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To add an upcoming show to the calendar, please submit the form below and we will follow up shortly:

    Exclusive Territories for Show Dealers – Show Dealers will be granted exclusivity within a territory only if they meet the minimum flagpole quota for the defined territory over a one year period.  Initially, each state will be a territory.  The quota for each state is shown on the attached Exhibit 1.  Show Dealers may be granted exclusivity in multiple territories.  In the event Flagpole Farm chooses to break a state into multiple territories, Flagpole Farm will determine the required quota for the partial state territory.  Exclusivity will be granted on a calendar year basis, based on Show Dealer’s flagpole volume in the preceding year.  In an effort to support the Show Dealer’s efforts to establish their quota levels, Flagpole Farm will take reasonable measures to avoid allowing other Show Dealers to operate within the territory.

    Show Scheduling – Shows may be scheduled throughout the US & Canada in accordance with the following priority:

    1. Flagpole Farm – Flagpole Farm has the first right to book a trade show anywhere throughout the US & Canada.  This right shall expire 5 months prior to the scheduled start of the trade show.
    2. Dealers with Exclusive Territory Privileges – Dealers shall have the 2nd right to book a trade show within their Exclusive Territory.  This right shall expire 4 months prior to the scheduled start of the trade show.
    3. Incumbent Show Dealer – Dealers who worked the particular trade show the previous year shall have the 3rd right to book a trade show in any territory.  This right shall expire 3 months prior to the scheduled start of the trade show.  (Thus, if Flagpole Farm or a Dealer with exclusivity was also the incumbent, they have until 3 months prior to the show to claim the trade show.)
    4. Any Other Dealer – In the event a trade show has not been scheduled by Flagpole Farm or any other dealer 3 months prior to the scheduled start of the trade show, the trade show is available for any Show Dealer to book on a first come, first served basis.

    If a Dealer wishes to book a trade show at a point in time that is earlier than their allotted window of time (as defined above), the Dealer must receive permission to do so by the Dealer(s) who have priority above them.  Flagpole Farm will maintain a comprehensive trade show schedule that will be available to all dealers through it’s Dealer Portal on the website.  Dealers will be required to maintain their trade show schedule on this calendar, as this will serve as the “official” trade show schedule.  A Dealer’s failure to maintain the trade show schedule on the calendar may result in the loss of the trade show to another Dealer.

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