Titan Flagpole Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How Do You Mount It in the Ground?

    It’s super easy! Installation typically takes approximately an hour. The Titan Telescoping Flagpole
    Kit includes the ground sleeve needed for installation. The ground sleeve is made of ABS plastic,
    which holds up to weather elements much better than PVC pipe. To install, you simply dig a fence
    post size hole that is 28” deep x 14” in diameter. You’ll need about 240 lbs of concrete and a small
    amount of pea gravel (4” at the base of the hole). Detailed installation instructions (with pictures)
    are included in the Kit.

  • 2. What Kind of Winds will it Stand Up To?

    Our 20’ & 25’ heavy duty poles are good in winds up to 95 mph (with up to two flags not larger than
    4’x6’ attached). Our lighter duty 15’ & 20’LT poles are good in winds up to 75 mph (with up to two
    flags not larger than 3’x5’ attached).

  • 3. What is Included in the Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kit?

    Except for the concrete, the Kit comes with everything you need to get your pole installed and
    operational. It comes with one Titan Telescoping Flagpole (assembled), a Premium Nylon US Flag
    with sewn stars and reinforced box stitching at the fly end (4’x6’ for 20’ & 25’; 3’x5’ for 15’ & 20’LT),
    the Gold Ball Ornament, and the Ground Sleeve necessary for installation. In addition, every Titan
    Telescoping Flagpole is pre-equipped to fly up to two flags.

  • 4. What is the Difference Between the 20’ and the 20’LT Flagpoles?

    • 20’ – Installed height is 20’. It is rated for 95 mph winds. The base is 3.0” in diameter, with a 12-
      gauge wall thickness. It is a 4-section pole (3 joints). The pole comes with a premium 4’x6’ Nylon US
    • 20’LT - Installed height is 18.5’. It is rated for 75 mph winds. The base is 2.5” in diameter, with a 14-
      gauge wall thickness. It is a 3-section pole (2 joints). The pole comes with a premium 3’x5’ Nylon US
      Flag. The LT is an abbreviation for light duty.

  • 5. What are Some Other Features & Benefits of the Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kit?

    • Tubes – The anodized aluminum tubes will not rust, nor will they scratch or chip like a
      painted or powder coated pole. The base section of the 20’ & 25’ poles are 3” in diameter
      and have a 12-gauge wall thickness. The base section of the 15’ and 20’LT poles are 2.5” in
      diameter and have a 14-gauge wall thickness.
    • Swivel Rings – All of our flagpoles are equipped to fly two (2) flags. The flags attach to a spring clip
      which is attached to a Swivel Ring system. This allows the flags to rotate 360° around the pole to
      help prevent wrapping.
    • Lexan Plastic – The internal interlocking sleeve mechanism, together with the swivel rings are a
      Lexan plastic material. Lexan is a polycarbonate resin thermoplastic. In layman’s terms, it is
      extremely strong, and can withstand extreme temperature variations.
    • Half-Staff – To fly your flag at half-staff, simply move the flag from the top position to the lower
      position on your flagpole. Extend the pole to its full height. You’ll be at a perfect half-staff position.
    • Mobility – With our installation process, only the ground sleeve that comes with the pole is
      permanently installed in the ground. Accordingly, you have the flexibility to take your pole with you
      should you ever move. Moreover, you can take the pole with you for outings such as a camping trip
      or tailgate party. Mounts are available for those purposes. Finally, if you know extreme weather is
      on the way, you can remove the pole from the ground sleeve and store it in a safe spot until the
      weather passes.

  • 6. What Makes the Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kit better than any other telescoping flagpole available on the market?

    Our biggest differentiator is the patented internal interlocking sleeve mechanism that we use to raise,
    lower, and lock the pole into place. This interlocking sleeve mechanism makes it very easy to raise
    and lower each section, while providing outstanding stability at each joint once it is locked into place.
    Most others use either a “screw-in” or a “push button” system at each joint. Those systems tend to
    be less reliable over time, as they are more likely to succumb to windy conditions, or they simply
    become faulty through normal wear and tear.

  • 7. Why Buy a Telescoping Flagpole Rather than a “Solid” Flagpole?

    The single biggest reason is that you never have to worry about getting to the top of the pole again.
    The top retracts down to you. All the headaches associated with replacing the rope, fixing the pully,
    or adding an ornament to the top of the flagpole are eliminated with a telescoping flagpole. There are
    also many other factors that favor the telescoping flagpole such as price, ease of use, and mobility.

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