Choosing the Right American Flag and Pole Kit: What to Keep In Mind

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Around half of Americans have an American flag at home. Displaying a flag, especially on top of a flagpole, can be a great way to show off your patriotism. This is why looking into an American flag and pole kit should be on every patriotic person’s list. 

So, what should prospective buyers be on the lookout for? What features are worth thinking about? We’ll be looking at the buying process for an American flag and flag and pole kit right now. 


One of the most important considerations to make regards material. This will impact both the integrity and stability of the flagpole. 

Your American flagpole should complement the environment around it. You may choose a metal that blends in with any other metal fixtures in the landscape. Or, you could choose a different type of metal in order to make the flagpole stand out even further. 

In either case, the flagpole should contain quality parts and materials that will not damage easily. This will allow it to remain a fixture in your yard for years to come. 

This is especially important because the flagpole will stay outside in all types of weather. US flag code states that American flags should be taken down when inclement weather is expected. However, the same is not true for the pole, which if chosen correctly, should be durable enough to leave without concern.  

Essentially, the highest quality flag poles should be sturdy enough to deal with any type of weather in your area. If your area is prone to harsh rains, strong winds, or rough hail and snow, then this is especially important. However, even in areas where the weather is mild, you still want your flagpole to withstand rust and the elements. 

If you want a flagpole that is durable enough to stand up to any elements, you should consider the Titan Telescoping Flagpole. 

Not only is this pole made of high-strength 6105-T5 anodized aluminum tubes that prevents rusting, its mobility features give you the option to move it as you please. The Titan poles use a ABS plastic ground sleeve providing water resistance, and allowing you to remove and store the flagpole in case of extreme weather.


Another factor to consider is size. This will have a big impact on how your American flag and pole kit for the house will look. The height of your flagpole will be dependent on its determined placement as well as the number and size of the flags you want.

If the surrounding area is filled with large shrubs or you have a tall gate around the property, you may want a taller flagpole. This will allow the flag to stand out among its surroundings. 

A general rule of thumb for determining what size of flag is that the width of the flag should be about twenty percent of the height of the pole. For example, a twenty foot pole would typically have a 4’ x 6’ flag.


There are some additional considerations to make surrounding a flag and poles display and manner of position. These recommendations provided by the U.S. Flag Code may be worth looking into to ensure respectful flag displays.

One of the recommendations provided, encourages individuals to raise your American flag each morning and lower it each sunset. 

You should keep this in mind when picking a flag pole. Make sure that the pole you pick has a flag that can be raised and lowered with ease. If it is troublesome to raise and lower the flag, then it will be an issue you have to deal with every day. 

Investing in a flagpole with a retractable component instead of a traditional pulley system can make this much easier. Swivel ring clips, like those on the Titan Telescoping Flagpole, can help prevent the flag from getting tangled.

If this level of maintenance doesn’t appeal to you, there is another option. The only case in which a flag does not have to go away at night is when it is illuminated. Putting a solar light will help address this issue. 

A solar light is installed on the top of the flagpole, right above the flag itself. The top of the light has a solar panel on it while the bottom is a light. This absorbs electricity during the day in order to light up your flag at night. 

Telescoping or Traditional?

When picking a flagpole, you have the option to pick a telescoping flagpole. This has various advantages over its counterparts. 

As mentioned, a telescoping flagpole is retractable and can collapse down to a very small size. This can be a huge help in doing away with the headache of raising and lowering the pole. While moving, redoing your landscape, or changing the location for the flagpole, you may need to move or take the flagpole down. 

With a telescoping flagpole, it can easily be taken down and moved to a new location or safely stored away. A non-telescoping flagpole will be far more cumbersome and require more work to move around. 

If there is a chance you will need to move your flagpole at some point, you should consider a telescoping flagpole. 

American Made

When shopping for a flagpole, buying an American-made flagpole can be a good idea. There are several practical and personal reasons to make this consideration. 

Buying an American-made flagpole helps support Americans and the American economy. It keeps the money you spend within the country, rather than shipping it overseas. This way, every time you look at your new flagpole, you can rest easy knowing that buying it went to help Americans. 

Buying American-made products can also be a sign of quality. If your flagpole contains quality parts from America, you can rest a little easier knowing it is built to last. 

Which American Flag and Pole Kit Should You Buy?

There are plenty of things to keep in mind when shopping for an American flag and pole kit. However, if you consider the options closely and think about your decision, you can make a purchase that will keep you happy for years to come. 

If you are looking to purchase a flag and pole kit, check out the options available from Flagpole Farm


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