How to Find and Buy American Made Products

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Are you a proud American? Of course, you are. You live in the land of the free, the home of the brave. There are so many reasons to feel proud about the land you love and the inalienable rights provided by our creator. American labor is the beating heart of this country and the backbone of our society. Do you want to respect your fellow Americans and show your pride in the checkout line? You need to buy American made.

Which products qualify as American made and how do you buy them? Read on to learn all about how to show your patriotism with your wallet.

Why You Should Buy American Made Products

We live in a sea of choices. That is one of the reasons that makes America what it is. Go to any department store and you’ll find shelves of products to buy.

The thing is, most of those products aren’t American-made. Buying them means taking jobs away from hardworking American citizens. Here are some good reasons why you should always look for American products.

1. Labor Standards

America can’t enforce its labor standards on goods manufactured in a foreign country. That’s why so many American companies outsource their manufacturing jobs.

Do you believe in the dignity and value of work? Buying any American product means the product is made with American labor standards and a fair wage.

2. Quality

American produced goods are of a higher quality than foreign goods. Our country places higher standards on the manufacturing process.

That “Made in America” sticker means so much more than simple pride. It means quality.

3. Promotes the Economy

The more people buy products made in America, the more money companies that produce goods in America make. The more money they make, the more people they hire.

The more you buy American, the more future generations have an opportunity for a good job.

4. Independence

In America, we can do anything we put our minds to. We can make the best cars, go to the moon, and invent microwave popcorn. We are a proud, independent people.

Buying American means less reliance on foreign imports. The less we rely on those, the more independent we are.

5. Environmental Safety

Countries like China don’t have the same pollution standards we do. While higher standards might make you think about lost jobs, the truth is, you can offset that by buying American.

Plus, buying American means buying products that are made with our environmental standards. That means less pollution.

Made in America Commitment

Unfortunately, finding American-produced goods requires a bit of work and research. Department stores, grocery stores, and online retailers don’t often specialize in American products.

One of the easiest ways to ensure your commitment is to buy locally whenever you can. When you buy local products and source local products for your business, you not only buy American, you support your community.

You can’t buy everything from local shops. If you want to fly your American Flag high and proud, there may not be a flag and flagpole maker local to you.

That means you’re going to have to do your patriotic duty and find out which products are American made.

Tips for How to Buy American Made

Buying American products isn’t as hard as it might seem, though it will be less convenient. Big box retailers in your area do sell some, but you’re going to have to look at the tags and labels.

Here are some tips to help you find these products.

Online Research

The internet is a helpful tool when searching for American made products. Many websites cultivate lists of various products manufactured in America and will link you to retailers who sell them.

Understand Labels

Company names don’t mean a product is made in the U.S.A. Buying products with “American” in the company name will too often lead you to foreign goods.

Why? It’s misleading, but it isn’t illegal. Make sure to take a closer look at these products. By law, they must say where they come from.

A closer look at the labels will help you find true American products.

Be Careful With Food

This is where buying local comes in handy. Locally grown and processed foods are always the best bet when it comes to buying American. If you can visit a local farmer’s market, co-op, or butcher shop.

That’s not always possible, so you have to understand the importance of labels and packaging. Because something is caught or raised in America doesn’t mean it’s completely American made.

Know the Industries Likely to Produce American

It’s unfortunate, but some items are almost impossible to buy American made. Computers, televisions, cell phones, and other electronic devices are nearly all foreign-made.

You can still buy American in other industries. There are plenty of great American appliances, for example. With a little effort, you can buy American manufactured clothing and shoes.

We all know about the might and the quality of American made automobiles. Buying your cars from American manufacturers guarantees good, union jobs for years to come.

Buy American Made

When you buy American made, you support the American worker. When you support American workers, you help your community.

However, it’s never been harder to buy American made goods. We’re all inundated with the convenience of foreign-made products at cheap prices. It’s up to you to break that cycle.

Buying American is about so much more than shopping. It’s a patriotic buying philosophy that promotes American values and American ingenuity. So buy American today, and buy American forever.

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