The Best Telescoping Flagpole For Your Commercial Business

best telescoping flagpole

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In commercial settings, the best telescoping flagpole typically live’s in front of business complexes, corporate buildings, and schools. 

American businesses tend to enjoy putting a patriotic stamp on their building and make a good impression on visitors. Installing a telescoping flagpole lets your potential customers know you’re proud of your business and your country!

Here are a few reasons why your office building should have a telescoping flagpole and what benefits it can bring, as well as installation tips. Once you understand the “why,” you can find the best telescoping flagpole for you.

The Appearance of a Flagpole Sends a Positive Message

The best telescoping flagpole for your commercial business sends a message that everyone can see and understand. Putting up your local, state, or American flag shows strength, unity, and pride. It also fits with the beliefs and values of your business.

The American flag, or whatever flag you choose to use, can fly high and give potential customers a sense of trust as they walk into your building if it is waving high in the air. There’s something special about seeing the flag flying high.

A Telescoping Flagpole Can Help Your Customers Find Your Building

Beyond sending a positive, patriotic message, placing a tall flagpole outside your building can serve as a landmark to people trying to find their way to the building! Specifically when your American flag flies alongside a custom flag with your brand logo. 

A flagpole can also be used as a meeting place as well as a landmark for identifying the commercial building. Plus, the landmark will be seen by more than just the people looking for your building. It will be seen by potential customers as well.

With the Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kit, you can fly up to two flags on a 20-foot pole. This makes it easy to have a flag that flies at all times and another to switch out depending on your message.

The best telescoping flagpole is the one that provides you with flexibility.

Flagpole Materials Made to Last

At Flagpole Farm, our Titan telescoping flagpoles are made with anodized 6105-T5 aluminum tubes that don’t need to be maintained and are very strong. A patented system of interlocking sleeves makes it easy to extend and retract the pole and gives the joint a lot of stability.

Flags can fly freely around the pole thanks to swivel ring clips, which prevent them from being twisted or wrapped. If you reside in a windy area, this is crucial.The Titan telescopic flagpole can endure winds of up to 95 mph.

The Titan Kit is delivered pre-assembled and ready for extension. All you need is to dig the hole for installation.

Additionally, a lifetime limited warranty is included!

When it comes to your customers, you want to make a good first impression and putting up a flagpole outside your business will do just that. 

The above reasons show you why your office should have a flagpole, and it can add more value to your building than you think.

Are all Telescoping Flagpoles the Same?

It’s important to note that not all telescoping flagpoles should be considered equal. The best telescoping poles have features that make them stand out.

For example, the Titan Telescoping Kit from Flagpole Farm is exceptional due to its patented interlocking sleeves which make it the easiest to extend and retract. Furthermore, it’s one of very few telescoping poles made in America! 

In comparison to other telescoping poles available on the market, the Titan is capable of withstanding the harshest wind gusts. This is because the majority of telescoping poles are made of fiberglass. Although fiberglass is lightweight, the material tends to become less sturdy and durable over time compared to aluminum.

Overall, telescoping poles are a wonderful option, but the Titan is clearly head and shoulders above the competition in this particular subset of the flagpole market.

Installing Your Telescoping Flagpole

The best telescoping flagpole for your commercial building should come with all the parts as well as simple instructions.

With the Titan Telescoping Kit, the only additional items you’ll need for installation are pea gravel, concrete mix, and a shovel.

The Titan Telescoping Kit provides what’s referred to as a “ground sleeve.” Essentially, this sleeve is placed permanently in the ground with concrete. Ultimately, acting as a holding place for your telescoping flagpole. 

Although your ground sleeve can’t be removed once the concrete has dried around it, the actual pole can then be taken in and out at your convenience. This mobility feature is a great perk if you don’t know how long you will be in your current building. 

Having the option to take your flagpole with you should you ever move means you’ll only need to replace the ground sleeve. This option is far more simple and affordable than purchasing an entire new kit!

The telescoping flagpole’s mobility features also allows you to remove the flagpole in inclement weather if need be.

Even though the this telescoping flagpole can withstand winds up to 95 mph, there are other weather events where you will feel better knowing that you can remove your flagpole and keep it safe.

The instructions that come with your 20-foot flagpole will detail how deep and wide the hole for your ground sleeve should be. You might wonder why you need pea gravel. This addition will help with drainage and stability when installing your flagpole.

Titan Kit: The Best Telescoping Flagpole Out There 

There’s plenty to consider when looking for the best telescoping flagpole for your commercial building. Overall, it’s important to consider the quality, ease of installation, and features when choosing the right one for your needs.

At Flagpole Farm, we offer the highest quality telescoping kits on the market. The Titan Telescoping flagpole is perfect for any commercial or residential owner.  

In addition to the Titan Telescoping Flagpole, each kit includes a premium nylon US flag, hardware to fly 2 flags, 3″ gold ball topper, ground sleeve (ABS plastic), and easy to follow installation instructions!

Get the best telescoping flagpole on the market today! 


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