Outdoor Gift Ideas for Father’s Day: Telescoping Flagpoles and More

telescoping flagpoles

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Father’s Day is quickly approaching and there are countless ways you can show your father your appreciation. The first ever statewide “Father’s Day” was celebrated in 1910 in Washington, but did not become an official holiday until decades later in 1972 when President Nixon made it an official federal holiday. The reason behind this delay lay in the fact that many fathers did not want to be celebrated with gifts and flowers, and instead felt it was a holiday for mothers. A big part of the acceptance of Father’ Day came from World War II, where it was advertised as a way to honor the lives of fathers lost in the war. 

Today, we recognize Father’s Day as a holiday to thank our Father’s for their ever present protection, care, and love, as well as a way to give back to them when they gave selflessly to us. That being said, deciding on the right gift for your father can still be difficult. That’s why Flagpole Farm has compiled a list of the best outdoor gifts for the father’s who love to spend their time outdoors, whether that be landscaping, hiking, camping, or any other activities. We’ll look at backpacks, telescoping flagpoles, coolers, hiking boots, folding chairs, and more. With so much to choose from, how do you decide? 

How To Choose The Best Gift? 

When browsing this list and brainstorming your own gift, think about your father’s characteristics: what does he like to do? What are his hobbies? Does he have any favorite sports or teams? Then consider how he spends his days: does he workout? Does he go to work? What does his job look like? What does he do when he gets home? By combining what he likes with what he does everyday, you can think of a thoughtful, practical gift your father is sure to find personal and useful. The best gift a person can receive is one that they can use often and find functional and beneficial to their daily routines. Then go the extra mile and add something to make it their own, a personal touch if you will. This could be the logo of their favorite team or an engraving or embroidering. You know your father best, so keep these tips in mind as you look through the ideas below. And, when in doubt, go with the heart. 

Camping & Hiking Gift Ideas

When it comes to camping, a person can never be too prepared. Every year it seems there are new tools and gear being created to make life a little easier out in the wild. Camping gear and supplies make for a great gift for father’s who enjoy going outdoors and camping on weekends whether it be on an official campground or a more remote area. Whether they prefer to use a tent or an RV–or something in between– there is sure to be a gift they’ll find most useful. 

Camping Backpacks

Backpacks made specifically for camping are incredibly useful for getting all supplies to and from the campsite, or for hiking during the day and camping at night. They’re different from your typical backpack as they are made specifically to be large enough to hold everything you need, but lightweight for hauling on hikes or up steep hills and mountains. They often have tons of storage compartments, perfect for carrying everything they could need while also being heavy duty so it won’t break down in the harsher elements. Plus, the extra padding on the back gives a little extra support to the added baggage. 

Hiking Boots

Any hiker, whether they are beginner or advanced, will tell you to never underestimate the importance of a good hiking boot. Hiking boots provide a number of benefits including a higher top and tongue to keep out debris, waterproof material for hiking in moist or snow-covered regions, lightweight material, and strong rubber for the heel, toe, and soul of the shoe to hold up against rough terrain. Plus, many of them, depending on what you choose, will provide foot support to prevent soreness and keep you going for miles. This gift is sure to get some use if your father enjoys partaking in outdoor activities. 

Electric or Butane Portable Stove

If your father doesn’t already have a portable stove, this is a great item to give him for Father’s Day. Portable stoves are great for outdoor camping and hiking small meals when you get tired or eating granola bars, trail mix, and beef jerky. With this, your father can cook canned goods and anything else he can haul to the campsite with him. These portable stoves come in electric or butane, whichever you prefer, and have the ability to burn for up to an hour or more. They are usually fit with one burner–sometimes two– and are an incredibly functional gift they will get a ton of use out of. 

Pocket Knives

Pocket knives are a classic tool perfect for those who spend a lot of time outdoors. With scissors, bottle openers, corkscrews, knives of various lengths, files, and more, pocket knives are a gift your dad will surely appreciate. There are a range of pocket knives out there, some with and without certain tools, some better for certain purposes than others. For example, there are pocket knives available with wirestrippers which would be great for father’s who are electricians, but not ideal for fathers who will be using this for camping. Also, some brands will even let you get your knife engraved. This adds a wonderful personal touch to an already perfect gift!


While most people already own a cooler, they may have a difficult time justifying purchasing an expensive cooler with all the accessories. Investing in a large, durable cooler for your father is a gift sure to be appreciated. With less expensive coolers, the ice typically melts quickly, there’s not as much space, and the material may be less durable against the elements. Instead, do the research and you will find plenty of brands offering coolers with durable, thick material that is perfect for the outdoors whether on a picnic, camping, or to the beach. Some will come fit with cup holders, wheels, built-in drink dispensers (for gatorade, lemonade, tea, etc) and more! Consider how it will be used and what accessories your father will use the most and you are sure to find a cooler made just for him. 

Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are an essential and if your day doesn’t have them already, a set of two folding chairs could be a game changer. Perfect for sitting in the backyard, camping, beach days, and more, folding chairs are durable and long-lasting, making them a great gift. There are numerous types of folding chairs, some with small umbrellas–perfect for one, some with cup holders or fold out tables, and even ones that act as rocking chairs. Plus, many brands sell them with logos for various sports teams if your father is a huge sports fan. With their durable material and light weight, folding chairs will definitely make a great addition to your father’s camping gear. 

Grilling Gift Ideas

Grilling is a fun way to bring the family outdoors on beautiful days and enjoy the weather. With the first day of summer coming just a few days after Father’s Day, this is the perfect time to gift him with the accessories he needs to get him in the grilling spirit.   Whether your father is an amateur griller who simply loves to cook outdoors every once and awhile, or he’s an avid griller with a complete setup, there’s sure to be something on this list he will love to add to his grilling collection. 

Seasoning Bundles

Playing around with seasonings and creating new and exciting flavors is part of the fun of grilling. With seasoning bundles, you can gift your dad with high-end, fun flavors to try and maybe even introduce him to his new favorite way to cook a steak. There is a variety of bundles available depending on the flavors you are looking for whether it be classic barbecue, dry rubs, extra spicy, or a combination of all three. This is a gift that is perfect for the dads who don’t like extravagant gifts. 

Personalized Cutting Boards

Personalized cutting boards are another perfect example of combining functionality with personalization. It’s very likely they already have a cutting board in their kitchen, however investing in a thick, wooden cutting board is the way to go. 

Wooden cutting boards have far more benefits than plastic as they can last for a very long time. Wooden cutting boards can endure deep scratches and stains and still be sanded down and treated to start being used again. They also do not harbor harmful bacteria, making them a safe and clean option for grilling meats. 

They’re also customizable. Many companies allow you to have them custom carved with finger grooves, juice grooves, and other holes for gripping and hanging. Plus, you can have a design or name engraved with pyrography, which is the art of burning words and designs into wood with a hot tool like a poker. A useful gift with an added customization, personalized cutting boards are a great Father’s Day gift. 

Professional Grilling Utensils

While a spatula and tongs are enough to get started on the grill, there are plenty of other utensils that will make all of the difference when it comes to grilling. There are a variety of sets available with utensils such as skewers, a basting brush, knives, cleaning brushes for the grill, meat thermometers, two-pronged forks, corn cob holders, and more. These sets will not only make your father feel like a grill master, but they will also make grilling more enjoyable, efficient, and easy. Plus, they may not want to invest in a set themselves, which is why it makes the perfect gift. 

Landscaping Gift Ideas

Landscaping can be a point of pride for many, as it is the first thing people see when they visit your home, and the only thing they see when they drive by. Not to mention, caring for the lawn and landscaping is a nice way to get outdoors, breathe the fresh air, and clear your mind. That’s why getting your father a gift that can help them enjoy their time outdoors is a great idea. 


Lanterns are a subtle but elegant addition to the outside of the home. For those who want to add a little bit of light to the outside of their home, lanterns can provide just enough warm light to increase curb appeal and make it more enjoyable to sit outside at night. If your father is interested in home improvement and likes the little details, lanterns make a lovely addition to the front porch, garage, or back patio. Or get smaller lanterns on spikes to line sidewalks and flowerbeds. Details such as this make a home feel lived in and welcoming. Plus, you can even get larger lanterns that have your father’s last name on them to set on the front porch. 

Sun Hat

If your father does a great deal of work outdoors, then a sun hat is a need. Sun hats are great for staying cool, keeping the sun out of your eyes, and, of course, preventing sunburns. They often have a large brim that goes completely around the head to protect the face, neck, and ears. You can even invest in a hat with a higher ultraviolet protection factor (UPF). For example, many hats come with a UPF 50+ rating, which means only 2 percent of the sun can go through the hat. This is the highest UPF rating available and is a great investment for ensuring protection from the sun for long periods of time outdoors. If you’re looking for a gift your dad will enjoy using all the time, this is it. You can even have it embroidered or add a logo for fun. 

Telescoping Flagpole

A telescoping flagpole and flag are a majestic and stately addition to any front yard to show your patriotism, appreciation, and support for your country. Many people choose to install a telescoping flagpole in their front yard to show their respect for the troops who serve our country. Or, others may have once served or are currently serving and are proud to show their support and distinction as a veteran or current soldier. The American flag is a symbol of freedom, courage, strength, and resilience. For father’s who enjoy spending their time outdoors, this is both a point of pride and a beautiful statement piece to install in their front yard. If your father is serving or once serviced, this gift will be even more touching and thoughtful as they will be able to show their support and sacrifice. However, even if your father has not served, it is still a wonderful gift that they are sure to appreciate and install proudly on their property. 

Why Choose a Telescoping Flagpole from Flagpole Farm?

A telescoping flagpole from Flagpole Farm is the perfect Father’s Day gift for your father this year. Why? Well, because they are a beautiful and patriotic gift–but that’s not all! A telescoping flagpole from Flagpole Farm offers many other options and customizations to make it your father’s favorite gift. Flagpole Farm offers various heights, flag options, pole colors, flag fabrics, and flag sizes. With Flagpole Farm a telescoping flagpole will be the center of attention in your father’s yard. 

Flag Fabrics

When choosing your American flag, you will be able to choose between nylon or upgrade to polyester. Nylon is a great flag material relatively durable and should last some time. It’s also waterproof so you won’t have to worry about rain damaging or weighing it down. Polyester is also durable and water-resistant so it will last outdoors in poor weather and strong winds. When it comes to choosing the best flag for you father, it all comes down to appearance and preference. Nylon is stronger and stretches more, so it will be resilient outdoors. However, polyester is made of a higher quality fabric. 

Telescoping Flagpole Height

Flagpole Farm offers the telescoping flagpole kit in 4 sizes: 15’, 20’, 20’LT, 25’. The size you pick will depend on the size of the home and property it will be placed on. The 20’ and 20’ LT, however, do have a few key differences. The 20’ flagpole is built to stand up to 95 mile per hour winds, with a base of 3” in diameter, 12 gauge wall thickness, and a 4-section pole. This makes it strong enough for areas that experience strong winds and storms. Alternatively, the 20’ LT (light duty) is built for 75 mile per hour winds, with a base of 2.5” in diameter, 14 gauge wall thickness, and a 3 section pole. This option is not as strong and is better for those who are looking for a lightweight option and will likely take it down in the event of strong weather and winds. 

Flag Size

Whether you choose the nylon or polyester flag option, they come in either 3’ by 5’ or 4’ by 6’. A larger pole most likely will mean a larger flag and a smaller pole with a smaller flag. However, they are sure to look glorious and striking no matter which size you choose. Your flagpole retailer should be able to help you make the right choice depending on you pole size.  

Telescoping Flagpole Colors

The telescoping flagpole also comes in various color choices, including silver, light bronze, and dark bronze/ black. Again, the color choice is completely personal to your preferences. The silver pole is a classic choice as this is the color most businesses and bases fly their flags on. However, if you prefer a more regal and golden look, the light bronze telescoping flagpole is a beautiful choice. This color choice is beautiful with modern or traditional homes. Lastly, The dark bronze/ black telescoping flagpole is another great alternative. 

Types of Flags

In addition to the American flag, you can also purchase other types of flags from Flagpole Farm. For example, a marine core, POW/MIA, individual state flags, army, sports teams, and more. There’s plenty to choose from and even more ways to make this gift unique to your father. 

Benefits of a Telescoping Flagpole

Telescoping flagpoles are a huge upgrade from traditional flagpoles which would typically include a rope and pulley system. Instead, telescoping flagpoles work by using interlocking sections that make the height of the pole. When installing your telescoping flagpole, place each section of the pole within the one below and lock it into place. When taking your flag down, simply unlock each section to lower it. This makes it easier because there’s no rope twist and knotting around the pole. Plus, the flag is attached with metal clips so it can move 360 degrees around the pole. This means it never gets tangled.

Telescoping flagpoles make for a beautiful statement piece on any property. Plus, with plenty of accessories to choose from there is sure to be a telescoping flagpole your father will love. Just remember to follow proper etiquette when installing your father’s flag to properly honor it and all it stands for. You cannot go wrong with gifting a telescoping flagpole from Flagpole Farm.

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