Titan Telescoping Flagpole: Understanding Installation & More

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For many, a home isn’t complete unless there is an American flag waving out front. One of the best ways to display a flag is with a flagpole. However, many home and property owners hesitate to install a flagpole because they believe that the process of doing so is complicated or expensive.

Fortunately, installing a flagpole is easier than ever and you can have one set up on your property in almost no time at all. A 20′ flagpole is a popular size and there is a fantastic one made by Titan. Titan makes long-lasting, sturdy, attractive products that will last a lifetime and they are one of the most respected manufacturers in the business.

If you want to fly the stars and stripes on your property for all the world to see, you should consider a Titan telescoping flagpole. Read on to learn all about them and how to install and operate one of your very own.

Why Choose a 20′ Flagpole Kit from Titan

There are dozens of brands, hundreds of companies, and thousands of flags to choose from when it comes to choosing how to display your American pride on your property. However, the 20′ flagpole kit from Titan has everything you need and it will simplify the process immensely.

This kit is made in the USA and includes a pre-assembled 20′, telescoping flagpole, a premium nylon United States flag with the stars sewn on, hardware for two flags, a ground sleeve, and a gold ball topper for the peak.

The kit is available in several different heights, but 20′ is perfect for most homes and small business situations. The included pole comes in three color options: silver, bronze, and black/bronze. Which you choose is a matter of personal taste.

Most of all though, the best reason to choose the 20′ flagpole kit from Titan is that it is strong and functional and it is easy to use and install.

How to Install Titan’s Telescoping Flagpole

The installation of the flagpole is simple. Most people will be able to complete the process in just a few hours, not including the drying time for the concerette.

Choosing a Location

Once you have received your flagpole and you are ready to install it, the first step is determining where to put it. You’ll want to integrate it into your overall landscape plan by putting it somewhere it can be seen but where it doesn’t distract completely from your home and surroundings. Off to one side of the front door is usually a good look, unless you have a circular driveway, in which case you will want to put it in the middle of that circle.

When it comes to a business, on the other hand, you will likely want to install your flagpole front and center so it can be seen by all who drive by and everyone who arrives. If you have multiple entrances, you should put it by the door that your customers and visitors enter most frequently.

No matter where you decide to put it, make sure that it won’t interfere with above or below ground utility lines, trees, or other obstacles. Although the Titan 20′ telescoping flagpole is made out of highly durable aluminum, it can be damaged by these things under certain circumstances.  

Installing the Pole

The hardest work you will do when it comes to installing this flagpole is digging the hole. Fortunately, the hole is small and you should be able to dig it in little time with a good shovel. The hole should be 14-15″ in diameter and about 28″ deep. If your soil is soft, you may want to dig a little wider.

Next, pour four inches of crushed rock or pea gravel into the hole. This aids in both support and in water drainage. It also helps prevent the concrete from seeping into the ground sleeve from the bottom.  It’s tempting to skip this step, but if you do, your flagpole may be susceptible to water or ice damage, or it could get stuck in the ground sleeve due to concrete seepage. The rock adds drainage for the ground sleeve and flagpole, and a barrier from the concrete.

Your ground sleeve will include a stop bolt for your flagpole to set on inside the ground sleeve, providing additional room for water drainage out the bottom of the flagpole. Install the bolt through the pre-drilled hole and secure it tightly with the nut provided.

Your next step is to put the ground sleeve into the hole that you dug. Make sure the bottom of the ground sleeve is nestled into the rock or pea gravel in the hole, and that you have about an inch of the ground sleeve visible above ground level.

Mix your concrete and pour it into the hole around the sleeve. Although this can be performed by one person, you may want a helper to hold the sleeve steady while you pour; make sure it is straight or you will have a flagpole that leans. Mark the area so it isn’t disturbed and wait twenty-four to forty-eight hours for the concrete to dry.

Once the concrete is dry, you can insert the telescoping pole in the ground sleeve, and your installation is complete. You are ready to fly your flag!

How to Operate Titan’s 20′ Telescoping Flagpole

What’s great about a telescoping flagpole is that you don’t have to worry about using a halyard. Halyards get tangled and wear down over time and this can be a real pain. The operation of a telescoping flagpole is much easier.

When your telescoping pole is at its least extended setting, you should be able to reach the hardware to attach your flag. There is space on these poles for two flags, but of course you know that the American flag should always be flown in the highest position.

Once your flag is attached, start at the top section of the pole and extend it until you feel it stop. Rotate it until you feel it lock, and then continue with the next section. Keep going until you have the pole extended all the way.

To lower the flag, continue the above steps in reverse. Be gentle when taking the flag down; this is respectful and it will also help your flagpole to work well for years to come.

Wave That Flag

Now that you know how to install and use Titan’s 20′ flagpole kit what are you waiting for? Buy one today. These kits are affordable and as you can see, they are easy to use. A telescoping flagpole from Titan is exactly what you need to show your love for our country and its flag.

If you have any questions about these flagpoles or any other products or flags that we offer, please contact us today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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