The Flagpole Accessories You Need to Keep Old Glory in Good Shape

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Well over half of all Americans surveyed by the Pew Research Center in 2007 said they proudly fly a flag at home. This leaves home and business owners looking for new ways to show their individualism with a flagpole. This is why flagpole accessories are becoming more and more popular! 

Flying a flag can symbolize your pride in being an American citizen, your support for a political party or charitable organization, your family lineage, or your military affiliations. The ritual of raising a flag gives the participant a sense of belonging.

Whether you’re patriotically participating in Flag Day or flying the colors of your favorite sports team, you need to make sure your flag is secure with quality flagpole accessories.

Below, we outline the accessories you’ll need to splash some cash on if you want to do your flag proud.

Alternative Types of Flagpoles

If you’re frustrated with constantly having to untangle your flag from a traditional flagpole on windy days, it’s time to invest in a Titan Telescoping Flagpole.

These types of poles are constructed with spinning flag clips, which allow the flag to freely move 360 degrees around the pole, meaning there’s nothing to get tangled on. Because they keep your flag flowing freely, they are perfect for use outside homes and businesses.

The telescoping function is another benefit that traditional flagpoles don’t offer as well. Telescoping flagpoles work just like a telescope. They are made of multiple sections that collapse in on one another or expand as needed.

You can easily take down this adaptable type of flagpole. There’s no need to fuss around with complicated pulley systems: the flag attaches with a simple spring clip. Store it in your garage when not in use or take it with you to your holiday home to celebrate special days.

All sorts of telescoping flagpole accessories are available for those with older poles. For example, if you have a telescoping pole that’s more than three years old, you can fit it with new interlocking sleeves. It’s just like new again!

Flagpole Accessories 1: Brackets and Mounts

Whether you’re setting your flagpole in the ground or to the side of your house, you’ll need to invest in sturdy brackets and mounts.

Available in a wide range of materials, from plastic to metal, it’s worth going top of the line with these flagpole parts and accessories. Stainless steel or aluminum mounts and brackets are strong, rust-resistant, and guaranteed to hold your flagpole in place.

Once you’ve selected your bracket or mount that’s right for you, you need to install it. Find the best spot on your home or business (usually above the front door) and fix it to the exterior wall. If you have a concrete or tile home, be sure to use anchors.

Give even greater strength to a vertical flagpole by adding a ground sleeve.

Flagpole Accessories 2: Flag Weights

If you’re someone who’s committed to flying their flag right, it’s well worth investing in a flag weight. It’s an optional accessory that can make all the difference to how good your flag looks once it’s raised.

A flag weight works by holding the flag close to the pole. This helps the flag stay vertical and stops it from sliding up the flagpole on a windy day. The weight hangs from a grommet or flag ring.

Flag weights can be made of all kinds of materials but canvas weights are considered among the best options on the market. Canvas is durable and water-resistant. Unlike other types of flag weights, a canvas weight makes no noise when high winds cause it to bang against the metal flagpole it’s attached to.

Flagpole Accessories 3: Decorative Pole Ornaments

Believe it or not, flagpole toppers can help to continue the story you are trying to tell with your flag.

When it comes to outdoor flagpole accessories, eagle and ball toppers are two of the most popular choices. While eagles are certainly a proud statement, flags can become entangled in the ornate wings, head, and claws. If you live in an area with a windy climate, go with a ball.

For a military flagpole, an army or flat spear is the most appropriate option. Historically, when flags were carried into battle, the pole was topped with a sharp metal spear. This tradition continues today with ornamental flagpoles at home, on military bases, or when used as commercial flagpole accessories.

From the Metal passion cross for Christian flags to a plethora of custom ornaments, such as maple leaves, battle axes, and Texas stars, don’t be afraid to choose the topper that best represents you.

Flagpole Accessories 4: Flag Lights

While an illuminated flag certainly looks great, it’s nighttime shine is actually mandated under the US Flag Code.

When lighting your flag, you need to strike a balance between a light bright enough to show off the details of the flag, but not so bright that it disturbs your neighbors. Whether you choose to install these flag and flagpole accessories on the ground or mount them on the pole is up to you.

One way to save on that utility bill is to illuminate your flag with solar-powered lighting. An accessory like the Titan Solar Light runs on batteries and features eco-friendly, long-lasting LED lights. It can be used with most flagpoles and is proudly Made in the USA, too!

Flagpole Accessories 5: Flag Bags and Cases

Those that don’t raise their flag daily or people with multiple flags in their collection may be wondering what to do with flags that aren’t in use. The safest way to store idle flags is to keep them in a triangular flag bag.

Look for a bag made from a durable fabric like vinyl. It should have a zip to protect the flag inside from dust and water damage.

You should preserve and display sentimental and ceremonial flags, as well as antique flags, in a flag case. Usually custom-crafted from attractive hardwood like cherry, walnut, or poplar, these cases come with dividers that allow you to fit a small or large flag inside.

Stick to the Rules

If you do choose to fly the American flag outside your home or business, take it seriously. There are federal guidelines and laws that you must adhere to. So long as you follow the rules, you’re only limited by your imagination (and budget) when it comes to the flagpole accessories you use.

Are you ready to level-up your flag game? For the latest and greatest flag accessories, shop online now at Flagpole Farm, proud makers of Titan products.

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