Top Cap Old Style to New Style Replacement Instructions | 2022


To replace the old top style cap with the new one, completely lower flagpole all the way down,
and pull out of the ground sleeve. Remove the flag from swivel ring, and carefully set aside. Lay
the flagpole down onto a surface that will not scratch the pole.

This is the old style Titan flagpole cap.

To replace the old style top cap, remove flag spring clip and
carefully spread apart the top swivel ring with both hands and
remove from flagpole.

Remove 2 screws and completely remove old style top cap.

Attach the gold ball into the new top cap, slide the new stop ring
and the new swivel ring over pole. Leave a small gap (1/8”) between
the top cap and stop ring which will allow the swivel ring to rotate
freely around the flagpole.

Pre-drill 3/16” pilot holes for the 2 screws provided, then attach

Check that the swivel ring rotates freely around the Titan flagpole.

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