How to Choose the Right Flagpole Lights to Match Your Home

flagpole lights

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Displaying a beautiful flag in front of your home provides improved curb appeal and helps you to create a more meaningful space.

If you’re looking for a way to illuminate your flag at night, then flagpole lights are a perfect solution.

Read on to learn more about this type of lighting and how to choose the right type to match your home for a beautiful look.

How Many Lights and Where Should They Go?

When you look to buy a light for a flagpole, it’s important to understand how many you’ll need, and how far apart they should be spaced. In most cases, you will need two to three directional accent lights in order to ensure that your flagpole and flag are illuminated correctly.

You can use the height of your flagpole and the size of your flag to help you decide which lighting option is best for you. All light fixtures should be spaced about 180 degrees apart if you’re using two lights, and about 120 degrees apart if you’re using three lights.

The light fixtures should be placed between six inches and three feet from the flagpole if they are low voltage. For commercial applications or larger residential homes, the light fixtures should be approximately one to three feet from the base of the flagpole.

When you install your new flagpole lights, aim them toward the ball located at the top of the flagpole. This will illuminate the flag and make it visible once night arrives.

Solar Flagpole Lights

When it comes to convenience and energy savings, using a solar light for your flagpole is an excellent choice. This type of lighting doesn’t need to be hardwired, and you can move it to a different location if needed.

These convenient flagpole lights get energy from the sun, which means you’re making an eco-friendly choice to illuminate your flagpole. Once the light is installed, you can enjoy its bright glow every night without having to worry about turning on the power or dealing with maintenance issues.

The American Flag Code states that your flag should be displayed from sunrise to sunset. However, it can remain at full mast as long as it is properly lit. A solar flagpole light ensures that your flag is illuminated as soon as the sun goes down since it automatically turns on when it gets dark.

When shopping for a solar flagpole lights, make sure that it’s constructed of durable, weatherproof materials. You don’t want your new light to rust or become damaged at the first sign of inclement weather.

The TITAN Solar Light features a durable aluminum top and is designed to fit most standard flag poles. This convenient light will brightly illuminate your flag without having to hardwire it or plug it into an electrical source. 

If you’re looking for ease of installation, a light you can count on, and versatility, then solar flagpole lights are an excellent choice. This eco-friendly lighting will ensure that your flag is properly illuminated every night.

LED Flagpole Light Options

Another great way to illuminate your flagpole is with an LED light. This lighting offers exceptionally bright light that can put the spotlight on your flag and make it stand out.

An LED flagpole light typically comes as a spotlight or a floodlight. You’ll want to make sure that you choose a light that is bright enough to meet the American Flag Code.

While solar lights are extremely energy-efficient, LED lights are, too. In fact, they use half the amount of energy that most standard floodlights do, providing you with significant energy cost savings.

Choosing the Right LED Light

If you live in an area with a high level of ambient light such as a city or a well-lit neighborhood, you should choose a high-output LED flagpole floodlight. This will provide enough brightness to counteract the light that is coming in from your surroundings.

Rural areas or remote homes can use less ambient light with a lower-output LED floodlight. LED lights use a measurement called lumens, which determines how bright the light output is. The number of lumens you need will depend on your flagpole height, the spread of the beam, and how much output you need.

A 15-foot flagpole should use an LED spot beam spread of about 20 degrees with approximately 1600 lumens. A 20-foot pole needs a spot beam of between 36 and 60 degrees and between 7200 and 7700 lumens. For 25-foot poles, you need an LED spot beam spread of between 36 and 60 degrees and between 10,800 and 27,400 lumens.

When you choose a light for your flagpole, keep in mind that LED provides brighter light and better color quality. For most homes, a single LED floodlight or spotlight should suffice. A good rule of thumb is that your flagpole height should be between three and four times the length of the flag and your light should be between two and five feet from the base of the flagpole.

Illuminate Your Flag Today

Whether it’s solar or LED, flagpole lights can help you illuminate your flag during the night and give it the respect it deserves. Don’t forget to choose a flagpole light mount so that you can adjust your lighting as needed.

For more information about flagpole lighting and to shop our current selection of products, explore our website and visit our about us page today to find out more. 

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