What Are the Different Types of Stand Flag Poles?

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Owning the right stand flag poles allows you to proudly display the American flag the proper way. Here’s a simple breakdown of the different types of flag poles so you can purchase the perfect one to fit your needs.

When Would I Need a Stand Flagpole?

Before you can choose which of all the stand flagpoles is right for you, it helps to know what you’re using it for. The most common times an indoor flagpole and stand are used include:

  • Religious ceremonies
  • Boy scouting events
  • Commencements
  • Graduations
  • Awards ceremonies
  • Sporting events
  • Classrooms
  • Government facilities
  • Inside businesses
  • As patriotic home decor

Basic standing flag poles are appropriate for most of these events and locations. 

However, size, ornaments, and bases for standing flag poles do vary. These different parts of a standing flagpole can greatly alter the image and message your standing flagpole gives.

Indoor Stand Flag Poles

If you’re planning to display a flag inside, you might consider opting for a sectional pole. These are a great choice if you need to move your flag’s location often. 

Sectional flagpoles break apart into anywhere from two to four pieces so you can take them apart or set them up when needed. This makes them easier to store than other standing flag poles that can be upwards of four feet high.

Another perk of the sectional standing flagpole is that you can choose the proper ornaments for whatever occasion you need. This makes them diverse in their uses.

For example, if you’re adorning your flagpole with a religious flag or for a religious ceremony, you can select a religious topper/ornament. Everything from a Christian cross to the Star of David can be found to top a sectional flagpole.

You can also choose ornaments that are more typically patriotic such as the Bald Eagle, spear, or gold tassels. 

Sectional flag poles are also useful for commercial purposes. Say you want to display a flag with your business logo, then a sectional flagpole is a perfect fit for indoor displays like these.

Indoor stand flag poles are also a great solution if you live in an area that doesn’t allow aluminum or telescoping flagpoles in the front yard. Stand flag poles can be used instead to fly your flag on your porch, or inside.

No need to be deterred from displaying your true colors (literally) just because of HOA or city rules. 

Table-Top Flag Poles

Another type of indoor flagpole stand you may consider is the table-top pole. This pole is shorter and comes with a table base so your flag can sit securely atop your desk, counter, or table.

Most table-top flagpole bases are made of plastic. 

Table-top stands are great for displaying in a classroom, business office, or any other small space. Table-top flag poles are easier to relocate as well and don’t require installation like many outdoor flag poles.

Many homeowners will purchase multiple table-top flag poles to display a variety of flags together. 

They are great for parties, decorations, or even centerpieces. Just make sure to follow the right flag display protocols if you plan to use them for the American flag.

Outdoor Stand Flag Poles

On occasion, you may need to use a stand flagpole outdoors. When doing so, several factors need to be considered.

The first is wind. If you’re planning an event or want to display your flag on a standing pole outside and there is any chance of even light wind, you need a sturdy base.

Most standing flagpole kits include a typical, heavy gold base.

These heavy metal bases hold up well indoors and out. But if winds become strong enough, you may consider weighing your flagpole down with some extra weight.

Sandbags can sometimes be used to secure a standard pole base so you don’t run the risk of losing your flag or impaling a guest.

An outdoor stand display is useful if you’re hosting an event like an outdoor award ceremony or party. An outdoor flagpole stand is easier to relocate or remove entirely than a permanent pole.

If you’re planning to display a flag outdoors for an extended period of time, then a standing flagpole with a base is not your best option. Consider a more sturdy and permanent flag display like the Titan Flagpole Kit.

Titan poles are best for large flag displays in a yard or in front of a business building.

Mounted flag poles also work well as more permanent displays. These types of flag poles are often seen outside a front door or on the pillar or porch of residential buildings. 

Mounted flag poles give you the benefit of easy removal, similar to a standing flagpole. If you’re not certain how to properly hang a flag, it never hurts to brush up on proper flag display etiquette.

The Right Flagpole For You

Stand flag poles are ideal for almost any indoor display. Not only are they perfect for displaying your patriotism by flying the American flag, but you can also fly any kind of flag you choose with a standing pole.

For help choosing the right indoor flagpole parts for your display, browse our list of indoor flagpoles and accessories today.

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