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The American flag alone is a sight for sore eyes, regardless of how it’s being flown. But when you equip it with American made flag accessories, it’s taken to an entirely new level. 

Interested in adorning your flag with American made products? Wondering where you can find them? Look no further than our website, Flagpole Farm. 

We offer all types of accessories — many of which we’ll review below. 

Top-Notch Durability and Construction Quality

Our flag accessories are manufactured to meet the upper echelons of durability and construction quality. Designed to withstand all types of conditions, they’ll thrive through rain, snow, sunlight, and otherwise. 

Located in Meridian, Idaho, we’re a 100% American business. Our products are manufactured in America, and our suppliers are situated right here in the USA. When it comes time to enhance the look of your flags, we’ll have your back, providing you with the best flag accessories the United States has to offer. 

Many Accessories to Choose From

We offer no shortage of flag accessories. Regardless of the look that you’re going for, we can help you achieve it. Below, you’ll find some of the most popular flag accessories we offer.

Solar Lights

Want to keep your flag lit up at night? If so, you should consider purchasing one of our Titan solar lights. These lights connect directly to the tops of flagpoles and are charged by the sun.

Equipped with a solar panel and consisting of a series of LED lights, they offer ample illumination whenever needed. Read more about our solar lights by clicking this link

Telescope Flagpoles

You never know how low or high you’re going to have to fly your flag. Make changes easily with the help of our Titan Telescopic Flagpoles. These poles allow you to expand and contract them with a push or pull of your hand. 

Available in silver, light bronze, and black, these poles look great in yards of all kinds. Whether you have a 3 x 5 flag, a 4 x 6 flag, or a 5 x 8 flag, we have a pole that can accommodate you. 

Outrigger Kits

Maybe you don’t have room for a conventional flagpole. Perhaps you’d rather fly your flag from the side of your building. If so, our outrigger kits will serve you well. 

These kits consist of mounting plates, screws, a gold ball topper, a 6-foot pole, and a 3 feet x 5 feet American flag. They enable you to mount your flag on your home or business at a 55-degree angle, providing style and dimension to your property. 

Side Mounts

Looking to mount your flag on a vertical surface, like the back of a trailer or the side of a boat? If so, our side mounts will accommodate you. With the help of screws, these can be seamlessly attached to vertical surfaces of all kinds. 

They’re designed to hold 3-inch diameter flagpoles and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. 

Top Mounts

Have a horizontal surface upon which you’re hoping to mount a flag? If so, our top mounts will assist you. These can help you mount flags on everything from patios to decks and the like. 

Like our side mounts, these are designed to withstand any and all weather conditions. Made to work with screws, they’re quick and easy to set up. 

Indoor Flag Stands

You don’t always have to fly your flags outdoors. You can fly your flags indoors as well — especially with the help of our top-notch indoor flag stands. 

Our indoor flag stands are available in gold and silver and are designed to hold flagpoles of 1 1/4 inches in diameter. Not only are they highly functional, but they look great as well. 

Indoor Flagpoles

We also offer indoor flagpoles. These are made out of finished oak and are plated with gold. They’re sure to bring an air of class and luxury to your home or business. 

Eagle Ornaments

Looking to adorn your flagpole with a little more patriotic spirit? Why not install one of our eagle ornaments?

We offer both gold and natural eagle ornaments. Regardless of the type you choose, it will mount directly to the top of your flagpole. 

Made out of aluminum, these ornaments can withstand all types of wear and tear — from rain and sunlight exposure to physical trauma and more. Measuring in at 12 inches, they can be easily seen from ground level. 

Geometric Ornaments

Not only do we offer eagle ornaments, but we have geometric ornaments as well. These ornaments run the gamut from cones and rounded spears to concave spears and more. Give us a call to discuss your options. 

Flash Collars

If you want your flagpole to look as nice as possible, you have to install a flash collar. This goes at the base of your flagpole and covers the hole into which the pole is inserted. It pulls the flagpole together.

We manufacture flash collars in four different colors: black, white, light bronze, and silver. Whether your flagpole is 2.5 or 3 inches in diameter, we can accommodate you. 

Flag Bags

Need a protective bag in which to transport your flags? If so, you should consider purchasing one of our flag bags. Made out of vinyl, these bags will protect your flags from water damage, staining, rips, and tears. 

Our bags are designed to hold flags up to 9.5 feet x 5 feet. 

Buy American Made Flag Accessories from Flagpole Farm Today

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely because you’re looking for American made flag accessories. If so, look no further. We here at Flagpole Farm have you covered. 

We offer all types of accessories from lights and poles to spring clips and more. Check out our selection of accessories now!

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