Why a Porch Flag Pole Is the Best Choice for Your Home

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There’s no better way to showcase your pride in your country, military, or service affiliations than erecting the American flag in your front yard. In fact, just over half of Americans have a flag at home for just this reason. But what if you have a small yard, lots of trees, or HOA restrictions keeping you from putting up a pole?

Attaching a porch flag pole to your home is the answer!

These cleverly-designed poles feature a durable, lightweight construction with sturdy mounting brackets and swivel rings to avoid tangles. (And, if you purchase a Flagpole Farm product, proudly made in the USA!)

But there are tons of other benefits, too. Read on to learn why installing a wall-mounted flagpole is the right choice for many homeowners.

They’re Durable

Good quality wall-mounted flagpoles (also called porch flagpoles) are made of materials designed to last. This could include plastic like PVC, metals like stainless steel or aluminum, or fiberglass.

Arguably the best of these materials for porch flagpoles is aluminum. It’s durable enough to withstand adverse weather, like strong winds and hail, isn’t affected by deep freezes, and is lightweight, so it won’t pull at your siding or need heavy-duty fixtures.

Of course, even flagpoles manufactured in the USA can suffer from manufacturing defects

When your flagpole arrives at home, or when looking at flagpoles at the store, check every aspect of the pole for warping, scratches, or cracks. These errors can compromise the strength of the bar and shorten its lifespan. If you spot defects, put that particular product back on the shelf or return it for a refund or replacement.

Reputable flagpole suppliers will have a warranty on their premium products, so look for that before choosing a company to buy from.

They Look Great!

Arguably one of the best reasons to choose a mounted flag pole for your home is simply that they’re aesthetically pleasing.

Have you ever seen a town hall adorned with wall-mounted flags and thought, “That looks terrible!” Of course, not.

In fact, quite the opposite: it’s the epitome of American patriotism. Channel that energy and add one (or more) porch flagpoles to your home.

These flagpoles are made from durable materials and, as such, can support large flags—and, if you choose, even other accessories (more on that later).

Imagine looking at those flags lining your house’s facade as you drive into your garage every day. Impress guests with American pride as they pull up to your home for your annual backyard cookout.

They’re Simple and Quick to Install

DIYers rejoice! A wall-mounted flagpole couldn’t be easier to install.

That is so long as you buy a flagpole kit, not just the pole itself. A flagpole kit has everything you need to install your new exterior accessory, from the aluminum pole and gold ball topper to the attachment rings and mounting plate. Even the flag itself is included!

All you need are a few simple tools—like an electric drill and a carpenter’s pencil—that you probably already have in your workshop or tool shed.

The typical installation process looks like this:

  1. Choose a location
  2. Pencil in the bracket holes
  3. Drill in the bracket
  4. Insert the pole and test the strength
  5. Attach the topper and swivel rings
  6. Mount the flag

The bracket can be installed into brick, concrete, or wood, but make sure the area you choose is sturdy.

Plus, because they’re so easy to install, they’re also easy to take down if necessary. You can remove them when you go on a long vacation to deter theft or if there’s a big storm coming and you want to protect the pole from damage.

Affordability !

Hanging a flag is one thing, but if you really want a stately home, you need to add two or more flags to your facade. Unlike their in-ground counterparts, porch flagpoles are affordable enough to buy multiple without breaking the bank.

For example, a Flagpole Farm flagpole by itself runs around $55, and flagpole kits start at $199.

This means you can display more than one American flag or a variety of flags, including military, historical, religious, sports, or political flags. It’s a great way to showcase the causes you support to your visitors and community.

You Have Lots of Options—From Basic to Complicated

Flagpoles don’t have to be fancy. After all, the focus should be on the flag itself, right?

However, choosing higher-quality finishes and products makes sense if you want to showcase your pride for whatever causes or institutions you support. And it’s not just a matter of aesthetics. Choosing things like sturdier braces or a telescopic pole can give you a more practical and durable flagpole.

If you have the budget, why not up the class?

You can accessorize your flagpole, too. While a basic kit typically comes with a round or ball topper, don’t let that limit your creativity. There is a range of accessories you can choose from, from colored flagpoles to elaborate golden American eagle toppers. You can even add solar lights to highlight your flags at night.

Add a Porch Flag Pole to Your Facade Today

A porch flag pole is the perfect solution for anyone looking to add a spot of patriotism to their home but can’t install a standing flagpole. These poles and pole kits are durable, easy to install and remove, affordable, and can be accessorized in any way you see fit.

Install multiple to give your home the stately appearance it deserves.

Flagpole Farm has been manufacturing proudly American-made flagpoles and flagpole accessories since 2017. Check out our handy, all-American Outrigger Kit, and you’ll be flying that flag proudly in no time! We can ship anywhere in the USA.


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