The Best Places for Wall Mounted Flagpoles

wall mounted flagpoles

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Half of Americans claim to hang an American flag at home. Many people who don’t hang American flags hang other types of flags for decoration. Do you want to hang a flag up at your house?

Wall-mounted flagpoles make hanging flags easy. We’ve already taught you how to hang a wall-mounted flagpole, but now we’re going to tell you where!

Read on for a few quick wall-mounted flagpole ideas for your home.

First: Make Sure You Know the Local Laws

Before you start trying to figure out where to put wall-mounted flagpoles around your home, make sure you know all of the local laws regarding flag placement and display.

In most cases, standard residential flagpoles are not a problem as long as they’re not blocking anything important. If you’re not in a very dense area, you should be fine. That said, it never hurts to ask so you don’t have to waste time or money installing a flagpole that you’ll just have to take down later.

Check With Your Landlord or HOA If Applicable

Speaking of checking in before you start putting up flags, don’t forget to talk to your landlord or HOA beforehand (if applicable). 

If you’re in a rental, there may be rules either set by the landlord or the property management company about how you can decorate your home’s exterior. The best way to find out is to talk to your landlord or read over the fine print in your lease agreement.

As a homeowner, you’re far less likely to face any restrictions on installing wall mounted flagpoles on your homes exterior. However, if you live in a home owner associations community (HOA), it’s possible that enforceable restrictions exist. These restrictions typically revolve around the banning of “non traditional” flags.

Now, if your HOA is attempting to prohibit you from flying the good ole’ stars and stripes than its important to know that you are protected under United States federal law if you choose to keep it up. The “Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005” makes it illegal for your HOA to try and stop you from doing so.

Of course, to avoid any issues or possible fines, its best practice to ask your HOA permission before installing the wall-mounted flagpole.

So where should you consider putting up a wall-mounted flagpole? 

Place One In View of the Road by the Front Door

Putting a flag up right by your front door (but not blocking the door or any windows) is a great idea. It adds emphasis to your front entrance, and it’s front-and-center for anyone to see.

If you’re going to do this, and you’re flying an American flag, you have an extra consideration. The flag can go on either side of the door, but it should be the leftmost flag for someone viewing it from the road (or the front of your home).

If it’s the only flag, or if you’re not flying an American flag at all, this isn’t something you have to worry about! 

Put One Next to Your Garage Door

What if your front door isn’t facing the road? Or if it’s too far back and your flag won’t be able to sit in a good position? No problem.

If you have a garage door that faces the road, putting the flag next to it is another good option. Even if the wall surrounding the garage door is narrow, there should be sufficient room for a single wall-mounted flag. Just make sure it’s far enough away from the door that it doesn’t get caught in the door’s mechanisms or hit by any cars going through.

Put One In Your Backyard

There’s nothing wrong with putting a flag up in your backyard. A flag is a perfect addition to a patio sitting area as long as there’s room for it to hang without getting in the way of anything else. This is also a good idea if there are problems with people stealing flags or other home accessories in your area.

Add One to Your Accessory Dwelling Unit

Do you have another building on your property, like a shed or ADU? Why not put a wall-mounted flag there as well?

If there’s not enough space on your home for wall-mounted flagpoles, you can take advantage of the other walls on your property. This is a great way to “jazz up” an accessory dwelling unit!

Where Not to Put Wall-Mounted Flagpoles

So with all of this in mind, are there any places where you shouldn’t place a wall-mounted flagpole? Here are a few places you should avoid. 

In Front of Windows

When you hang your wall-mounted flag pole, make sure you take a look from inside before you fully commit to a location. You don’t want the flagpole to obscure the view from your windows.

Even if it’s not blocking the windows when the air is still, consider how it will look if there’s a breeze. 

Too Close to Trees or Tall Shrubs

Make sure that your wall-mounted flagpole isn’t too close to any shrubs or trees. You don’t want the tree or shrub to grow and block the flagpole or for the flag to get caught up in them. Trees and shrubs can cause damage to flags.

Too Close to Your Neighbors 

If you live in some form of attached housing (such as a townhouse or condo), make sure that your wall-mounted flagpole is only on your property and doesn’t go too close to your neighbor’s space.

It’s also helpful to ensure that the flag won’t cover any of your neighbor’s windows, even when it’s windy. 

Where Will You Hang Your Wall-Mounted Flagpoles? 

Hanging wall-mounted flagpoles are a great option for home owners looking for a more subtle way to showcase a flag. They also provide a great alternative for showcasing flags on a rental or temporary residence! Because of their versatility, there’s plenty of great places to install wall mounted flagpoles!

So, If you’re looking for high quality wall mounted flagpoles, Flagpole Farm has you covered! Our American made Titan Outrigger Kit’s are the best on the market due to their affordable price and high quality materials. Each kit is available in two colors (black/bronze or silver) and includes the following:

– 6′ long x 1.7″ diameter silver anodized aluminum pole
– Premium 3’x5′ nylon US flag with sewn stars
– 3″ gold ball topper

2x rotating swivel attachment rings for one flag
Painted 4″x4″ aluminum mounting plate, with bracket angled at 55 degrees.  Stainless steel attachment screws included

Along with the Titan Outrigger Kit, Flagpole Farm also offers an Aluminum Spinning Pole Set which includes a 6′ Spinning Pole (white), Adjustable Bracket (with screws), and 3’x5′ US Nylon Flag (embroidered).

If you’re ready to hang your new flag, check out our supply of wall-mounted flagpoles today!

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