Why You Need a 15 Foot Flagpole Kit

15 foot flagpole

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There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing your nation’s flag flying high on your front lawn. The American flag is more than just a symbol of our country.

The iconic red, white, and blue stand for the freedom and equal rights that men and women throughout history fought to maintain. Plus, the years of great history that our country endured.

Why is this 15-foot flagpole kit your number one choice to show your respect for the nation? If you’re still not sure, then we have all the answers!

Keep reading to find out why you need a 15-foot flagpole to add the finishing touch to your home.

Show Your Patriotism With Pride

If you want to share your patriotism, then a 15-foot flagpole in your front yard or company property is how to make a statement. Maybe you’re a proud military veteran or have loved ones who serve.

If you own a business, flying the American flag is a great first impression to make with your clients.

Not all 15-foot flag poles are the same. Don’t be fooled by lesser quality flag poles. You want yours to remain sturdy throughout the year as well as come with important features.

The right 15-foot flag pole can handle weather and won’t bend at the first sign of wind. It can withstand winds up to 75mph! Choose a flag pole that has a high strength 6105-T5 anodized aluminum tube.

Don’t forget the telescoping feature for easy display and take-down. It makes it a lot easier to store!

Affordable Yet Impactful

A 15-foot flagpole is one of the shorter options but it still offers the impact you’re looking for at an affordable price. As long as it has swivel ring clips, your flag can fly freely, 360 degrees around the pole.

No more unwrapping and detangling your flag! You’ll see it flying no matter what direction the wind takes it. Included in your flagpole kit is an American flag.

This makes it easy to fly your nylon or polyester American flag with embroidered stars to commemorate the union of our 50 states.

Plus, you can set it up with ease using the included ground sleeve. Simply dig a 28″ deep by 14″ diameter fence post hole. You need about 240lbs of concrete and 4″ of pea gravel to secure it to the ground.

It takes about an hour but when it’s done you have a permanent display for your flag. Only the ground sleeve is permanently installed in the ground, so you can still remove the flagpole for storage.

Display Your Flag in Style

Having a free-standing flag pole makes a bigger impression than just attaching it to your house. You’ll be able to raise and lower your flag appropriately and show the utmost respect.

To fly your flag at half-staff, you can lower the flag pole to reach your flag. Then reclip your flag to the lower position on your flagpole. This is also an option if you’d like to fly two flags on your flagpole at the same time.

The reason a telescoping flag pole is much better than a solid pole is you can retract it. So you never have to get to the top of the flagpole, it comes to you! This is also great for when it comes time to store your flag.

A flag pole gives you the opportunity to choose from a variety of metals such as bronze/black, light bronze, and silver. You can commemorate someone in particular or show your respect to the nation.

A flagpole also adds a patriotic aesthetic to your home that can make your landscaping more beautiful. Use your flagpole as a centerpiece for other plants, flowers, and shrubs.

Internal Interlocking Sleeve

You can’t just buy any telescoping flagpole you find. Our internal interlocking sleeve mechanism sets our 15-foot telescoping flagpoles apart from any other.

This is what you use to raise, lower, and lock the pole into place. And it makes the process a breeze! 

Other flagpoles use a “screw-in” or a “push button” system located at each of the pole’s joints. That takes extra time and effort just to raise and lower your 15-foot telescoping flagpole.

Plus, over time those methods tend to break in the wind or become faulty after continuous use. You want a flagpole that is going to last and be easy to use.

The internal interlocking sleeve offers stability at each joint once you lock it into place.

Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetics

A nice aspect of quality telescoping flagpoles is that you can match them to your house’s aesthetics. Choose from different modern metal colors such as bronze/black, light bronze, and silver. Your 15-foot flagpole kit also comes with a signature gold ball to top it off.

You can complement the accents of your home perfectly. This makes for an impressive and meaningful first impression of your home and family during the day.

At night, we recommend storing your American flag indoors out of respect. If you prefer to show your patriotism longer, then there’s always the option of adding an elegant solar light.

A solar light turns on respectfully when the sun sets so you don’t have to worry about breaking the rule of taking down your flag at sunset. Plus it automatically charges during the day using the power of sunlight.

With a bright solar light shining on your flag, it’s perfectly fine to keep your flag flying throughout the night.

It even adds an extra sense of security by illuminating your yard. Plus no one can argue how picturesque a lit American flag looks at night.

Bring Back an Honored Tradition

Even though having a flagpole in your front yard looks distinguished, it’s not as common as it should be.

That could be because people assume it is difficult to install and maintain. However, this isn’t your grandparents’ flagpole!

Telescoping flag poles are the latest technology that offers a new level of durability and simplicity. You no longer have to take down a solid flagpole that is difficult to carry and store.

We hope more people bring back this honored tradition!

Grab Your 15-Foot Flagpole Today!

Want to add the finishing touch to your patriotic home? You don’t want just any flagpole and an American flag for your front yard. Choose a quality telescoping flagpole kit that you can pass down to generations to come.

Find your perfect 15-foot flagpole (or taller) here! You won’t regret finally having an elegant flagpole to share with your family and neighborhood.


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