Everything That Comes in Our Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kits

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According to one study, more than 60% of Americans proudly display the American flag at their home, car, or workplace. Are you ready to join them. There’s never been a more pivotal or important time to share with others that you support and respect our country. Thankfully, our Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kits make it easier than ever to set yours up.

If you’ve never purchased one of these particular flagpole kits from us before, you might wonder what all is included. Beyond the basics, there are a few exciting accessories that make this kit unlike any other on the market.

Today, we’re taking a look at everything that comes with this product. Read on to discover all of the parts you’ll need to make the perfect patriotic statement today!

What are Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kits?

Our Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kit includes everything that a homeowner might need to establish a beautiful, long-lasting flag display at their home or business.

Made right here in the United States, the commercial-grade products included in the kit are durable, beautiful, and built to hold up against years of use. Our trademarked Flagpole Kits is one of the items designed under our “Titan” collection, which also includes our Titan Solar Light and Titan Outrigger Kit.

The telescoping version of our flagpole allows for easy adjustability and customization, making it the perfect addition to a variety of spaces, from residential backyards to corporate entranceways. 

For these reasons (and many others), customers are raving about the ease and intuitive design of this kit. With everything you need included, it’s truly an all-in-one solution. You can check out our online Photo Gallery for real-life images of our flagpoles and flags in action!

What’s Included in the Kit?

When you purchase these specific flagpole kits from our online shop, what can you expect to receive? Before we dive into the specific details, let’s give a brief overview. 

Every one of these kits contains the following products:

  • One Titan Telescoping Flagpole
  • Swivel ring clips
  • One premium nylon U.S. flag with sewn-on stars
  • The hardware required to fly two flags
  • One 3-inch gold ball topper
  • One ground sleeve (made of ABS plastic)
  • One set of user-friendly installation instructions

The Titan Telescoping Flagpole comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

While that covers the basics of the parts included in each kit, there’s more to discover about the individual components themselves. Below, you’ll find the special features that make our kit so high-quality and dependable.

Titan Telescoping Flagpole: Features to Know

Every flagpole we sell is made of high-strength, 6105-T5, anodized aluminum tubes. What does this mean for you? 

Not only will the pole look great and stay shiny, but it’s also maintenance-free. These tubes will not rust, scratch, or chip like a painted or powder coated pole would do.

In addition, the pole is also adjustable depending on your height needs. This is made possible via a patented interlocking sleeve mechanism that allows users to raise, lower, and lock the pole as required, allowing them to achieve a perfect setup every time.

Another reason to choose a telescoping pole over any other type of model? You never have to worry about how you’ll reach the very top of the pole again! With one quick motion, it simply retracts down to you. This makes it infinitely easier to perform a variety of common tasks, including:

  • Replacing or fixing the rope
  • Adjusting the pulley
  • Adding a special ornament to the top of the flagpole

In addition to being easier to use, telescoping poles are also easier to use and move, and often come at a most cost-effective price point. 

At the same time, the internal mechanism also reinforces the pole and provides total joint stability. This way, you can be confident that your flag will still fly even in heavy winds or harsh conditions. 

Once you lock your pole into place, this mechanism makes sure it stays there. While other competing models seek to achieve the same effect, they do so using either a “screw-in” or “push button” system that leaves too much room for user error and instability. Over time, these can degrade and become less reliable, weakened by windy conditions or simple wear and tear. 

The best part about this pole? You can use it right out of the box! Each one comes pre-assembled and ready to extend, so you don’t have to spend any time finagling with a million tiny parts when it’s time to install yours. 

You can fly up to two separate flags on one Titan Telescoping Flagpole, making it the ideal way to display your state flag alongside the U.S. flag!

Flagpole: Choosing Your Specifics

One of the most fun parts about ordering your Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kits is designing it to meet the exact specifications you want. We offer a few different variations that can help you achieve the perfect look.

First, let’s talk about flagpole colors. Each pole is available to purchase in three different colors. These include:

  • Bronze/black
  • Light bronze
  • Silver

Due to the anodized finishing process, there may be slight color variations that exist within tones. For instance, one bronze/black pole might be a little darker than the other, or a silver one might be a shade lighter. However, these nuances only make the poles more unique and one-of-a-kind. Plus, the finishing process is what makes the poles so solid!

For a striking look, choose the flagpole color that will best accent and complement the tones already visible on your property. 

For instance, if you have black window trim and gutters, our bronze/black pole would look stunning with those finishes! Likewise, silver and lighter tones look great with tan and white-hued home or business accents. Of course, you can always contrast these colors to help them pop against your landscape.

In addition to different color options, we also offer our Titan Telescoping Flagpole in a range of different heights. These include:

  • 15-foot
  • 20-foot
  • 20 foot- LT model (lighter duty)
  • 25-foot

Consider the maximum height you require and use this measurement to help guide your purchasing decision. 

The base for the 15-foot and 20-foot-LT model is 2.5 inches, with 14-gauge wall thickness. These poles have three sections and two internal joints. Their installed heights are 15 feet & 18.5 feet, respectively, and they are rated for winds up to 75 mph. 

This wind rating applies only to poles that contain up to two flags not larger than 3×5 feet. The 15-foot and 20-foot LT poles include a 3×5 premium nylon flag.

The base for the 20-foot and 25-foot pole is 3 inches, with 12-gauge wall thickness. These poles have four sections and three internal joints. They are rated for winds up to 95 mph and their installed heights are 20 feet and 25 feet, respectively. 

This wind rating applies only to poles that contain up to two flags not larger than 4×6 feet. The 20-foot and 25-foot poles include a 4×6 premium nylon flag.

Swivel Ring Clips

You might not put too much thought into the clips that hold your flag to your flagpole, but we did. 

That’s why we chose ones that feature a unique swivel mechanism! These allow a full range of motion to ensure that your flag can freely rotate 360 degrees around the pole at any time. If you’ve ever come home to find your beautiful flag sadly wrapped and tangled all the way around itself, you’ll appreciate this handy design!

Made of tough Lexan plastic material, these rings are strong and durable. Lexan is a polycarbonate resin thermoplastic specially built to withstand extreme variations in temperature, so you can enjoy your flag in every season, all year long.

Our swivel rings are available in black/bronze, light bronze, and silver and will be designed to match the flagpole color you chose. 

These instances are greatly reduced thanks to the simple swivel clips. In this case, the smallest parts can really make the biggest difference. You can also purchase our Swivel Ring Set separately.

With these clips, you can choose to fly your U.S. flag in a variety of ways. You can fly one flag fully extended, two flags, or one flag at half-staff. To fly a flag at half-staff, you’ll remove the second flag and attach the flag to the second set of clips.

Premium Nylon U.S. Flag

Next, let’s talk about the real star of the show: the U.S. flag itself! 

Made of premium nylon, this flag features vibrant stars that are sewn on to ensure they’ll stay firmly in place. It also showcases reinforced box stitching at the fly end, so you never have to worry about the unsightly fraying that many flags fall victim to over the years. 

While a nylon flag comes standard in our Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kits, we do offer a different material if desired. For a small upcharge, you can request an equally bold polyester flag!

The flag sizes we offer for this kit include:

  • 3×5 feet (for 15-foot and 20-foot LT poles)
  • 4×6 feet (for 20-foot and 25-foot poles)

Note that polyester flags will ship separately. 

All Hardware Required

Forget leaving your installation project half-finished while you run to the tool shed or hardware store to find the pieces you need to set up your flagpole. In fact, the only thing that’s missing is the cement

We’ve taken care of everything for you, and each shipment will include all the necessary hardware required to install your flag and flagpole. 

Gold Ball Topper

Our three-inch gold ball topper is the perfect addition and finishing touch to your flagpole installation!

This decoration is simple yet elegant, and beautifully offsets the rich tones of the nylon or polyester flag. It attaches in seconds and is a cinch to remove if you decide you prefer a different type of ornament above your flag.

If you have multiple flagpoles, or you want to attach a ball topper to a different pole, you can purchase one separately. When you go this route, you can choose from a variety of different finishes, including:

  • Black
  • Gold
  • Light bronze
  • Silver
  • White

These ball toppers are also available in a variety of different sizes ranging from three inches to 10 inches. 

Ground Sleeve

The most innovative and unique feature of our Titan Telescoping Flagpole (and the part that makes it all possible) is the ground sleeve!

Made of durable ABS plastic, the ground sleeve is more powerful against adverse weather environments than even PVC pipe. It is the only part of our flagpole kits that is permanently installed in the ground.

Not only is this less manual labor for you, but it also means improved mobility and a greater range of installation options. When the ground sleeve is the sole component affixed in place, you’re free to take your pole with you if you ever move into a new home or office facility. It also allows you to pack up your pole and take it with you on fun, family outings such as camping trips or sports tailgate parties. 

If you expect to frequently take your flag on such adventures, you can purchase a mount that makes on-the-go displays easier. One example is our Hitch Mount, and another example is our Wheel Stand.

Mounts are available for those purposes. Finally, if you know extreme weather is on the way, you can remove the pole from the ground sleeve and store it in a safe spot until the weather passes.

Optional Component: Titan Solar Light

As you select the customization options for your Titan Telescoping Flag Kit, you’ll see a section that allows you to select the inclusion of a Titan Solar Light for a small additional upcharge. 

What is this light, how does it work, and why is it helpful?

In short, our Titan Solar Light illuminates your flag from the top down, so it can shine brilliantly at night! Easily attaching to your flagpole in minutes, this accessory can illuminate your flag display for all to see. You can select a bronze/black or silver finish to match your flagpole.

Made in the U.S., the light’s universal .5-inch fitting allows you to attach it to most residential flagpoles, even those that aren’t Titan brand. It features an attractive aluminum top, two solar panels, and six bright LED lights within, protected by durable Powerfilm. 

When you purchase this light kit, we include everything you need to get started, including batteries. The automatic on/off switch will run from dusk until dawn, requiring no effort or involvement on your end. 

The Titan Solar Light is covered by a two-year warranty.

Shipping Details to Know

Now that you know a little more about all of the components you’ll receive in your Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kits, you’ll understandably want it to arrive as quickly as possible!

Thankfully, we’ve got you covered.

Our customer-focused shipping team aims to ship all sizes and colors of our telescoping flagpole within 24 to 48 hours. We’re dedicated to making sure your products arrive in a fast and secure manner. 

How to Install Your Titan Telescoping Flagpole

Once you’ve unboxed all of the materials for your telescoping flagpole, you’ll be ready to put it in the ground and start flying it!

We include a set of thorough, user-friendly instructions in every box, and the steps are refreshingly simple to follow. The entire process takes approximately one hour.

Materials You’ll Need

First, it’s important to gather the materials you will need. While we’ve already set you up with the actual flagpole gear, there are some tools you’ll need to get it into the ground. These include:

  • A wheelbarrow
  • A shovel
  • A trowel
  • A level
  • A tape measure
  • Around 200-240 pounds of pre-mixed cement
  • Pea gravel
  •  A water source

Steps to Follow: Installing the Ground Sleeve

To get started, the first step is to select the perfect location to install your telescoping flagpole! Check to make sure there is nothing that could obstruct the flag’s ability to safely and easily fly. Look both overhead and below ground to ensure that your installation spot is far away from any power lines or utility lines. 

Once you’ve found the ideal location, you’re ready to break ground! Dig a hole around 28 inches deep and 14 inches in diameter. This is similar to a hole that you would dig to install a fence post. When the hole is ready, position your ground sleeve into place. It should fit securely in the hole, with around one inch exposed above ground level. 

Remove the ground sleeve for now, and fill the hole with a small amount of pea gravel (around four inches at the base of the hole). This will ensure adequate water drainage around the base of your flagpole. 

Then, locate the pre-drilled hole on the ground sleeve. Install the stop bolt completely through this space. It should go all the way through the sleeve. Finally, push the sleeve through the gravel, re-measuring to ensure it’s still one inch above the ground. Take your time with this step and make sure the sleeve sinks snugly into the gravel. Otherwise, the cement you pour in next will seal the sleeve’s bottom hole and prevent water from draining out!

When you’re ready to add the cement, pre-mix it by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Place the included red cap on top of the ground sleeve as you shovel the cement into the hole. When you’ve finished, you can remove the red cap and insert your level into the sleeve to make sure it’s flat and level. Once you’ve confirmed that it’s all set, you can put the cap back on.

From there, the rest of the installation is a breeze. Fill the rest of the hole is complete with cement, checking it with the level periodically and adding more as needed. When you’ve confirmed that the hole is evenly filled, use the trowel to smooth out the top layer of cement. 

If there’s any leftover cement stuck to the exposed top inch of the ground sleeve, it should wipe off easily with a damp towel. Once everything is in place, you’ll need to wait 24 to 48 hours to make sure the cement has plenty of time to set up.

Steps to Follow: Attaching the Flagpole

When it’s time to attach your telescoping flagpole to the ground sleeve, there’s only one quick step to perform.

The gold ball topper is the only separate piece you’ll use! It screws into the top of your flagpole in seconds. Once that’s completed, everything else is already fully assembled and finished for you. 

Remove the red cap on top of the ground sleeve and place the flagpole inside of the sleeve. Then, attach the pole’s spring clips to the grommets on the flag, starting with the first grommet on top. Next, clip the second spring clip onto the flag’s lower grommet. You’re ready to raise your flag!

With everything secure and in place, you can lift the pole section by section. When it’s fully extended and you’re ready to lock it, one-quarter turn gets the job done. 

If you’re more of a visual learner, a video depicting these steps can be found on the main Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kits page on our website!

Showcase Your Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kits at Home

We put care, thought, and attention into every detail of our Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kits. From the gold ball on top to the ground sleeve below, each component serves an important purpose and is built to last.

In addition to our Titan products, we also invite you to check out the other products in our online shop, including our wide array of flags, poles, and accessories. Along the way, feel free to reach out to our team with any questions.

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