Solar Light for Flagpoles: How They Work and Why You Need One

solar light for flagpoles

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According to reports, patriotism is on the rise. After taking a severe dip in 2020, American patriotism is once again coming to the fore in the hearts and minds of the nation. 

If you want to express your pride in being a US citizen, one of the most symbolic ways is by flying the American flag. 

Whether it’s your first time erecting the US flag, or you’ve been flying the Old Glory for decades, there’s something you need to know about. And that is why you need a solar light for flagpoles.

Without a solar light for your flagpole, you won’t be making the most of your flag, and you might even be breaking the US flag code. If you opt for hardwired flagpole lighting, you could run yourself to far more trouble and expense than you need to. 

Avoid all of this and continue reading to find out how a solar light for a flagpole works and why you need one. 

How Does a Solar Light for Flagpoles Work?

Solar flagpole lights are designed to clearly illuminate a raised flag after sunset or in gloomy conditions. Most solar flag lights mount onto the top of your flag pole. From here, they shine down onto the flag and illuminate a portion of the ground underneath. 

Some solar lights for flag poles are ground-mounted and shine upwards towards the flag and into the sky.

Solar flagpole lights harvest energy from the sun during the day and store it for use at night. They are entirely self-contained and don’t require any wiring or outside power supply. 

However, the one thing a solar light for flagpoles needs is direct sun. If your flagpole is situated in the shade, a solar flag light will have a hard time charging up.

Benefits of Having a Solar Light for a Flagpole

Solar flag lights aren’t complicated to use, but they can make a big difference to your flag display. They are also easy to install and—providing you buy a good quality solar light—are very reliable. 

Easy Installation and Maintenance

One of the big benefits of solar light for flagpoles is that solar flag lights are super easy to install. Our Titan solar lights fit onto most residential flagpoles and come with a universal 1/2″ fitting.

To install them, the first thing you’ll need to do is unscrew the top, place the included lithium batteries into their slots, and replace the top. This should only take a few minutes. 

Once you have inserted the batteries all you have to do is attach your solar flagpole light to the top of your flagpole. If you have a ball or eagle ornament in place you should remove this, thread the stem through your solar light, and attach it back onto the top of the flagpole, tightening the nut at the bottom of the light to secure it. 

All of this shouldn’t take you more than 15-20 minutes. After this, all you’ll need to do is wait for the light to charge up. 

If you install regular, wired lighting to your flagpole, this will cost far more and take a lot longer. You will probably need to call an electrician out to hook up your light. 

You’ll also invariably need to dig trenches to lay your cabling and buy piping, wiring, etc. If something goes wrong with your light, you might have to dig up your cabling to check it hasn’t been compromised. 

In contrast, solar lights are much easier to fix or replace. If your batteries are failing, you can easily replace them with a new set, especially if you have a telescopic flagpole.

If the entire light is ready for replacement, all you need to do is order a new one and take a few minutes to swap it out. 

You Can Fly Your Flag at Night

Another benefit to buying a solar light for a flagpole is that it allows you to fly your flag at night. According to the US flag code, the American flag should not be left raised at night unless it is illuminated. 

If you don’t want to have to raise and lower your flag every day, lighting it up with a solar LED fitting is an easy and attractive solution. 

Your Flag Pole Will Look Great 24/7

We can understand why the flag code prohibits flying the Stars and Stripes at night without illumination. A flag hanging limp in the darkness looks neglected. 

On the other hand, if you light up your flag after dark, it will look proud and striking, creating a beautiful night time feature in your yard. 

You Don’t Have to Worry About Power Outages

Another advantage of solar light for flagpoles is you can rely on it even when there is a power outage. As long as your solar flag light is charged it will shine onto your flag during blackouts and electrical supply interruptions. 

Energy Savings

Last but not least, a solar flagpole light can also save you on energy costs. Although one light is not likely to send your electrical bill through the roof, energy consumption from lights can add up.

Opting for a solar flagpole light is another small way you can reduce your energy usage and bring your carbon footprint down. 

Are You Looking for a Reliable Solar Flagpole Light?

As you can see, a solar light for flagpoles is easy to install and operate. Instead of going to the expense and trouble of laying in ground electrical cables to your flagpole, you can install a solar flagpole light in less than half an hour. 

Are you looking for a reliable solar light to illuminate your Star-Spangled Banner? If so, you are in the right place. 

Flagpole Farm is the manufacturer and supplier of the Titan brand of flagpoles and flagpole products, including the Titan Solar Light. 

Browse our range of flagpole accessories for everything you need to deck your flagpole out in style. 

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