How to Operate the Titan Telescoping Flagpole

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So you either have yourself a Titan Telescoping Flagpole or you want to get one.

Well, congratulations on either – as flagpoles really don’t get better than this.

Let’s take a healthy look at appropriate flagpole installation, operation and some other things to consider to make sure you properly fly your flags and keep your Titan Telescoping Flagpole in the best condition possible.

How Does a Titan Telescoping Flagpole Work?

In most cases, the Titan Telescoping Flagpole comes in a kit, which includes a properly sized flag, the hardware necessary to fly two flags, a ground sleeve, a ball topper – and of course the flagpole itself.

The flag is made of nylon, which allows your flag to fly freely even in low wind conditions. The stars are embroidered, the stripes are sewn, the x-box is on the fly end to provide extra durability. And of course, it is made in the United States of America.

Using this guide, you will quickly come to realize that installation of your Titan Telescoping Flagpole is easy, and operation even more so. It will take you about an hour to set up, 36 hours to wait for concrete to cure and the rest is play-time.

The Titan Telescoping Flagpole comes with installation instructions with pictures, making it easier for you to complete the process. Not to mention the awesome video on the official website.

The entire kit is mobile and can be relocated, except for the ground sleeve. So if you plan on relocating or want to show off your flagpole elsewhere, you’ll need to buy a separate ground sleeve to install at the new location.

How to Install the Titan Telescoping Flagpole?

This installation has been made as simple as possible.

  1. Select location without physical obstruction. No utilities or power lines below.
  2. Dig a round fence post size hole, 14″ in diameter and 28″ deep.
  3. Add 4-6″ of gravel to the bottom for water drainage.
  4. Install stop bolt through the pre-made hole in-ground sleeve. Hand tighten.
  5. Mix the concrete according to instructions.
  6. Push sleeve into gravel, making sure that ground sleeve is at least 1″ above ground. (Or else the hole will seal, preventing drainage)
  7. Use the red cap to close the ground sleeve.
  8. Add concrete to hole without moving the ground sleeve out of position.
  9. Remove the red cap to check the ground sleeve for plumb. Add the red cap after the check-up.
  10. Let the concrete dry for 24+ hours, and place flagpole into the hole.

There you go, as simple as 10 steps. You got your flagpole all setup. Now let’s learn how to use it.

How to Operate the Titan Telescoping Flagpole?

  1. At the lowest position, attach your flag to the stainless steel spring-loaded flag snaps.
  2. Insert into the ground sleeve and start extending the first section until it stops. Lift the section while you rotate to the right and then down. This engages the locking mechanism.
  3. Repeat with each section after that.
  4. Reverse this process to bring the pole down, hand over hand to prevent free fall and flagpole damage.

With the telescoping flagpole, there are no ropes to pull, in order to lower or raise the flag. The flagpole retracts to you, making it simple to remove, move, change, or add a flag.

The swivel ring clips help your flag fly 360 degrees around the pole. Reducing the risk of tangling around the pole, preventing damage. A damaged flag has to be replaced.

Not to mention, that the flagpole allows easy half-staff flying. Simply change the flag from the top position to the second clip position, then extend the pole to full height. Perfect half-staff, there you go.

Also, the Titan Telescoping Flagpole allows you to fly two flags simultaneously. A third flag can be flown on our 25’ flagpoles if you add two additional spring clips and one additional large swivel ring.

How to Display a Flag Properly?

On June 14, 1923 – The National Flag Conference adopted the National Flag Code. It establishes the rule for handling and displaying the USA flag.

The flag has to be displayed properly from sunrise to sunset. If the flag is displayed at night, it has to be illuminated, which can be easily done by using a Titan Solar Light at the top of your flagpole.

Can I Display the USA Flag With Other Flags?

By policy, you are not allowed to fly another flag or pennant above the USA flag, or the same height on another side of the pole. Except for church service times, when conducted by a Naval Chaplain. In this case, the church pennant can be flown above the flag while the service is being held.

So if you want to fly a flag of an NFL team, military or any other flag – it must be under your USA flag.

When a flag of another nation is displayed, it must be flown on another separate pole at the same height. As the international rules forbid the display of a flag above another during peacetime.

Additional Information

Make sure to keep your flagpole in the extended position during snow or icy weather, as water can enter the flagpole making it freeze up, and damage its function over the season. Leave it extended or lower and remove from the ground completely.

There are no lubricants to make your flagpole work better. It is self-maintained, meaning that proper usage will prevent any repair requirements.

You can easily clean the exterior with water, using a hose or soft wet rag. Rinse and dry – and you’re set.

The Titan Telescoping Flagpole Done Right

Now that we have covered everything: from how to install the Titan Telescoping Flagpole, how to operate the flagpole, flag flying policy, and maintenance. You have all of the necessary tools to beautifully execute flying your flag respectfully and under perfect legal conditions.

Now get your flagpole setup and be proud of having a flagpole that works, looks great and shows your support for the country and other affiliations.

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