Where to Buy Quality Flag Poles Made In USA

flag poles made in usa

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When the national anthem plays at ball games, car races, and all kinds of events across the country, tears form in the eyes of true patriots. They stand tall, with hands over their heart or staunchly saluting Old Glory, the flag that represents everything they stand for. You can show the same support by purchasing flag poles made in USA for your yard or commercial property.

It’s simple enough to buy a flag and put it up, but there’s one more thing to consider. 

If the flag is American, shouldn’t the flag pole be as well? When you fly your stars and stripes, you’re showing your patriotism, the ultimate picture of support of our great nation. 

Doesn’t it only make sense, then, to support more than just the colors of our flag? You can show support for America by buying a USA-made flag pole as well. Then you’ll be putting your money back into the pockets of fellow Americans, supporting the American economy, and continuing to make this country thrive. 

By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll know where you can find flag poles made in the USA and understand which type of flag pole will work best for you. 

Find Flag Poles Made In USA

You can find flag poles made in the USA easily. A place like Flagpole Farm manufactures and sells flag poles in Meridian, Idaho, and Paynesville, Minnesota. This reputable company manufactures and sells one of the most popular types of flag poles in the country, the Titan telescoping pole

Additionally, Flagpole Farm manufactures the smaller pole, the Titan Outrigger, which works especially well on buildings or boats. Here are the specifics one each of these types of flag poles patented by Flagpole Farm. 

Titan Telescoping Kits

The Titan Telescoping Kits come in a variety of colors and sizes. Flagpole Farm ships the product within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the order.

It’s worth noting that Flagpole Farm states there may be a slight variance in the shade of color between the flagpole sections. They cannot guarantee an exact match in the anodized finishing process, but the match will be within the industry standard for color variance. 

Each kit is made in the USA and comes with the following items: 

  • Titan Telescoping Flagpole
  • Hardware for flying two flags
  • Three-inch gold ball decorative topper
  • ABS plastic ground sleeve
  • Nylon USA flag with sewn, not printed, stars
  • Easy-to-follow installation instructions

Furthermore, the aluminum tubes are high-strength and maintenance-free. Flagpole Farm believes so much in their product that the kit comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 

Simple Assembly and Function

The Titan Telescoping pole isn’t the same as the old metal pole where you’d raise the flag on a rope back in your elementary school days. This pole is made of sturdy but light aluminum material. Each section of the pole fits within another. 

Thus, when you extend and retract the pole, you’re moving it one section at a time. Each section interlocks with the previous one, giving the flag superior joint stability. 

The pole comes pre assembled, so you need only anchor the base and then slip the pole into it. Then you attach your flag and extend your pole. 

The pole comes in a couple of different sizes as well. 

15-Foot and 20-Foot LT

The LT pole comes in both 15 and 20-foot lengths. In your kit, you will find a 3’x5′ nylon US flag and a 2.5-inch base with a 14-gauge wall thickness. 

This flag has three sections and two joints. It can withstand winds up to 75 miles per hour. Once you’ve installed the pole, it will extend to 15 and 18.5 feet. 

This kit package is 88″ x 5″ x5″. The 15-foot kit weighs 15 pounds, and the 20-foot kit weighs 21 pounds. 

20-Foot and 25-Foot

The 20 and 25-foot kit is a bit heftier. It comes with a bigger flag of 4’x6′ in size and a 3.0-inch base with 12-gauge wall thickness. 

This flag pole is taller with four sections and three joints. It can withstand winds up to 95 miles an hour. This pole extends to 20 and 25 feet. 

The 20-foot LT and 25-foot packages are both 96″x5″x5″. The 20-foot kit weighs 17 pounds, and the 25-foot kit weighs 23 pounds. The company will ship the gold ball topper separately.

Titan Outrigger Kit

If you don’t have the property or space for a flag pole but still want to display the flag, you can always use the Titan Outrigger Kit. This kit does not withstand the winds as the telescoping pole does. It does, however, proudly display your flag.

Every kit comes with the following items: 

  • A 1.7-inch diameter, 6-foot long silver anodized aluminum pole
  • 3-inch gold ball topper
  • Two quality plastic swivel attachment rings for your flag
  • Premium 3’x5- nylon US flag with sewn, not printed, stars
  • Powder-coated, 4’x4″ aluminum mounting plate with a 55-degree angled bracket

Each kit also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Just like with the Titan Telescoping Kit, the manufacturer will ship the Outrigger kit within two days of you ordering it.

Flagpole Farm also recommends you purchase the Gold Eagle for the top of your pole, a turnkey clamp, a spring clip, and a side mount. 

This is the type of flag you can display on your home or boat, so you can show your patriotism whether you’re enjoying an evening at home or on the water. 

Why Use a Telescoping Pole

Because the telescoping pole is not the same pole that individuals grew up with, some people feel a little suspicion towards it. It doesn’t have the same complicated rope and rigging system used at schools and municipal buildings. 

It does, however, have many benefits that the old-style poles don’t have. If you can move away from the nostalgia of a rope and pulley system for a minute, you will quickly see the stability of the sleeve mechanism and how it will keep your flag flying in the stiffest of winds. Here are a few reasons why the telescoping pole is superior to the old rope-and-pulley style. 

All-Inclusive Kit

For one, when you receive the American-made Titan Telescoping Flagpole kit, you receive everything you need for installation except the concrete to anchor the pole. 

The pre-assembled pole comes in three colors: bronze and black, light bronze, and silver. Pick the color that works best with your home or business aesthetic since each color perfectly complements any lawn. While you receive just one American flag with the pole, the pole itself has the rigging to fly two flags. 

So you can put out your team flag on game day right below Old Glory, showing exactly who you stand with. 

The poles range from 15 to 25 feet, and you have the option of a nylon or polyester flag. The kit also includes the Gold Ball ornament for the top and a ground sleeve necessary for installation. 

If you want to show your flag at night, you can purchase a Titan Solar Light, powered by day and shining at night. 

All of these elements except the light come in your kit. Titan makes it a simple purchase. 

Simple Installation 

When your kit arrives, you don’t need to call a technician or contractor to install it. The telescoping pole is a simple design with simple installation. The installation process takes about an hour from start to finish usually. 

Before you start the process, vet your flag location carefully. You want to make sure you have the best place to display the flag but also the safest place. 

In the United States, you should call 811 to let the local utilities know you plan on digging. They will locate underground lines so you can avoid hitting them. Then look up and make sure you won’t be interfering with any overhead lines. 

Here’s what you need to do to install your pole: 

  1. Dig a 28″ deep hole about 14 inches in diameter. 
  2. Shovel four to six inches of pea gravel into the bottom of the hole to allow for water drainage and extra support. 
  3. Identify the stop bolt and then hand tighten it through the pre-drilled hole in the ground sleeve. 
  4. Mix your concrete. This was not included in the kit, so you need to purchase it ahead of time. 
  5. Insert the ground sleeve into your pea gravel. Keep the sleeve at least an inch above ground level.
  6. Cover your sleeve with the provided red cap. 
  7. Shovel your mixed concrete around the sleeve into the hole. 
  8. Remove the red cap, and insert a level in the sleeve to make sure it is vertical. Do this several times to ensure you have a straight pole when you’re done. 
  9. Let the concrete dry for 24 hours. 
  10. Remove the red cap, and slip the telescoping pole into the sleeve. 

The entire installation process takes about an hour, but you will have to wait that extra 24 hours to let your concrete cure. This will ensure a stable foundation and a long-lasting pole. 

Simple Operation 

Once you’ve installed the pole, you need to attach your flag. The telescoping pole is one of the greatest inventions for patriotism in the last few years. It’s a simple-to-operate pole that allows home and business owners to fly a flag easily.

Here’s how to operate your telescoping pole: 

  1. Attach the flag to the swivel rings. 
  2. Lift the top section of the pole until you feel it connect to the second section. 
  3. Twist the pole to the right until it locks into the next section. You should feel a click. 
  4. Repeat this process with the next section until you have the last section locked into place. 

Lowering the flag takes a similar process. Just twist the pole in the opposite direction. Lower the pole slowly, hand-over-hand, so your poles don’t free fall and you don’t pin your hand. 

If you have to fly your flag at half mast, attach your flag to the second set of rings. When you extend the pole completely, the flag will be in the middle of the pole. 


The telescoping pole is a simple, convenient design. When you care for a traditional pole, you cannot reach the top of the pole without a ladder. 

Tall ladders that stretch that high are inconvenient and dangerous. With a telescoping pole, you bring the top of the pole to you at ground level. You can easily fix the pole, replace the top ornament, or do whatever it is you need to do to the pole. 

Traditional poles have a fixed rope. If the wind blows hard, the flag will wrap itself around the pole and get tangled up in the rope. With a telescoping pole, though, the rings swing around the pole, 360 degrees.

The flag will not tangle in the window but will swing freely. 

Furthermore, the pole is mobile. When you install a traditional pole, the pole stays with the property. 

With a telescoping pole, the only part that you stay behind is the concrete. You can slip the pole out of the base and take it with you, wherever you move. You will just need to order a new base and pour a new concrete bottom. 

When severe weather threatens to hit, you can grab the pole and bring it inside. A traditional pole is subject to whatever weather hits. 


The Titan is made from high-quality material from the ABS plastic ground sleeve to the anodized aluminum tubes. 

ABS plastic has proven itself as a superior material in the world of plastics. It has outperformed PVC which is used similarly. ABS is most known for its high and low-temperature performance as well as its impact resistance. 

That makes it ideal for an outdoor environment like holding up a flagpole. 

The anodized aluminum tubes resist rust, corrosion, and oxidation. Because they’re not painted, the tubes resist chipping and scratching over time as well. They maintain their form and color year after year. 

The swivel rings consist of Lexan plastic. This material has also proven itself in the field with its ability to withstand extreme temperatures. 

You can hope to fly your flag for decades with the quality of a telescoping pole. 

Low Maintenance

Traditional rope-and-pulley flag pole systems require more maintenance than telescoping poles. The ropes wear out and the pulleys rust. Telescoping flag poles require little maintenance or extra parts. 

To clean the flagpole, you need a bucket of soapy water and a rag. This makes the telescoping pole one of the more sought-after types of poles. 

Benefits Of a USA-Made Flag Pole

If you’ve considered a flag pole before, it’s worth noting the benefits of a USA-Made flag pole. 

Let’s start with the economy. When you purchase any American-made products, you boost the American economy. Consider all of the individuals involved in making a single flag pole in the United States. 

You’re not just supporting the one person who makes the pole. You’re pouring your money into the pockets of these individuals: 

  • The engineer who designed the pole
  • The team that fabricates, welds, and paints the pole
  • The team that ships the pole
  • The warehouse clerks that do the paperwork
  • The secretary and office staff that answer questions
  • The workers that pack and ship the pole
  • The postal workers or delivery company that deliver the pole

Your money supports the livelihood of people in your country who work hard for a living wage. This money then goes back into circulation as those individuals spend their money in local economies. 

This circulation increases tax revenues and continues to grow other job opportunities in the United States. The flag pole company you just supported will eventually need more workers because of their growing business, and thus your purchase just helped employ more people. 

Future Business Investments

When you purchase American-made manufactured goods, you’re supporting a business that could easily outsource to another country. Manufacturing jobs have declined significantly in the United States in the last 20 years. Your purchase of a USA-made flag pole helps support a business and keep jobs in the country. 

Buying American-made products puts money back into American manufacturing businesses. This gives the manufacturing industry a chance to grow and come back to life. 

Boost the Budget

The United States currently imports more than they export. As a result, we’ve borrowed more than we can pay back to other countries, creating a negative budget deficit and significant national debt. 

When you purchase an American-made product, you increase the demand for products made in the United States. This encourages more exports from the United States. In turn, this creates more jobs in the United States as more people want American-made goods. 

Ultimately, purchasing flag poles made in USA puts money back into the national budget and reduces the national debt. 

Improve the Environment

When you purchase a foreign-made product, you support the line of transportation that brought you that product. Companies use significant fuel and resources to ship a product from their country to the United States. 

When you purchase a USA-made product, you’re essentially using fewer transportation resources. A company in the US will use far less fuel to ship their product to you compared to an overseas company. 

This ultimately reduces emissions and improves the environment. So buying a USA-made flag pole will decrease your carbon footprint. 

Domestic Regulations and Laws

Companies in the United States must adhere to environmental regulations and labor laws. Companies must comply with EPA regulations that keep the environment clean. They also must protect their workers from unsafe practices and environments. 

When you purchase a USA-made product, you’re contributing to protecting both people and the environment. You’re also ensuring that you have purchased a quality product that’s gone through appropriate safety testing. 

Ultimately, you can trust the standards of a product made in the USA. So when you buy a product like the Titan Telescoping Kit or the Titan Outrigger, you’re not just buying a great flag pole. You’re supporting a USA-based business. 

Benefits of a New Flag Pole

When you purchase flag poles made in USA, you’re adding to the aesthetics of your home as you support a domestic company. You can show off your patriotism and add to the aesthetics of your home at the same time. 

Some people invest in garden accessories that vaguely show off their patriotic colors. A flag pole is a more pronounced statement. 

With the right accessories, you can display your pride day and night as well. A solar light will allow you to hang your flag throughout the night, giving the neighborhood a stunning display. 

The flag pole is also a functional piece on your property. It can act as a stalwart meeting place. When your children are young and you need an emergency fire plan, you can make the pole your standard meeting place should you ever have a fire. 

A telescoping flag pole is an especially appealing choice for a new flag pole. It’s a simple design that allows you to raise and lower a flag quickly. It’s also durable and mobile. 

Install a Flag Pole Today

Flag poles made in USA are a high-quality, reliable venture that supports American workers in the manufacturing business. When you purchase a flag pole, you have the opportunity to show your patriotism by showing off the flag and supporting the American economy. 

Are you looking for a quality flag pole? If so, check out our inventory now. We have a vast inventory of both the Titan Telescoping Kit and the Titan Outrigger Kit. 

Our company is located in Meridian, Idaho where we manufacture the “titan” line of products that include the Titan Telescoping Flagpole and the Titan Solar Light. We also offer and ship commercial flagpoles anywhere in the country. 

Take time to learn more about us and check out our inventory today. 


Flagpole Farm and Titan Telescoping Flagpoles are businesses solely focused on the production and sale of flagpoles and similar accessories. This blog is not to be used as a factual reference, rather as an opinion-based forum in which the information within is not official statements made on behalf of or by Flagpole Farm or Titan Telescoping Flagpoles.

Information provided on this blog is accurate and true to the best of the writers’ knowledge, however, there may be omissions, errors, or mistakes. At any point, Flagpole Farm reserves the right to change the focus and/or content of this blog.

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