Interlocking Sleeve Replacement Instructions | 2022


To replace the interlocking sleeve, completely lower flagpole all the way down, and pull out of
the ground sleeve. Remove the flag from swivel ring, and carefully set aside. Lay the flagpole
down onto a surface that will not scratch the pole.

From the bottom of flagpole…

Remove screws, then pull off black bottom cover and bottom cushion.

Remove all swivel rings from pole. (Be careful to not pinch fingers). 

Slide all sections of flagpole through the bottom of flagpole
(Use table or protected ground).

Depress both tabs with tools which will allow removal of the insert. (Have
someone help you) then replace if damaged. Re-assemble flagpole.

Completely inspect the opposite insert, replace if needed. (Use tools shown)
Re-assemble flagpole.

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