The Top 3 Most Meaningful Ways to Show American Pride

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A recent survey shows that only 42% of Americans are proud to be American. Our entire world has been through a difficult year. However, that doesn’t mean we should lose all hope in this great nation. After all, it has been one of the leaders for a long time and for many reasons.

Read on to find out why you should be proud to be an American and a meaningful way to show American pride.

Why Should We Be Proud?

There is an endless number of reasons as to why the United States is something to be proud of. For starters, there is no other country in the world that has our cultural and racial diversity. We have been dubbed the “melting pot” of the world.

Another wonderful reason to be proud of our nation is it’s the land of the free. No one is to be persecuted because of their religious or non-religious beliefs. We also have the luxury of free speech.

The United States operates under a free market system. This allows any individual to start and run their own business. It has led us to have the highest per-capita income and standard of living.

Our citizens have access to help when they need it such as medical care, financial support, tax credits, job training, college aid, and more. America invests more in its educational resources too, giving us access to the best.

The US’s free democratic system of government allows its citizens to make decisions about how and who runs the country. There are several checks and balances in place to protect this system.

These are just a few reasons that America has proven to be the greatest.

1. Display the American Flag

An easy way to show your American pride every single day is by sporting the United States flag. When we fly the flag, we show our support and respect for all that it stands for.

Symbolism Behind the American Flag

The flag is a symbol of liberty and freedom. It represents our nation, what veterans have given their all for, and what we pledge our allegiance to.

The thirteen stripes of red and white stand for the thirteen original colonies. The 50 stars at the top left represent the 50 states. Red signifies bravery and valor. Blue stands for vigilance, justice, and perseverance. White represents purity and innocence.

How to Care for the Flag

There is an etiquette when it comes to the American flag. When you first get one, you should take the time to learn about the standard procedures.

Flags should not be flown in inclement weather. If you have an all-weather flag, there is an exception. Displaying a flag at night requires proper lighting. Also, you should take note of national times of mourning. During these times, your flag should be flown at half-mast.

Ways to Sport the Flag

You have likely seen the flag flown in almost every possible situation. The most common way you’ll see the flag is by flying one at your home. You may choose to fly the flag outside on a flagpole for the most proper looking display. You might also fly it on the side of your home or inside.

There is also lots of merchandise you can wear to show your support of the flag such as American pride shirts. Hats, jewelry, koozies, stickers, socks, and other products are all possible ways to sport the flag.

For those who want to make it permanent, you can incorporate it into an American pride tattoo. Simple additions can make it very meaningful.

2. Exercise Your Right to Vote

Voter turnout in recent years has been incredibly low. Voting is an important part of being an American citizen. This might be one of the most meaningful ways that you can show your American pride.

It’s Your Right

This falls into why the United States is something to be proud of. We all have the right to vote and people have died defending this right. It is your civic duty to go out and help make these important decisions.

Elections Affect You

Elections have consequences and you can make a difference in the outcome. These people will make decisions that directly affect you and your loved ones now and in the future.

Money, education, world politics, taxes, community, social issues, economy, and so many other things are in the hands of those that we elect. This is your chance to use your voice.

3. Support Veterans and Active-Duty Military

The United States has the strongest military in the world and we use it for peace and to help others. Our veterans and active-duty military members are the amazing people who chose to serve our country. Showing them support, appreciation, and gratitude by flying the flag is a meaningful way to show American pride.

Volunteer or Donate

There are many programs throughout the country that serve different causes regarding veterans and military personnel. Many of them deal with helping these wonderful people with mental illnesses, resources, jobs, medical care, and more. You have the opportunity to make a difference by volunteering your time or donating to a cause.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is an excellent resource for information about these opportunities.

Say Thank You

A simple thank you can show American pride. Veterans and service members enjoy the connection and you will too. When you see them out, verbally thank them. There are a variety of programs that allow you to write personal letters or send care packages.

Show Your American Pride

America is the land of opportunity, the land of the free, and we should all show our American pride. With these meaningful ways to show it, you are one step closer to honoring this great nation.

We know the importance of American pride. Check out our products and how they can help you show it!

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