Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Right Home Flagpole

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Half of the people in America have a flag in their homes. Are you one of them, or do you want to be?  

Flying a flag at your home can be a great way to show who you are, and what’s important to you. And it doesn’t have to be the national flag.

Whatever flag you’re flying, you need to make sure that it can be seen, and that it’s safe and secure. It also needs to follow the rules set out in the U.S. Code. That’s why it’s important to choose the right flagpole.

There are plenty of options to choose from. We’ve put together this guide, to help you choose the best home flagpole for you. Keep reading to find out more.

Size or Height 

You might already have an idea of how high you want your flagpole to be. You don’t want it to be too large and overpower your home. But you don’t want it too small, otherwise, your flag won’t be seen.

So how do you choose your flagpole height? This will depend on where you want it to be located, and the size of the flag that you want to fly. Ideally, you want to make sure that your flag will be visible from all angles. Try to make sure that trees, shrubbery, or other things don’t get in the way.

Most residential flagpoles are between 15 to 20 feet high. But of course, that depends on what’s right for you and your home.

Flagpoles are usually available in 5-foot increments until they are 50 feet tall. After that, the height options increase by 10 feet at a time.

Style Options 

Did you know that flagpoles come in different styles? You have the opportunity to choose which you prefer to have at your home. 

A one-piece is a sleek and strong design. This may be the best choice if you live in an area with high wind speeds. 

You can also get a sectional flagpole. This means that it is constructed in sections. But, when put together, it looks seamless. 

Telescoping flagpoles are the best option. They are efficient and practical. With this design, the flagpole also has built-in sections. But these sections are held in place by an interlocking sleeve system. This holds the flagpole in place, but also allows you to extend and collapse as needed. 

Choose Your Material 

If you’re thinking of getting a flagpole, you need to decide what material you want it to be made from. Most residential flagpoles are usually made from fiberglass or aluminum.

Fiberglass flagpoles handle high wind speeds fairly well. However there is usually more possibility of a fiberglass flagpole cracking, getting scratches, and they usually aren’t as thick as some of the other options.

Aluminum flagpoles are quickly becoming the most popular type in both residential and commercial spots. It is strong, sturdy, and lightweight. It doesn’t need much maintenance and will continue looking new for a long time. Aluminum flagpoles tend to look more substantial than fiberglass. 

If you want to, you can get steel flagpoles. However, steel is often used for flagpoles that are over 80’ tall. That’s because they are very strong, very heavy, and require a lot of work to install.

Flagpole Finish 

Once you’ve chosen the material of your flagpole, you then get to decide on the finish. There are plenty of different options to choose from.

Fiberglass flagpoles are generally available in white. For an extra cost, they can sometimes be painted a specific color.

Aluminum naturally has a silver satin finish but it can be anodized with a protective coating that can be colored. It can also be painted in a range of colors.

You can also choose to customize your flagpole topper. This is the ornament that is at the top of your flagpole. Ball and eagle toppers are very popular choices. But there are plenty of options to choose from that best represent you and your taste.  

The Best Home Flagpole

Did you know there were so many things to consider when buying a home flagpole? Maybe some of them took you by surprise? 

If you want to add a flagpole to your home, it’s important to consider the size, style, material, finish, and rope. That way, you can be sure that you’ve chosen the right flagpole for you. 

Are you ready to choose your flagpole? Contact us now and we can help make it happen. 


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