Why You Should Illuminate Your Flag With A Solar Flagpole Light

solar flagpole light

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Adding a solar flagpole light to your residential or commercial pole has various benefits. Although keeping your American flags illuminated during darker hours isn’t necessarily required by law, U.S. flag code recommends doing so. Some flagpole owners may prefer to take flags down at night. However, using a lighting systems tend to be a more popular option.

This allows you to display your patriotism 24 hours a day, every day of the week, so you need a way to light it up when the sun goes down. While this is a good enough reason to buy a solar flagpole light on its own, are there any other benefits on top of this?

Below you can read several reasons why a solar flagpole light might improve your yard by allowing you to display your status at all times. By the end, you might even have an interest in picking one up for yourself today.

You Can Keep to Flag Code

The flag code is a set of very useful guidelines detailing how to display the flag of the United States. It ensures people treat the flag with the utmost respect and prevents accidental metaphorical or literal soiling of the flag.

The flag code makes it clear the flag should only be displayed between the hours of sunrise and sunset. This means you need to take action outside these hours to ensure it will not fly during the dark. 

With a solar flagpole light, you can instead make sure the flag is instead visible at all hours, honoring it as it deserves.

No Need for Complicated Floor Spotlights

Another option for lighting your flag would be to install spotlights on the floor. The trouble here, though, is the fact light dissipates as it travels further from the source. The longer and thus more patriotic the flagpole, the less light would reach it from the floor.

As a solar flag light would shine from the top, you do not have that problem. The flag would have illumination no matter how long the flagpole is.

No Wires Going Through the Garden

If you use spotlights or other methods of lighting your flag, you will need to power said lights. This can cause issues as you will then need to run wires through your garden to provide electricity. This can either be an eyesore if they are on display or a hassle if you want to hide them.

If you are unlucky enough, you might even cut any wires running across your grass when you mow the lawn.

A solar-powered device will not need any wires. Its enclosed source of power and lighting rig are both self-contained.

No Need to Always Change a Battery

The solar lighting rig will always build up power in an onboard battery over the course of the day. The device then uses this battery to provide power to the lights at night, forgoing the use of replaceable batteries. 

Once you install the device, you never need to bring it back down to take the batteries out and put new ones in. Not only is this easier for you over the years, but in the long run, it is much cheaper than needing to buy or charge new batteries all the time.

Better for the Environment

In the modern day, there are many concerns about the number of batteries we throw away, as well as the pull on the power grid. How much you worry depends on your mindset.

If you are an environmentally minded person, you can have the assurance your solar-powered light will not lead to extra trash. You are also using the sun’s own rays instead of mains electricity, lowering your impact on the environment.

If you do not care about the environment, this is still a boon. if you need to keep throwing out batteries, that can start to be a bit of a hassle. Also, by using the sun’s power you do not need to worry about extra electrical costs from lighting your flag.

It’s a win either way.

Solar Flagpole Lights Turn On Automatically

Solar lights activate on their own as soon as it becomes dark. You do not need to use a manual switch. This can have many benefits.

First, you do not need to remember to go out every day, so you do not need to change your habits as they already exist. You can go about your business as usual without change.

You will also not fall behind in adhering to the flag code if you pick up one of these devices. The automatic illumination they provide triggers as soon as the light gets too dark to provide visibility of the flag. Thus, you can have the assurance people will always be able to see your flag, no matter whether you remember to take action or not.

Almost Invisible During the Day

Spotlights and other forms of lighting can start to look too artificial in a garden. They might take away from the aesthetic, especially when lit up in the dead of night.

A solar flagpole light looks the same as any other topper. It does not stand out or appear like it should not be there. You can even add more decoration on top of the light to give it a more fitting look.

Easy to Install

A solar flagpole light does not need complex rigging to install on top of the flagpole. All you need do is turn it on, lower the pole, and place it on top.

This simple installation has it up in minutes, letting you move forward with the rest of the day safe in the knowledge your work is done.

Where to Find The Best Solar Flagpole Light

With the above, you can see why a solar flagpole light might be one of the most useful items you need to buy. Still, they do not come as standard in many flagpole kits. So, if you need to pick one up to add to your flagpole, you only need to get in contact with us.We provide solar lights, as well as whole lighting system kits to help you put together the perfect flagpoles. All you need to do is check out our shop and find the thing you need.

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