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heavy duty flag pole kit

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Take it from someone who is a lifelong, diehard DIYer: when you are putting a project together from scratch, you will almost always run into unexpected issues as it all comes together. This means you’ll have to make extra trips to the hardware store, you’ll need more time to finish your project, and you’ll almost always end up with a higher price tag.

Even though these challenges are often enjoyable to sort out and overcome for people who like to do things themselves, sometimes it just makes more sense to find someone who sells everything you need all together with a single price tag

This will help you avoid buying tools and supplies that you may not need again for a long time, as well as needing to find a place to store the extra materials you had to buy.

So if you’re considering putting up a flag pole in front of your house, why not go with a heavy duty flag pole kit and save yourself some of the trouble?

Putting up a heavy duty flag pole is a relatively simple and quick process when you’re working with a heavy duty flag pole kit. Keep reading to find out what your heavy duty flag pole kit comes with and how you can put it together in just a couple days.

What’s Included in a Heavy Duty Flag Pole Kit?

Before we get into the ins and outs of your heavy duty flag pole kit, let’s talk about the materials you will need that aren’t included in your kit.

These are essentially just the materials you’ll need to make your concrete base, and you might have some of them already hanging out in your garage:

  • One shovel for digging your base’s hole
  • One trowel for leveling your concrete mix
  • One container for mixing concrete (a wheelbarrow will work best, but a 5 gallon bucket will also get the job done)
  • 200 pounds of concrete
  • One bag of pea gravel
  • One level to make sure your plastic sleeve is set plumb in the concrete

Your plastic sleeve and sleeve cap will come included in your flag pole kit, so there is no need to worry about those.

To make your base, dig a 14-inch hole where you want to place your flag pole, but don’t forget to contact USIC before digging to be sure that you have chosen a good spot.

Once you’ve dug your hole, test out its depth to ensure that your plastic base sleeve will fit comfortably inside. You’ll want to leave about one inch of the plastic sleeve above your concrete, so make sure you’ve accounted for this before proceeding.

Next, put about 4 inches of pea gravel at the bottom of your hole and place the plastic sleeve inside. Go ahead and push the plastic sleeve to the bottom of your hole; it’s ok to fill the bottom few inches of your sleeve with gravel since this will allow water to drain into the ground.

Then pour your concrete and check that the sleeve is plumb by inserting your level vertically into the sleeve. Once you’ve ensured your sleeve is straight, go ahead and smooth out the surface of your concrete with your trowel.

Be sure to give the concrete plenty of time before setting up your heavy duty flag pole kit. This will typically take about two days for the concrete to completely set up, but you can give it some extra time to be safe if you live in an area with heavy precipitation.

Now that you know how to make your flag pole base, let’s take a look at what’s included in your heavy duty flag pole kit.

Sleeve Clamp

This is a simple piece of equipment that you will need to place around the top of your plastic sleeve before inserting your flag pole. The sleeve clamp is essentially a steel tube clamp that adds extra security and durability to your flag pole by securing it inside the plastic sleeve.

Once the sleeve clamp is tightened, you will not be able to remove the flag pole without using a wrench to loosen the clamp.

Heavy Duty Telescopic Flag Pole

Your flag pole will come preassembled, so there is no need for extra tools once you get to this step. The flag pole is made from heavy duty aluminum that is built to stand up to some of the strongest winds you could expect to find. However, if you live in an area where you might experience tornadoes or hurricanes, you can easily collapse your telescopic flag pole and store it until the storm has passed.

Additionally, your flag pole will have an anodized coating to give it a more attractive color and a durable finish. The anodized coating will not chip or flake like you might find with a paint finish, and it will keep its color for many years to come.

When choosing your heavy duty flag pole kit, you can go with a silver, light bronze, or black bronze finish.

Although your heavy duty flag pole kit comes pre assembled, it’s a good idea to know what’s inside as these parts may need some maintenance once every few years.

Interlocking Sleeves

These pieces are what make your heavy duty flag pole kit sturdy and convenient. These interlocking pieces can be found at the top and bottom of each segment of your flag pole, and when they are engaged, they keep your heavy duty flag pole kit standing at its full height.

To engage your interlocking sleeves, simply extend each segment of your heavy duty flag pole kit and give it a small twist to the right. You should feel the interlocking sleeve hooks engage one another.

These interlocking sleeves are made from heavy duty plastic, and they give the overall structure of your heavy duty flag pole kit a snug fit that keeps it standing straight.

Hardware for Attaching Your Flags

At the top of your flag pole kit, you’ll find two freely moving heavy duty plastic rings with metal clips for attaching your flags. These can be used to fly two flags simultaneously, or they can be used to move your American flag into the half mast position.

Keep in mind that you should never fly another flag above your American flag when it’s in the half mast position, so you will only be able to fly one flag at a time while at half mast.

Since your heavy duty flag attachments are able to move freely around the pole while staying at the proper height, your flags will fly in whatever direction the wind is blowing without tangling or wrapping around the pole.

Three Inch Gold Ball Topper

The three inch gold ball screws securely into a predrilled hole at the top of your heavy duty flag pole. This is included in your kit, but you can always swap this out for another topper of your choice.

High Quality USA-Made American Flag

Though it’s at the bottom of this list, your domestically produced American flag will be at the top of your heavy duty flag pole kit.

All of our kits come with a premium nylon 3’x5’ American flag, but you can upgrade to a larger nylon or polyester flag if you choose. All of our American flags are made with embroidered stars and stripes, which give them a longer lifespan and high quality look.

We also carry a large selection of patriotic and sports flags you can fly beneath Old Glory.

Flagpole Farm Is Your One Stop Shop for Heavy Duty Flag Pole Kit

Flagpole Farm is proud to sell our very own line of heavy duty flag pole kits with our patented interlocking sleeve technology, and we can ship anywhere in the United States!

We believe in American ideals and American quality, which is why all of our products are made right here in the USA.
Check out our heavy duty flag pole kits!

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