The Titan Flagpole Kit: How to Choose a Residential Flagpole Kit and Why the Titan Brand Flagpole is the Best

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Proud Americans show their patriotism in a variety of ways from supporting military fundraisers and organizations to standing for the pledge of allegiance.

One thing that’s synonymous with this great country and patriotism is the American flag. There’s something sacred and honorable about the red, white, and blue. And what better place to display your American flag (and others) than in front of your own home?

Knowing what type of flag to fly is the easy part, but understanding what residential flagpole kit to choose and how to install it can be tricky. Look no further than the Titan flagpole kit.

Here you’ll learn exactly what comes in the kit, how to install it, and much more about the many flagpoles and flags Titan has to offer.

The Different Types of Residential Flagpole Kits

Not all flagpole kits are created equal. The type of residential kit you need is determined by how you plan to fly your flags.

Telescoping flagpoles are a popular choice and allow each section of the pole to raise and lower with ease. This is the perfect kit for anyone looking to fly an American flag high and proud in front of their home, business, or other establishment.

Are you interested in mounting your flag to your deck or the side of a building? If so, you’ll need an outrigger kit. The aluminum mounting plate allows your flag to hang at a perfect 55 degrees.

Bring your flag to life by adding a solar light to the top of your pole. True patriots know that no American flag should fly at night unless it’s properly lit, making this the perfect solution.

Indoor flagpoles are popular in schools, court houses, churches, and local government offices. These require little to no assembly but still showcase the same level of honor.

Now that you know a few of the flagpole kit options, let’s take a deeper look at what you can expect from each of these Titan products.

Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kit

Perfect for first-time flagpole owners and experts alike, the Titan telescoping flagpole kit comes in a variety of sizes.

All kits are made right here in the United States and showcase maintenance free, high-strength 6105-T5 anodized aluminum tubes.

The patented interlocking sleeve mechanisms make it easy to extend and retract the pole. The sleeves also provide extreme joint stability. The best part is, the Titan telescoping flagpole comes pre-assembled and ready to extend the minute it’s installed!

Every kit includes the flagpole, hardware to fly two flags of your choice, a 3-inch gold ball topper, ground sleeve made of ABS plastic, and easy to follow installation instructions.

The swivel ring clips included allow your flags to fly freely, 360 degrees around the pole. This helps prevent your flag from tangling or wrapping around the pole, halyard, or other flags.

All Titan products also come with a limited lifetime guarantee.

Titan Outrigger Kit

This is the perfect product for those looking for a residential flagpole kit for mounting flags on the outside of a house or other structure.

The Outrigger Kit is also made in the USA and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

This kit includes a six-foot long anodized aluminum pole that is 1.7 inches in diameter. You’ll receive a premium 3’x5’ nylon US flag, 3-inch gold topper, and two rotating swivel attachment rings.

The powder coated mounting plate measures 4-inches by 4-inches with a bracket that angles 55 degrees. The stainless steel attachment screws needed for mounting are also included.

What to Look for When Choosing a Residential Flagpole

Other features like materials, size, finish, and wind speed rating can help you decide which Titan flagpole is best for you.

Let’s take a quick look at each of these flagpole features.


Flagpoles come in a wide range of heights and sizes. The right size flagpole is a personal choice based mostly on where you want to fly your flag.

You want your flag visible from all angles and free of any obstructions. Avoid installing your flagpole near high trees, overgrown shrubbery, or other objects like street lights and telephone poles.

Titan telescoping flagpoles range from 15 to 25 feet. The height of your flagpole should compliment the size of your home — tall enough to be visible but not so tall that it overpowers your front yard.

Most residential flagpole kits are 20-feet high but some people prefer an extendable flagpole that reaches heights of 25-feet. Either will make for a beautiful patriotic statement in your front yard.


Flagpoles come in many different materials but the most common are aluminum and fiberglass. Titan flagpoles are made of anodized aluminum that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Titan aluminum flagpoles are also lightweight, strong, and low-maintenance. Telescoping flagpoles are the most versatile option thanks to how easy they are to collapse and adjust.

Halyard Design

The halyard of a flagpole is the rope used to hold the flags in position and is also used to lower and raise the flags. There are two types of halyard designs — internal and external.

With the Titan telescoping flagpole, you won’t have to worry about the halyard. The flag clips that are attached to the pole offer quick, easy, and versatile flag connection.

There are two sets of clips included with the Titan telescoping flagpole. However, more can be purchased if desired. The included clips give the user the option to 1. Hang one flag 2. Hang two flags at a time 3. Or hang a flag at half staff.


Your flagpole will be subject to the elements — one of which is wind. Although you can’t control high winds and should lower or bring your flag indoors during inclement weather, it’s good to know how much wind your flagpole can withstand.

Titan flagpoles are notoriously strong, sturdy, and reliable. The telescoping flagpole kit comes in two sizes, both offering impressive wind speed ratings.

The light duty 15’ and 20’ flagpoles can withstand winds up to 75 mph. The heavy duty 20’ and 25’ flagpoles can withstand an impressive 95 mph wind.

Flagpole Installation Guide

Once you’ve selected the type of flagpole kit you want to purchase, you’re ready to follow Titan’s easy flagpole installation instructions.

Installing a free-standing flagpole takes a little preparation, to minimize this prep you should purchase a Titan flagpole. Easy installation is one of the many advantages of purchasing a Titan telescoping flagpole.

The Titan flagpole comes with everything you need to install your flagpole, whenever you want, at home, by yourself.

Prepare the Ground

The first thing you need to do before installing your Titan flagpole is choose a location for your flag and prep the area.

Start by selecting the spot you’d like your flagpole to be placed. Ensure that there are no utility lines under the spot you’ve selected. Make sure the flagpole location is far enough away from your house as well, this can cause damage to the flag as it can scrape along the house.

It’s advised that you have a post hole digger on hand, similar to what you’d use to install a mailbox. This helps you break the ground more easily and loosen the soil. However, you can install the sleeve with a shovel and a trowel.

Waiting to install your flagpole until spring or summer is advised, as digging frozen ground can be a challenge and you’ll need a water source on hand at the time of install.

Remember, the Titan telescoping flagpole range from 2.5 to 3 inches in width at the base and between 12 and 14 gauge wall thickness. The hole will need to be 14’ in diameter and at least 28’ deep. This will allow for the proper amount of room for the ground sleeve.

Fill the Hole

Next, fill the hole with 4” pea gravel or rocks which support proper drainage. The sleeve will need to be set so that it is at least one inch above ground level. Once the pea gravel is in the hole you can add the sleeve and move to the next step.

Set the Ground Sleeve

Once the gravel has been poured and the sleeve is in place, it’s time to pour concrete around the ground sleeve to set it in place.

Try using ready mix concrete, which is easy to work with and will set quickly once poured. Take note not to mix it until you’re ready to pour it, as it sets quickly.

Once you’re ready, pour the concrete evenly over the gravel or rocks. Fill the entire hole around the sleeve to guarantee your flagpole is secure and doesn’t shift or move. Check that the pole is plumb during installation a few times throughout this process

Don’t pour any concrete into the sleeve itself! You need room here to slide your Titan flagpole into place. To prevent debris from entering the sleeve while drying, place the provided red cap on the sleeve.

Next, use a concrete trowel or flat tool to smooth the surface. You’re probably eager to get your flagpole set and your flags proudly flying but you’ll need to let the flagpole sleeve sit for 24-48 hours. Once the concrete is set you can move onto the next step.

Install the Pole

It’s time! The concrete is set and your ground sleeve is securely in place. It’s time to install your Titan flagpole.

The Titan telescoping flagpole kit comes pre-assembled and ready to extend, so you can skip the next step of assembly and get right to the good stuff!

Remove the red cap and stand the flagpole in the ground sleeve. Before extending, be sure to properly attach the solar light (if applicable), gold ball, and your flags.

Your flag is now ready to fly high, proud, and tangle free!

Outrigger Kit

Telescoping flagpole kits aren’t the only quality kits Titan has to offer. If you can’t install a freestanding residential flagpole in your yard, you can still show your patriotism using one of Titan’s outrigger kits.

The outrigger kit is designed to mount on the outside of a home or building. Installation is fairly simple and includes finding a sturdy, flat surface for your wall mount.

Before drilling any holes, position the bracket against the surface and mark the area with a pencil. The type of surface you’re drilling into will determine the type of screws you need. If you’re drilling into concrete be sure to wear safety goggles and use a masonry bit and drill directly into the brick, not the mortar.

You’ll want to caulk each hole to prevent water getting in. Next, attach the bracket using screws and anchors if you’re drilling into brick.

Lastly, slide the flagpole into the bracket and tighten the screws to secure the pole in place.

Titan outrigger kits let your flag proudly fly at a perfect 55 degree angle. Be sure to mount the kit high enough off the ground that it’s out of reach of curious children, animals, or anyone walking by.

Keep in mind that outrigger kits are designed to fly only one flag, whereas telescoping kits can display multiple flags.

American Flag Etiquette

Although anyone can display a USA flagpole outside their home or business, following proper US flag etiquette is important. The American flag represents our country and our freedom.

Military personnel, law enforcement, and every patriotic American knows there are specific ways to display, fold, and dispose of the American flag to show the respect it deserves.

Before you fly your USA flag, check out some basic American flag etiquette.

Ways the Flag Should Not Be Used

Other than being used for proper display on a flagpole, here are some ways that the US flag should never be used:

  • As drapery or decoration
  • For advertising purposes
  • As part of a costume or athletic uniform
  • Imprinted on items that will eventually be discarded such as napkins, boxes, etc.
  • To hold, carry, or deliver items
  • No markings, letters, words, or numbers should ever be placed on or attached to the flag
  • The US flag should never touch the ground

When displaying your American flag on a Titan flagpole it should be in good condition. Any tattered, worn, or faded flags should be replaced. All old flags should be disposed of properly (more on this later).

Flying Your USA Flag with Other Flags

Many people choose to fly multiple flags with the American flag, and while this is totally acceptable it should be done in a specific way to show respect.

The American flag should always be at the top or peak of the flagpole, whether it is a standing flagpole or an outrigger mount. The only time the American flag is not at the top is when it’s at half staff.

When the flag is placed at half staff, it still needs to be hoisted to the top of the flagpole first, then slowly lowered to half staff.

Other flags on your flagpole cannot be larger than the American flag. This includes state, community, or society flags.

If you plan to fly the flag of another nation, it needs its own flagpole and both flags need to be the same size. No nation’s flag should ever fly above another on the same pole.

Displaying the American Flag Indoors

If you plan to present the American flag indoors, there are certain protocols to follow.

The flag must be displayed in a position of honor and displayed to the right of the podium, stage, or sanctuary. All other flags should stand to the left.

When the US flag is displayed by being crossed over another flag, the staff of the American flag should go on top and placed on its own right.

If there are multiple flags on display, the American flag should stand in the center at the highest point.

Some venues require that the flag be displayed against a wall, vertically or horizontally., When this is the case, the union stars should be at the top to the flag’s right and to the audience’s left.

Other Flags to Fly

You’ve learned about how to fly multiple flags on your USA flagpole, but do you know what types of flags are available?

Some people choose to proudly fly their favorite sports teams. For those looking for a more meaningful display there are several patriotic flags to choose from.

Flying your state flag is the perfect way to show unity between country and state. You can choose to fly the state flag where you currently live, where you’re originally from, or both.

Military flags are another popular choice for veterans, those currently serving, and family members of active service members. But you don’t need to be directly involved with the military to proudly fly a military flag and show your support for US troops.

How to Properly Dispose of an American Flag

Over time, you may need to replace your American flag. As mentioned earlier, if the flag is torn, tattered, worn, or discolored, it’s time to get a new one.

The US Flag Code states that any US flag not fit for display must be disposed of in a dignified way. This is often done by burning but there are other ways to respectfully dispose of this patriotic symbol including burying or donating it

Order Your Residential Flagpole Kit Today

Proudly displaying this country’s great flag is an honor. When you choose a Titan residential flagpole kit, you’re investing in a quality product deserving of this honor.

Whether you choose a telescoping flagpole or one of our outrigger kits, adding a solar light allows your flag to fly proudly day and night.

The other flags we offer will beautifully compliment your US flag.

If you’re ready to showcase your patriotism for everyone to see, create a Titan account today and start shopping our quality products.

Need more information? Check out our resource center!

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