Stop Ring Installation Instructions | 2022


To install your flag stop ring above your double flag pole swivel ring, completely lower flagpole
all the way down, and pull out of the ground sleeve. Remove the flag from swivel ring, and
carefully set aside. Lay the flagpole down onto a surface that will not scratch the pole.

Remove flag spring clip and carefully spread apart the top swivel ring with both hands and remove from flagpole. 

Remove 2 screws and completely remove old style top cap.

After removing the top cap and the top swivel ring, Slide on the new
stop ring. Position it above the double flag ring. Re-attach all parts to
original positions.

After attaching your flag, the stop ring will work best about 2” above the
double ring. Tighten down the white thumbscrew by hand, to hold in
To lower the flagpole, simply loosen the thumbscrew.

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