Your Guide to the Best 25 Foot Flag Pole

25 foot flag pole

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Over half of all Americans show their patriotic pride with an American flag at home.

A flagpole in your yard signifies your national pride and lets you show off your true colors for everyone to see. They play a big role in uniting us all and can actually add value to your home.

So why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of having your own flagpole? Before you jump in, you should be sure that you’re getting the best 25-foot flag pole possible to give your flag the display it deserves.

Check our guide on the different types of flagpoles, so you get the best one for you.

Why You Need The Titan Telescoping 25-Foot Flag Pole

Every patriotic person wants to show their flag off at the top of a stunning flagpole. But flagpoles should look good and be practical and functional for your needs.

The Titan Telescoping Flag Pole Kit is an excellent all-around option for anyone looking for a residential 25-foot flag pole. Here’s what you need to know.


One of the primary considerations is how tall you want your flagpole to be. The most common sizes are 20-foot and 25-foot flag poles. You can get 15-foot flag poles if you choose.

Taller flagpoles include 30, 40, and 45, up to over 90 feet tall. However, this size flagpole is usually found in commercial spaces.

Arguably, the optimal size for a residential flag pole is around 25 feet. This shows your pride and makes a statement but won’t overpower your home.

If you’re unsure how a 25-foot flagpole will look in your yard, you can measure a nearby tree or the height of your house for comparison. This allows you to judge how good a 25-foot flag pole will look.


25-foot flag poles come in many different materials. Depending on your local weather and the surrounding environment, you should choose a material that complements your home.

The 25-foot Titan Telescoping Flag Pole is made of high-strength 6105-T5 anodized aluminum tubes. It’s also available in three different finishes, so you can choose which colors best suit your home and yard.

Choose between classic silver, light bronze, or a dark bronze-black option.

Wind Rating

Unlike flimsier flag poles, the Titan Telescoping 25-foot flag pole has an exceptional wind rating.

Thanks to the high-strength aluminum tubes, the Titan Telescoping flagpole offers protection against winds of up to 95 mph. The 3.0″ base and 12-gauge wall thickness mean you don’t have to worry about damage to your flag pole.

When choosing your 25-foot flag pole, make sure the materials can support storms and bad weather in your local area. At this height, tall flagpoles can bend and snap in the wind if they aren’t made of good-quality materials.


For many people, the reason the Titan Telescopic flag pole is such a good option is the folding mechanism. The 25-foot flag pole has three joints folding into four sections. This means it can extend and retract quickly. There is no need for maintenance, and the patented interlocking sleeves mean the pole’s stability isn’t compromised when retracted.

Telescopic flagpoles are more practical for anyone who needs to move their flagpole during yard maintenance. The Titan Telescopic flag pole is more useful for moving, cleaning, and relocating than a traditional 25-foot flag pole.

Furthermore, the Titan Telescopic uses swivel ring clips to minimize flag wrapping and tangling. The clips rotate 360 degrees, so the flag flies properly no matter which direction the wind blows.

Flag Pole Topper

The Titan Telescoping flag pole comes with a standard flag topper included. The gold ball adds the perfect finishing touch to your flag pole. However, if you want to personalize your flag pole, the Titan Telescoping mechanism makes it easy to lower the flag pole and attach another flag pole topper design.

From a golden eagle to a solar-powered light with a gold ball accessory, changing the pole topper doesn’t have to be a fuss.

American Made

For the true patriot, there’s nothing like flying the American flag on a flag pole made in the USA. The Titan Telescoping 25-foot flag pole is made and shipped from the US.

You can enjoy your new flag pole knowing that you’re supporting the economy. The same-day shipping means you’ll get it much faster than imports.


If your pride has no limit, then neither should your flag pole. When buying a flag pole, check how long the warranty is. Some companies only offer a short warranty, meaning any later damage could result in a costly replacement.

At The Flagpole Farm, we offer a lifetime warranty for our 25-foot Titan Telescoping flag pole kit. You can remain confident that your pole will be standing proud year after year.

Multiple Flags

Show your support for your local school, sports team, or community by adding a second flag to your flag pole. The Titan telescopic 25-foot flag pole has enough space for two flags of the standard 4×6 size.

It’s easy to place one flag underneath the American flag to show how much you care. Unlike other flag poles, which only have space for one flag at a time, you won’t have to choose which flag to fly.

Start Showing Your Pride With A Residential Flag Pole

A 25-foot flag pole in your yard is the ideal way to show your support for important causes and let the world see what you care about. Proud and elegant, 25-foot flag poles stand tall and give your yard and home an extra touch of personality.

The Titan Telescopic flag pole is highly-durable, and the swivel clips let your flags fly in every direction. Easily retractable, it’s the perfect flag pole combing style with convenience.

To personalize your flagpole, check out our range of flag pole accessories and take your patriotism to the next level.


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