Highlighting Patriotism: How Solar Flag Pole Lights Illuminate the Stars and Stripes

solar flag pole lights

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In 1942, the United States was at war, fighting against some of the most tyrannical forces that the world had ever seen. After the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor in December of 1941, the American people came together in full support of Congress’s decision to formally enter the war to put a stop to the rise of fascist and authoritarian regimes that threatened the foundations of Western Democracy.

And in an effort to further solidify the profound patriotism that united the American people during that time, Congress drafted and enacted into law Title 4 of the United States Code. This section was codified to provide guidelines on the proper use, display, storage, handling, and retirement of the United States flag.

Although this section of the US Code is not enforceable by law, meaning that there are no criminal penalties or fines associated with failure to observe these guidelines, it is, in fact, a set of federal laws. However, rather than prescribing behavior and defining consequences, it is meant to define the etiquette with which the American flag should be treated.

It goes into great detail, even describing the manner in which the flag should be raised and lowered, and these practices continue to be closely observed by certain groups, such as the US Military.

In Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 6 of the US Code, the very first entry states:

“It is the universal custom to display the flag only from sunrise to sunset on buildings and on stationary flagstaffs in the open. However, when a patriotic effect is desired, the flag may be displayed 24 hours a day if properly illuminated during the hours of darkness.”

As such, the official guidelines of the US government are that the flag should either be lowered every evening at dusk or properly illuminated throughout the night.

Although it may seem arbitrary to some, it is of the utmost importance that we continue to treat the flag with the respect that it deserves, not because of what it is but because of what it represents.

However, for those of us who have flagpoles in front of our houses and businesses, it can sometimes be easy to forget to raise and lower the flag every day. Not only does this add an extra step to our already busy schedules, but it also presents additional opportunities for the flag to be damaged or mishandled.

That’s why many people prefer to leave the flag up all night, allowing it to fly around the clock. The good news is that there’s a great way to ensure that we follow the guidelines put in place by Congress without needing to fit raising and lowering the flag every day into our busy schedules. In fact, there is a “plug-and-play” solution to this problem, one that you can simply install one time and let it do the work.

Solar Flag Pole Lights Benefits

Solar flag pole lights are convenient and durable devices that require little to no maintenance or upkeep, and they can reliably keep your flag brightly lit every night from dusk until dawn. In this article, we will take a look at some of the benefits of installing solar flag pole lights on top of the flagpole proudly displayed in front of your home or business.

There are several benefits that come along with installing solar flag pole lights, making them a popular choice for Illuminating flags at night. Here are a few of their advantages:

Energy Efficiency

Once your solar flag pole lights are installed, they are completely self-sufficient, producing their own power supply. These simple and sturdy flagpole lighting kits produce and store enough electricity to keep them powered on through the night.

Solar flag pole lights include two small photovoltaic panels, which supply a continuous current to three rechargeable and replaceable batteries. Also, because solar flag pole lights employ six LED light bulbs, they require very little energy to keep your flag brightly lit. Furthermore, LED light bulbs have an extremely long lifespan, sometimes lasting for up to 14 years.

Low Cost

Solar flag pole lights are a one-time investment that will likely outlast several flags, even with daily use. Other lighting options, such as ground lamps that point up to the flag, require a much more significant initial investment while also consuming a considerable amount of electricity from the grid.

When you opt for a solar flag pole lights kit, your investment will likely pay for itself in just a few months, while other hardwired lighting options will require ongoing maintenance and expenses.

Automatic Lighting

In addition to their low cost, solar flag pole lights also work automatically, which means all you need to do is install the kit and let it do the rest. Solar flag pole lights include a sensor that will automatically power on the LEDs at sundown and power off at sunrise.


When you purchase solar flag pole lights that are made in the United States, you know that you are getting a product that is made according to the standards of what you would expect from US manufacturing. Titan solar flag pole lights are made from quality materials, and they are fashioned to withstand the elements anywhere in America. 

Their simple and straightforward design incorporates a high-quality aluminum body and two small solar panels with a Powerfilm protective coating. By eliminating complicated features that might be prone to malfunctions, we have created a lighting kit that you can depend on for years to come.

Easy to Install

Solar flag pole lights are also extremely easy to install, especially on top of a Titan telescopic flag pole kit. With a half-inch universal fitting that is suitable for nearly any residential flagpole, you can secure your solar flag pole lights using a half-inch nut or another compatible fixture.

If you would like to further enhance the aesthetic appeal of your flag pole, you might consider purchasing a gold ball topper or an American eagle flagpole ornament to hold down your solar flag pole lights. Both of these options include an internally threaded hole that can attach to your flagpole, keeping your solar flag pole lights securely in place.

Titan Solar Flag Pole Lights From Flag Pole Farm

Flagpole Farm is a small, family-owned business that has been providing residential flagpole kits and high-quality US-made American flags since 2017. Our mission is to make our products and services synonymous with quality, which is why all of our products are manufactured in the United States.

We are proud to serve two local communities in Meridian, Idaho, and Paynesville, Minnesota, but we also ship Anywhere in the United States. If you are looking for a high-quality American flag, flagpole kit, or accessory for your home or business, click here to take a look at our full inventory!

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