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Hanging a flag, especially a patriotic flag, can actually increase your curb appeal. Clean and beautiful flags display pride as well as provide a sense of home, coziness, and friendliness.

But beyond the flag, how can you add some personality and character to your flagpole? Look no further than the flagpole top!

Your flagpole top can be a fun way to add some individuality and design to your flagpole, especially when hanging common flags that all look the same. This guide will look at some great flagpole tops to consider and teach you how to choose the best flagpole top for you!

First, Why Do You Need a Flagpole Top?

There are two main reasons why flagpoles have tops. One is for mechanics and the other is for aesthetics.

Mechanics: Holding the Flag in Place

The major purpose of a flagpole top is to hold the flag in place. If flagpoles did not have tops, the flag would simply slide off the flagpole.

Flags are attached to flagpoles in different ways. One way is through swivel ring clips that allow the flag to fly freely in 360 degrees around the pole. Without a topper on the flag pole, the clips could slide all the way to the top and off the pole due to the movement of the flag in the wind. 

Another way some flags are attached to flag poles is by a tube-like part of the flag’s fabric which the pole slides through vertically. If the flagpole does not have a topper, then the flag can easily slide off the pole. This is especially true for flagpoles that are hung at an angle such as on the side of a house or porch beam. 

So, flag pole tops are super important to keeping your flag in place and looking great.

Aesthetics and Style

Another reason why flagpoles have tops is that they just down-right look better with tops! Flagpoles without toppers look plain and boring – like a flag has simply been stuck to a stick or post. This is not the look we’re going for when putting the money and effort into hanging a flag we are proud of.

So, flagpole tops make the pole more attractive. They provide a nice finish and can be customized to fit any personal style and design. For example, some tops are gold, some are bronze, some are ball-shaped, some are spear-shaped, and so on. 

Regardless of the shape and color, flagpole ornaments are a key part of the flag hanging.

Popular Flagpole Top Options

Ball Topper

A rounded ball flagpole top is a traditional, classic look that has come back into style. It is minimal but elegant and can add that perfect finishing touch to make your flagpole pop. 

Ball tops also fit any type of flag, not just the flag of the United States. They look great on flagpoles with local or state flags, sports team flags, and more.

Our Titan kits come with a ball topper, or you can order a stand-alone ball topper to add to your existing Titan flagpole. Our ball toppers are anodized aluminum and 3 inches in diameter. We offer both ribbed and smoothed options to fit any style. 

Natural Eagle Top

If you really want to make a statement and show your patriotism, the natural eagle flagpole top is the perfect option for you. 

The eagle is a widely known patriotic symbol. Our eagle topper is perched on top of our gold ball topper with its wings spread ready for flight! It’s completely cast aluminum meaning it’s very durable and attractive. The eagle comes in painted colors to give it a natural look.

Even better – the natural eagle flag pole topper is made in the United States! Plus, it can also be mounted with a solar light on top for an even greater wow factor. 

Gold Eagle Top

If you’re into showing your patriotic side but want a bit more of a splash on the top of your flagpole, then the gold eagle flag pole top is the way to go.

Our gold eagle topper is cast aluminum with a gold/bronze finish. Just like our natural eagle, it’s made in the United States and has a stem long enough to mount a solar light on top.

Which Flagpole Top Will You Choose?

Flagpole tops are super important in the look, design, and mechanics of your flagpole. Whether your flagpole is indoors or outdoors, hanging the U.S. flag or a flag supporting your favorite team or organization, there are a variety of flag ornaments to choose from to fit any style. 

At Flagpole Farm, we offer everything you could need in the world of flags. We sell all types of quality flags (the national U.S.A, state, international, military, religious, and so on), as well as flagpole kits, flagpole tops, and accessories. Find everything you need by checking out all of our products here.


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