and significance to any space. If you’re on the fence about installing one, we’re here to explain why it’s a smart investment. 

Today, we’re sharing five reasons why this is a great step, and why Flagpole Farm’s Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kit is the best choice for your home.

What Is a Residential Flagpole Kit?

When you think about a flag flying proudly in the sky, do you picture a commercial property? While this is a common place to see these installations, it doesn’t have to be the only one. 

A home flagpole makes a stunning statement, adding personality, color, and personal pride to your residence. When you’re ready to add a flagpole to your home, you’ll soon discover that there are lots of different options on the market. However, not all are created equal. 

Our Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kit stands above the rest. This flagpole kit includes several features that you can’t find on a traditional pole, including: 

  • A convenient telescoping design (rather than halyard ropes and pulleys)
  • Swivel ring clips (allow the flag to fly 360 degrees around the pole, eliminating tangles)
  • Durable nylon flag with sewn stars
  • Premium hardware to fly two separate flags
  • Included ground sleeve

The maintenance-free flagpole is sure to become a staple at your home for years to come. Its high-quality construction allows it to hold up against adverse weather conditions, including heavy winds and rain. 

Why Should You Install A Residential Flagpole Kit?

With so many ways to beautify your property, why should you go this route? Let’s take a look at five of the top Titan Flagpole Kit benefits. 

1. Display Your Devotion

Do you want everyone on the block to know about your love for the red, white, and blue? Want to cheer on your favorite beloved sports team from afar? Or, do you want to honor your time in the military, or on the police force?

No matter where your devotion lies, you can display it proudly with one of our premium nylon flags. This is a simple, cost-effective way to make a lasting impression. 

The best part? Installing your flag at home is a breeze! You don’t have to worry about constructing a bunch of tiny parts, or building it from scratch all by yourself. The flagpole comes pre-assembled and ready to extend!

You don’t have to make an infinite number of trips to the hardware store to gather supplies, nor do you need to hire a contractor to do the task for you. Your kit will include easy, illustrated instructions that make it easy to set your pole in the ground. Aside from gravel, you’ll have all of the supplies you need.

2. Maintenance and Worry-Free

You shouldn’t have to worry about your home flagpole every time the weather turns stormy. With a Titan Flagpole Kit, you can rest assured that your investment is solid and stable. Our materials are top-tier, and we’ve taken the time to construct them with care. 

From the ABS plastic ground sleeve to the high-strength, 6105-T5 anodized aluminum tubes, even the smallest parts are built to last. This way, if you look out of your window and see a storm brewing, you’ll know that your flag is safe.

Our 15′ and 20’LT flags have a wind rating of 75 miles per hour, and our 20′ and 25′ flags have a wind rating of 95 miles per hour. The only thing you need to do with your flagpole is enjoy it! It’s refreshingly maintenance- and hassle-free.

3. Simple to Transport

Want to take your favorite flag on a family camping trip? Ready to tailgate at your alma mater, and want to display your mascot pride? The design of the Titan Flagpole makes it easy to transport, so it can go wherever you do.

While the ground sleeve will remain firmly cemented in place, you can remove the pole from the sleeve whenever you want to move, transport, or store it. 

4. Easy to Illuminate

When the sun goes down, you can leave your flag up! With our Titan Solar Light, it’s easy to showcase your installation around the clock. The light installs in just a few minutes, so it’s easy to get started. 

Featuring an aluminum top with Powerfilm-protected solar panels and six long-lasting LED lights, the Titan Solar Light has an automatic on/off switch that effortlessly runs from dusk until dawn. It provides excellent illumination when you need it the most, making it a great accessory to add.

5. Different Sizes and Options

When you purchase a Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kit, you aren’t limited to just one size or style. Rather, there are a few different models to choose from, depending on your needs. 

The 15′ and 20’LT flagpole kits feature a 2.5″ base and 14-gauge wall thickness. This pole has three sections, held together at two strong joints. When fully extended, the flags will fly at 15′ and 18.5′ respectively. 

With that kit, you’ll receive a 3’x5′ nylon U.S. flag.

If you need something a little bigger, we also offer a 20′ and 25′ flagpole kit. This pole has four sections, held together at three joints. It features a 3″ base with 12-gauge wall thickness and comes with a 4’x6′ nylon U.S. flag. 

No matter the size of your property, you can find a style you love!

Check Out Our Residential Flagpole Kit Today

A residential flagpole kit is a great investment and a gorgeous way to enhance the curb appeal of your home. When you’re ready to install one, make sure it’s a sturdy, reliable product that will last you for years to come. 

Your residential flagpole kit should be well-built and designed to withstand years of wear and tear. At Flagpole Farm you can find the Titan Telescoping Kit, Solar Light, Outrigger Kit as well as a variety of flags and accessories.

If you’re ready to enhance your yards curb appeal, the Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kit is the way to go!

Visit our website today to learn more about our products and promotions!

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