Flag Pole Company: What to Consider Before Buying a Flagpole

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At least 51 percent of American citizens have flags in their homes. Increased patriotism among many citizens motivates them to have flags in their places.

A flagpole is an excellent way to increase your company’s visibility. It can be difficult for a business owner to determine which flag pole company is the best despite having several of them in the market.

When purchasing a flagpole for their company, most people will look for a visually appealing one. This is due to the fact that no one wants their company to resemble other businesses.

Here are the key flag pole buying tips to consider.


It’s encouraged to review the various flag rules set by your state government when purchasing a flag pole. Although the law outlines U.S. Flag Code regulation, it’s important to note the non-binding language these laws were intended and written. 

Simply put, U.S. flag regulations are not legally enforceable, nor will failure to comply with them result in any federal punishment. The code serves to maintain a respectful, yet voluntary civilian standard for the appearance and display of flags.

That being said, it is recommended that citizens take time to go through the U.S. flag code. As a sign of respect to your country, the national flag should never touch the ground, nor should it fly unilluminated throughout the night. 

Flag Size

Flags come in varying dimensions. To ensure your flag and pole compliment one another, you should consider the most suitable sizing combinations.

The height/size of your flag pole will determine the flag size you choose. As a general rule of thumb, the width of the flag should be about twenty percent the height of the pole. For example, a 20 foot pole would typically have a 4’ x 6’ flag .

If your flag is hanging from your house or a wall-mounted pole, the flag should be 3 x 5 ft. 


Another crucial flag pole buying guide is the material. The material composition determines the quality and durability of flag poles.

Aluminum, wood, fiberglass, and steel are common materials used to make flag poles. Such materials come with various advantages.

Aluminum flag poles, for instance, are rust-resistant, light, and long-lasting. Do the right research about each flag pole material before making up your mind. Reading about the materials online and consulting the experts are the best ways to gather information.

Your budget can also determine the flagpole material you choose. For example, steel flag poles are more expensive than wood flag poles. Choose a flag pole material that fits your budget to avoid unnecessary financial constraints.

The Finish

Flag poles come in several types of finishes. The finish you choose will determine your flag pole’s appearance.

Satin brush finish is the first option you can choose for your flag pole. The finish is budget-friendly and common in the market. Satin brush finish will make your flag pole brighter and more appealing.

Powder coating is another great option when choosing a flag pole’s finish. The finish is best for aluminum flag poles. Powder coat finishes come in varying colors to boost flag poles’ appeal.

Anodized finish is the other type of flag pole finish to consider. Clear and black anodized finishes are the options you can choose from.

The Style

The style of the flag pole is also an important factor of consideration. Several things determine the style of flag poles.

The first thing is the type of halyard rope the flag pole has. Flag poles have two types of halyard ropes – external and internal halyard ropes.

External halyard ropes run on the outside part of the flag pole. The rope wraps over the flag pole’s pulley system.

External halyard ropes are affordable and easy to operate. The internal halyard ropes run inside the flag pole. While internal halyard ropes are quite expensive, they are more secure.

Telescoping flag poles are other styles of flag poles to consider. Several benefits make telescoping flag poles valuable investments for homeowners. For example, the flag poles are quieter and easier to operate.

Other styles of flag poles are sectional flag poles and nautical flag poles. Such flag pole styles are great options for commercial places.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions will help you choose the best location for your flag pole. First, consider the wind speed and direction.

High wind can quickly break your sectional flag pole. The wind chart of your location can help you know where to install your flag pole.

Again, don’t expose your flag pole to the extreme sun. Such weather conditions can cause your flag to fade quickly.


Before purchasing your flag pole, you should consider where to install it. Although the landscape and layout of the designated area will be different for everyone, it’s best to choose a location where the flag can be seen from a distance.

The location should also be free from interruptions that could damage your property or the flag pole. For example, avoid installing your flag pole near telephone lines or parking areas. Before digging, it is also important to make sure the ground is free of any sewage or electrical lines. 

If you live in an HOA community,  it’s a good idea to check with your CC&R’s before installing your flag pole. Your HOA representatives can help you identify areas where a flag pole installation will adhere to community regulations.

A good flag pole company should also provide customers with best practices for flag pole installation.


Another factor to consider when buying a flag pole is its features. Different flag poles have varying features to enhance their functioning and appeal.

The first feature to consider is a premium flag. We offer our clients telescoping flag poles with premium polyester or nylon flags.

Customization is the other feature to consider when buying a flag pole. You can have the flag pole painted your favorite color. Some of the best colors are silver and black or light bronze.

The height of a flag pole is the other feature to consider. Envision the height you want before buying the flag pole. Solar light options, telescoping capabilities, and toppers are other unique flag pole features.

Choose the Best Flag Pole Company

The flag pole company you choose will determine the type and quality of the flag pole you get. Research various flag pole companies to find a reputable option.

Do you want to buy a flag pole? At Flagpole Farm, we manufacture titan telescoping flag poles for our clients across the United States. We also make titan solar light for our flag poles.

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