Ever Wonder Why People Have Solar Lights on Their Flagpoles?

Solar Flagpole Light

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Solar lighting in a home can save more than $20,000 over the lifespan of the panels. Why would a solar flagpole light prove different? Even at the smaller size, it still saves you electricity costs over other methods of lighting.

Don’t limit yourself to thinking of the savings in terms of the electricity cost alone. A flagpole light using solar power can do a lot for the look of your flag. More than that, though, it saves time and money in other places in the flagpole lighting process, too.

A solar flagpole light allows you to keep the flag’s beauty visible all day and all night. It’ll hold up in most weather.

That only scratches the surface, though. Any light can do that. What makes solar so perfect for a flagpole?

Keep reading and we’ll teach you all about solar flagpole lighting and why it’s the best choice for your pole.

Major Benefits of a Solar Flagpole Light

Most of the benefits of a solar flagpole light come from sheer practicality. Let’s start with some of the basics.

Adhering to Flag Code

The Flag Code sets out the rule that you should only display a flag from sunrise to sunset, unless the flag remains illuminated at night. Using a flagpole light, then, shows respect for the flag as it stands. Regardless of anything else, you should have a flagpole light, unless you like the ritual of raising and lowering the flag at sunrise and sunset.

Still, you could use any light for a flag. What makes a solar spotlight the big winner?

Reduced Battery Changing

A solar flagpole light doesn’t need frequent battery replacements like one that runs off of a conventional battery. A battery-operated light, like the many LED light options out there, will eventually require that battery to be changed.

Solar lights do use batteries, but only to store the light they soak up from the sun. These batteries have a long life, and need only minimal changing.

Shouldn’t a flagpole spotlight be easy to maintain? You have other things to worry about.

No Wires

Laying the electrical groundwork for a conventionally-powered flagpole light can be costly and difficult. The installation process can take time and cost a lot of money to boot.

Solar lights, conversely, can be popped onto the top of the flagpole and that’s that. With an easy installation process that doesn’t require tearing up your landscape or running wires, a solar light saves on both the installation process and the final power bill.

Sits On Top

This might seem like a small thing, but a solar flagpole light rests at the top of the pole. The light travels only a short distance from the source to the flag.

Sometimes you’ll see a flagpole spotlight system that tries lighting the flag from the bottom instead of the top. These usually need to be much brighter to illuminate the flag, since they start from 20 feet away or more rather than right next to it. The light that makes the flag visible can be blinding up close.

Compatible With Other Toppers

A flagpole light that uses solar power usually allows for another topper. While they might become harder to see, depending on the type of light you have and the angle to the flagpole, they can usually go on top.

Want that majestic gold eagle? A classic ball top? Either way, you can have the light as well as that sense of style.

Before You Install

Before you install a solar flagpole light, check into the local laws on bright lights. Checking in with your homeowner’s association, if you hold such a membership, will also help.

Some areas set rules about the brightness of outdoor lighting at night to fight light pollution. While solar lights don’t have to shine as bright or sit as close to the ground as many alternatives, they still might count as a bright light.

Maintaining Your Solar Light

A solar light doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. While you usually won’t have to get up there to do anything, a couple things can happen that would require you to intervene.

LEDs can occasionally fail, though they last longer than incandescent bulbs. They can still go dim after 20,000 hours or more of use, though, or take a hit during weather events.

The process for fixing this varies from light to light. Manufacturers can repair some lights if an LED fails, while others need to be replaced.

The rechargeable batteries inside might give up the ghost. Fixing this can be cheap and easy. We offer a pack of replacement solar batteries compatible with our own light for less than $10.

Whether you buy from us or not, stick to only the battery recommended by the original seller or manufacturer for your light. They have specific characteristics that make them a good fit for the LEDs in the assembly. Don’t try to save a couple bucks and end up damaging your investment.

A New Perspective

A solar flagpole light can literally give you a new look at your flag, if you’ve already got a flagpole on your property. For those of you who don’t already have flagpoles, adding the light at installation will probably be easier than getting up there to add it after you complete the process, too.

Take a look at the Flagpole Farm Titan Flagpole Light today. With its universal 1/2″ fitting, it’ll work with your existing pole without alteration in most cases. If you’re looking for a new flagpole, think about adding the light to your order.

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