7 Benefits of Buying a Flagpole Kit

flag pole kit

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There’s nothing quite as patriotic as an American flag flying high and proud in front of your home or business. But flagpoles aren’t just reserved for stars and stripes. You can display everything from the flag of your favorite sports team or college to different branches of the military. Just be sure to follow proper flag etiquette when flying multiple flags on the same pole. 

While flagpoles make an impressive statement, installation doesn’t have to be complicated. When you purchase a flagpole kit, you get everything you need to complete the job safely and easily.

Read on to learn 7 more benefits of investing in a flag pole kit so you can proudly showcase your favorite flags in no time!

1. A Flag Pole Kit Includes All the Materials You Need

If you want quick and easy flagpole installation, look no further than a Titan telescoping flagpole kit. Our kits provide all the supplies you need in one convenient package.

You’ll receive:

  • Hardware to fly 2 flags
  • 3″ gold ball topper
  • Ground sleeve (ABS plastic)
  • Premium nylon US flag with sewn stars
  • Easy-to-follow installation instructions

A home flag pole kit eliminates the need for countless trips to the hardware store or paying someone an installation fee. With user-friendly directions and all the necessary supplies (aside from gravel), our flagpole kit is every DIY homeowner’s dream come true.

The only other items you’ll need are a shovel or post-hole digger and pre-mix concrete. We suggest you have a tape measure and level handy to ensure your flagpole stands high, proud, and straight. 

2. The Directions Are Easy to Follow

There’s nothing more frustrating than starting a project only to find that the accompanying directions don’t make any sense. Confusing diagrams and mislabeled pieces can turn a relaxing task into a frustrating ordeal.

Our flagpole kit instructions are simple and easy to follow. Every flag pole kit comes with clear directions and images to make the installation process a breeze.

With six simple steps, it’ll take you no time at all to measure and dig the hole, install the sleeve, and level it before filling in the concrete. Our flagpole kit comes with a preassembled pole that’s ready to extend and use immediately. 

3. Easy Installation 

Not only do Titan Flagpole Kits provide all the materials you need and user-friendly instructions, but the installation process itself is stress-free. Regardless of your skill level, you can have your flagpole erected and your flags flying high within 24 hours. (The minimum amount of time needed for the concrete to set and dry.)

Installing a traditional flagpole is no easy task. Most flagpoles require professional services that include installing the ground sleeve, inserting the pole, attaching the rope and flag, and ensuring all the parts are straight and secure. 

With Titan’s Telescoping Flagpole Kit, you can install the ground sleeve yourself, insert the pole, and extend the flag without the need for a complicated rope or pulley system. 

4. Stable and Maintenance Free

High winds and inclement weather are a flagpole’s worst enemies. Another benefit of investing in a Titan Flagpole Kit is that the materials are high-quality, reliable, and virtually maintenance-free.

Made with high-strength 6105-T5 anodized aluminum tubes, your flagpole will look as beautiful as the day you installed it. Titan’s patented interlocking sleeve mechanism provides extreme joint stability to withstand harsh weather conditions. The swivel clips you’ll receive in your flagpole kit let your flags fly 360 degrees around the pole, preventing damage and tangling. 

If you do run into a problem with your flag pole kit, we offer a limited lifetime warranty.

5. Versatile Options

Different homes and buildings require different size flagpoles. Our telescoping flag pole kit is available in several sizes to accommodate every customers’ needs.

The 15′ and 20’LT flagpole kits have a 2.5″ base with 14 gauge wall thickness. The flag pole has 3 sections with 2 joints and a wind rating of 75 mph. When fully extended, your flags will fly 15′ and 18.5′, respectively. 

This kit also includes a 3’x5′ nylon US flag.

If you’re looking for something a little bigger or that can withstand high winds, invest in the 20′ or 25′ flagpole kit, which both have a wind rating of 95 mph. The base of this flagpole kit is 3″ with 12 gauge wall thickness and comes in 4 sections with 3 joints.

You’ll also receive a 4’x6′ nylon US flag.

With so many options, it’s never been easier to confidently install and fly your favorite flags outside your home or business.

6. Quick and Easy Storage 

Whether you’re leaving town for a while or expecting extreme weather, taking down a traditional flagpole can be a nightmare. In fact, most people simply remove their flags and hope for the best!

With a Titan Flagpole Kit, all you have to do is twist at the joint and drop each section into itself. Just be sure to unclip the flag before releasing the top section. 

When you’re done, lift the pole out of the ground sleeve and safely store it inside.

7. Take It On the Go

Do you own more than one residence or a vacation home that you frequent? If so, you probably want to showcase your patriotism in both locations.

If you opt for a traditional flagpole, that means complicated and costly installation in two separate places. Moving a traditional flagpole from one place to another isn’t practical.

When you invest in a flag pole kit, you can quickly fold up your flagpole and take it with you — easily transporting it from your primary residence to your second home or vacation spot.

Now, your pride will follow you everywhere you go!

Invest in a Titan Flagpole Kit Today

Have you been considering a flagpole outside your home or business but feel overwhelmed by the installation process? Don’t be!

A Titan Flagpole Kit provides a simple, comprehensive solution from start to finish. You’ll receive everything you need including the supplies, the directions, and even the flags for you to complete your project in no time. We also carry plenty of accessories, poles, and outrigger kits to fit all your needs. Click here to view all of our products and be sure to check out our gallery before you go!

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