How to Choose the Right Size For a House Flag Pole

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Did you know that the world’s tallest flagpole is in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia? They used 500 tons of steel to build it and they unveiled it in September 2014. It measures 561 feet tall. Although this flagpoles extraordinary height is quite the spectacle, when you’re searching for a house flag pole its important to explore a more reasonable height.

Choosing the correct house flag pole to do your flag justice may appear to be as simple as planting it in the ground. However, with so many different sizes and designs available, it’s difficult to know where to start.

Whether you want to fly a state flag, a military banner, a school flag, your sports team’s flag, or the old Stars and Stripes, you want the best pole for the job.

When deciding on the size of the flagpole to purchase, there are various factors to consider.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Flagpole Size

Flagpoles are available in a range of heights, styles, and materials. You should take into consideration your property, applicable local laws, and the weather in your location when making your decision. There are a few additional factors to consider. Let’s look at them:

Construction and Material of Your House Flagpole

You cannot choose a house flag pole without looking for a solid design that can withstand the rigors of mother nature’s weather conditions. However, it also has to be light enough that you won’t have to worry about throwing your back out on installation day.

However, modern flagpoles are usually composed of aluminum or fiberglass. Both of these poles are available in a number of styles and textures and can last for decades. They are lightweight and yield in the wind to ensure that they will stand for many years to come.

The pole material is very important in terms of reliability and ease of installation.

Flagpole’s Weight and Strength

Lighter and stronger aluminum flagpoles come in first place across the board. The lighter the pole, the weaker it will be, and the more probable it will break with other materials, such as wood.

The Thickness of the Flagpole

You should take into consideration the thickness of the flagpole’s aluminum wall. Taking shortcuts on this essential engineering element could result in a significant reduction in the lifespan and strength of your flagpole.

What Height Should My Home Flag Pole Be?

When selecting a flagpole, the length of the pole is a good spot to begin and it truly depends on how long the flag you are flying is.

Generally speaking, your house flag pole must be at least twice as tall as the length of the flag that will be flying from it. Make it three times as tall as your flag is long in order to achieve better proportions and capture of breeze.

Furthermore, the size of the flag that can be securely flown from a flagpole is restricted by the design of the pole. For example, if a flagpole is 20 feet in length, it can only safely fly a flag that is four by six feet in size. A flag of this size will not be visible from as far away as a twelve by eighteen-foot flag that can be securely flown from a 60-foot flagpole. Here are some examples:

  • Flag size of 6ft by 10ft will need a 30ft flagpole
  • Flag size of 8ft by 12ft will need a 40ft flagpole
  • Flag size of 15ft by 25ft will need a 70ft flagpole

This is where telescoping flagpoles have an added advantage. You can adjust them to the height needed.

Wind Speed

Flagpoles need to withstand anything Mother Nature can throw at them. High winds can be a problem when it comes to lower-quality rigs or budget sectional flagpoles.

You cannot compare telescoping flagpoles in terms of ease of installation versus high wind resilience with conventional flagpoles. 

Telescopic House Flag Poles

The question is, why should you buy a telescoping house flag pole instead of a solid one? The most important argument is that you will never have to worry about reaching the top of the pole ever again.

The top of the flagpole pulls down to meet you. With a telescoping flagpole, you avoid all of the problems connected with:

  • Renewing the rope
  • Repairing the pulley
  • Mounting an item to the top of the flagpole

There are more benefits of purchasing a telescoping flagpole, including its lower cost, ease of usage, and portability.

While fiberglass flagpoles sacrifice style for strength in the face of high winds, telescoping flagpoles combine both.

Their exceptional design uses interlocking sleeves that strengthens the length of the pole and providing it with unrivaled wind resistance.

Benefits of Titan Telescoping Flagpoles

Here are some of the ways telescoping flagpoles differ from conventional flagpoles:

  • The actual pole is retractable, so you won’t need to use a halyard rope to attach to it
  • Titan flagpoles are made with anodized aluminum tubes. These tubes will not rust, chip or scratch like other flagpoles would
  • The Titan Telescoping Poles offered by Flagpole Farm come in a kit. The set includes comprehensive instructions to ensure a straightforward installation process
  • Ideal for any homeowner who is searching for a highly robust and simple-to-install flagpole
  • These Titan Telescoping poles come in three sizes
  • They also offer a Titan outrigger kit for attaching your flagpole to the side of a building or house
  • You can install the Titan Solar Light, which uses LED and solar power to to illuminate your flagpole at night.

As you can see there are many benefits to the Titan telescoping flagpoles. These surely show the superior quality of the Titan Flagpoles!

What Sets the Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kit Apart From Other House Flag Poles?

Let’s look at what sets this flagpole apart from other conventional flagpoles.

The Interlocking Sleeve

The primary point of differentiation is the internal interlocking sleeve technology for raising, lowering, and securing the pole in position. This interlocking sleeve system makes raising and lowering each part a breeze. All of this is accomplished while still offering exceptional sturdiness at each joint once it has been locked into place.

Most alternative manufactures use a “screw-in” system or “push button” mechanism at each joint. Over time these systems become less reliable as they are more susceptible to succumb to windy circumstances. Not to mention, they can become faulty due to natural wear and use. 

The Titan Flagpole Dimensions

The base portion of the 20ft and 25ft poles is 3 inches in diameter and has a 12-gauge wall thickness. The top section of the poles is 3 inches

The base portion of the 15ft and 20 ft lighter-duty poles is 2.5 inches in diameter and has a 14-gauge wall thickness.

The Titan Flagpole Swivel Rings

With swivel rings, the Titan flagpoles can fly two flags at the same time. Using a spring clip that you connect to a Swivel Ring system, the flags fasten to the swivel system. This permits the flags to revolve 360 degrees around the pole, which helps to prevent them from looping around the pole.

In order to fly your flag at half-mast, simply shift the flag from the top position on your flagpole to a lower position on your flagpole.

Material Used For Inner Locking Mechanism and Swivel Rings

Both the inner interlocking sleeve mechanism and swivel rings are made of Lexan plastic. The Lexan thermoplastic is made of polycarbonate resin which is highly durable and can resist extreme temperature differences.

Portability of the Titan House Flagpole

As part of the installation process, the ground casing included with the pole should be securely fastened into the ground. As a result, you have the freedom to detach the flagpole and take it with you if you ever decide to relocate.

Additionally, you can bring the pole along with you on vacations, camping trips, tailgate parties, and other activities. You can get portable mountings for use in these situations.

If your anticipate severe weather, you can detach the pole from the ground plate and store it in a safe location until the storm passes.

Fly the Flag High, Show What You Stand For!

To sum it up, the larger the flag, the taller the house flag pole. This is a simple math equation that can be used to calculate above-ground height.

When you are ready to add a house flag pole to your home, there are several factors you need to consider. This includes the size of the pole, the style, material used, and the finish. This way, you can be certain that you’ve selected the correct flagpole for your needs. 

That’s all there is to it. Now you should understand the intricacies of flagpole height. Are you looking for a flagpole for your home? Browse our page for a variety to choose from!

*Blog Disclaimer: Flagpole Farm and Titan Telescoping Flagpoles are businesses solely focused on the production and sale of flagpoles and similar accessories. This blog is an opinion-based forum and should not be used as a factual reference. Although the Information provided is accurate and true to the best of the writers’ knowledge, there may be omissions, errors, or mistakes. The blog was not written by industry professionals and should not be viewed as written by such. At any point, Flagpole Farm reserves the right to change the focus and/or content of this blog.

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