Titan Flagpole Installation and Operation Instructions | 2022

How to Install Your Titan Telescoping Flagpole

Tools You Will Need: Shovel, Spade or Post Hole Digger, Tape
measure, Level, Container to mix concrete.
Materials You Will Need: 240lbs of pre-mix concrete, water and 15-
20lbs of Pea Gravel or Crushed Rock


Read instructions completely. Select the location for your flagpole and be sure that there are no obstructions; utilities or power lines beneath the surface or overhead.

Dig a round Fence Post Size hole, 14” in diameter and 28” deep. A larger hole may be required for soft or sandy soil.

Be sure that your hole is at least the size stated in the previous step. Now shovel in 4-6” of gravel into the bottom of the hole. This will provide water drainage.

Install the stop bolt completely through the pre-drilled hole in the ground sleeve. Hand tighten only. Mix the concrete according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Push the sleeve into the gravel while making sure that the ground sleeve is at least 1” above ground level.

If you fail to push the sleeve into the gravel, it will allow the concrete to seal the hole and prevent water drainage.

Use your “red cap” to cover the ground sleeve. Begin to shovel the concrete into the hole around the ground sleeve being careful not to disturb the sleeve position.

Remove the red cap to check the sleeve for plumb with a level in several locations. Install the red cap into the sleeve to prevent foreign objects from entering sleeve.

After a minimum of 24 hours of drying time, take off the red cap, place your flagpole into the hole.

How to Operate Your Titan Telescoping Flagpole

For 25’ poles, remove the double harness from the top harness. Remove the spring clips. Open the double harness and attach to the top section underneath the retainer ring. This will require some force, but will not damage the double harness. Attach spring clips to double harness.

Next attach your flag to the stainless steel “spring loaded” flag snaps. Continue by raising the top section first.

Extend it up until it stops. Lift the section while you rotate it to the right and then down. You should feel it engage itself into the interlocking sleeve. If you fail to fully engage the interlocking sleeves, it may cause damage to the sleeves or may cause the flag-pole to collapse.

Repeat with remaining sections of your flagpole. Reverse this process to lower each section. Always lower each section slowly hand over hand to prevent “free-fall” of the flagpole sections.

How to Maintain Your Titan Telescoping Flagpole

Your Titan Telescoping Flagpole is virtually maintenance free! There are no lubricants needed at any
time during the life of the flagpole. You can easily clean the exterior of your flagpole with liquid soap
and water by using a car wash mitt, or sponge. Rinse well, and wipe dry.
Warning for Snow and Icy Weather Conditions: Do not keep your flagpole in the lowered position,
water may enter flagpole causing it to freeze up and damage the flagpole. Either leave the flagpole
extended up or lower and take out of the ground completely.

3 Different Ways to Use Your Flag(s)

Flying one flag, two flags, and flying one flag at half-staff is simple.

Attach your flag to the top set of stainless steel clips.

Attach your second flag to the second set of clips.

Fly your flag at half-staff by removing the second flag, and attaching the flag to the second set of clips.

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