7 Reasons Why a Telescopic FlagPole Is the Best FlagPole Type

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For those of you out there looking to add a flagpole to your residence, you might not realize how many options there are to choose from.

Many people decide to go with the standard metal pole simply because they don’t know other types exist. However, purchasing a telescopic flagpole might be a better situation for your intended use.

You might be thinking to yourself “what is a telescopic flagpole and how is it any better than a regular old flagpole?”.

Here are the main benefits of a telescopic flagpole. Consider all of these perks as you weigh out whether to purchase one or not.

1. Ease of Use

Have you ever had to install a regular, standard flagpole? It can be a difficult and long process, usually requiring a professional.

The traditional flagpoles are set in place and cannot be moved, removed, or taken down.

With a telescopic flagpole, however, you’ll be able to raise and take down your flagpole in a matter of seconds. You can have your American flag raised high within 8 to 10 seconds.

Worrying about a heavy wind storm knocking down your pole? You can take down your telescopic flagpole whenever needed. This is just one feature you don’t get with the traditional poles.

2. The Ability to Hang Several Flags

You might have several flags that you’re interested in flying on the flagpole that you purchase.

Perhaps, below the American flag, you plan to also fly a Semper Fi flag as a tribute to your time in the United States Marine Corps.

The best telescoping flagpole for your situation is one that allows you the opportunity to hang multiple flags. That’s why the Titan telescoping flagpole kit is such a tremendous fit.

This can also give you a place to raise the flag of your favorite team on gameday, Flagpole Farm has hundreds of sports team flags to select from.

3. Easy for Storage

If you’re going to have a portable flagpole, then you don’t want to set yourself up with a bulky one that’s impossible to lift.

Titan flagpoles make storing easy, due to the light anodized aluminum tubes and telescoping capabilities.

This allows you the luxury of A) not having to worry about the safety of your flagpole and house during bad weather and B) not needing much space to store it.

It will fit nicely inside of your garage or inside of a shed that you have in your backyard. Wherever you’re envisioning yourself storing it, it’s possible with a telescoping flagpole.

4. Warranty

The sweetest word in the English language (when it comes to retail) is the word “warranty”.

Although unlikely with the Titan Telescoping Flagpole, a warranty gives you a “plan B” in case something were to break. Few companies are willing to give you that.

However, Flagpole Farm is so confident in the Titan telescoping flagpole kit that it offers a limited lifetime warranty for all of the pieces and parts of your flagpole.

If any part of the telescoping pole were to break or go wrong, you have the limited lifetime warranty to cover it.

5. Most of the Hardware in One Place

Imagine the horror of investing in a portable flagpole of any kind, and then losing one of its parts.

Losing a part means you either have to purchase that same part again or (if they don’t sell that part separately) buying an entirely new flagpole.

The risk of that is limited with a telescopic flagpole since almost all of the hardware is stored inside of the pole itself.

6. Protection from Wear and Tear

As you might know, a traditional flagpole goes through an immense amount of wear and tear. This is because it’s outside in the elements every single day.

A telescoping flagpole is able to reduce the amount of wear and tear because it can be stored during bad weather and the telescoping technology keeps most of the body protected while in storage.

This will help you protect it from corrosion or rusting and have a flagpole that will last you a long time!

7. The Flag Flies as the Wind Takes It

Have you had bad experiences with flags getting tangled up on their flagpoles in the past?

That’s because a traditional flagpole, one that’s cemented into the ground, has no give or rotation. So if the wind pulls your flag against the pole’s orientation, it will get tangled up.

A Titan telescoping flagpole’s flag clips rotate all the way around and lets the flag blow wherever the wind is pulling it. That means fewer tangles for you to undo each evening.

Invest in a Telescopic Flagpole Today!

Now that you’ve seen all the benefits of a telescopic flagpole, it’s time to invest in one for your needs.

Be sure to read this article on how to choose the perfect flagpole for your home. There you’ll find more ways to find the perfect match.

For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us by phone at 208-895-0463 and we will be happy to help you further.

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